Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday, July 13th

Hello to everyone still watching this blog. Clay turned 7 years old yesterday. He gave us a little scare last week and we were not sure he was going to be out of the hospital in time to celebrate. He spent some time in South Texas with his brothers and cousins recently. Upon his arrival home on Wednesday night he felt a little warm and feel asleep during meeting. The next day he slept late and we went to a benefit lunch for him in Graham. As we were going in to eat Deidra noticed he was holding his left hand. When asked about it he told us it hurt and he thought it had a sunburn. We looked it over and noticed it was swollen and there were red streaks starting up his forearm. He was lethargic during lunch and we called his surgeon in Dallas to determine our course of action. He asked that we bring him to Dallas to the E.R. as quickly as possible. When we arrived he had a temperature of 102.2 and was quickly placed in a room and put on an I.V.
We spent Thursday, Friday, and Saturday nights at Children's in Dallas. The doctors are still not certain what type of infection he had acquired but by Saturday he was back to his old self and spent the majority of the day exploring the hospital. We think he captured too many frogs while at Corpus. We asked him about this and he said, " There weren't many frogs there this time but I caught a bunch of toads." Anyway he is home on an oral antibiotic and does not seem to be suffering any ill effects. As soon as they had his fever under control Clay really enjoyed this hospital visit, it was the least painful trip he has ever experienced. Everyone is busy at the Fite house. It seems as if this summer is flying by. Hope everyone is doing well and maybe we will see you somewhere soon.