Friday, January 21, 2011

January 21, 2011

Hello to all & thank you again for your care. Clay's neck & donor sites are healing well from his recent surgery (Dec.). He did have some sutures that were supposed to dissolve but did not. His body had a reaction to them instead, and several areas on his leg (donor site) were inflamed. After a trip to see our doctor, this past Monday, our minds are now at ease.

Clay will have a documented sleep study within the next month or so. His next surgery is tentatively scheduled for mid to late February. The ENT doctors want to take Clay to O.R. & scope his airway (under anesthesia). If all looks good in the O.R., they will take Clay's tracheostomy tube out & then keep him in the hospital for a few days to monitor him. Clay's doctor (Dr. Trussler) will release scars at the edges of Clay's mouth during this same time. To prevent Clay from having to go under anesthesia more than is necessary, Clay's doctor & ENT doctor will perform his next surgery/procedure simultaneously.

Our county livestock show is this week. Cody is old enough this year to show animals and is very excited about it. Carson & Cody will show their pigs this afternoon and their steers tomorrow. I will post some pictures of Clay's "new" neck when I get a chance to. Thanks again for all & Take Care!