Monday, June 6, 2011

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Cody playing golf in the Tower Extrusions Golf Tournament.

Clay playing golf.

Boys fishing

Clay's baseball glove


Hello to all. Once again, it has taken us awhile to update the blog (2+ months). Clay is away at burn camp this week. Chance & I were hesitant to send him, but Clay was very excited about going. It does ease our minds knowing that nurses & therapists from the burn unit will also be at camp. Clay had his most recent surgery 2 wks ago (May 25th). His Plastic Surgeon pulled up his lower eyelids by attaching the skin (tissue) to the bone on outer edges of eye-socket. He also released scars below Clay's nostrils, between eyes, one side of mouth and small area on neck. Needless to say, Clay had stitches all over his face & his eyes were swollen for days.

Clay has been wanting to play baseball all year; so, Chance coached his baseball team this past Spring. Clay was named the best "one-handed batter" on the team. We had a special glove made for him at the Nokona glove factory in Nocona, Texas. It has a special sleeve that he wraps around his forearm to keep the glove on. Carson & Cody played baseball too & enjoyed it. I'll post some pictures of the baseball trio.

It has already turned out to be a really hot summer with temps in the triple digits. Our two chickens and rooster are big now, and the rooster crows all day! Choco (our Jack Russell) & the rooster do not care for one another. The rooster chases Choco & shows him who's boss. Choco keeps his distance. ~Hope you all are having a wonderful week~The Fite Family