Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Wednesday, September 9

Hello to all! Life has kept us busy around here. I wanted to post this before tomorrow. A team from the Parkland Burn Unit will be at Olney Elementary School tomorrow (Thurs., Sept. 10 at 1:00pm). They will present a program to help everyone understand about Clay's burns. This will be the first time he has been around all the students and I'm a little worried about it. Parents and others in town are welcome to attend. I feel like shielding Clay from any unfriendly stares or comments; I pray that it goes well. I am thankful for the support of the school and community. Our hearts hurt so much for Clay and also for Carson & Cody. We cry often and sometimes I feel like crawling into a hole to cry; but, we just pray for more strength and keep going forward because we have so much to be thankful for. We want to say thank you to all of the parents who have taught their own children, by example, how to love Clay. Some children keep their distance from Clay & others play with him as if nothing ever happened. We do understand that it is difficult for young kids to understand. We have noticed that the kids who adjust the best (to Clay) are the ones who have watched their parents interact with Clay. We are thankful for the ones who smile, hug, talk, or pat Clay when they see him. We are experiencing what it feels like to have everyone stare when we go places. We are thankful for our family, friends, and community who make us feel comfortable and loved.
The boys have a new puppy. He is a Jack Russell Terrier and a little ball of energy. He chews on anything he can find; so, I'll be glad when he's past this stage. Some friends here in town invited the boys over for a "puppy picking" party. Clay picked the dog and named him; he named him "Chocolate" because he said that the puppy's face looked like chocolate. Our old dog is not very happy about having this new puppy around, but the boys are enjoying him.
Clay will have his first "outpatient" surgery next Friday (Sept. 18). They will perform surgery on his left hand and release his eyes. Clay and I will travel to Galveston next week to meet with a plastic surgeon at the Shriner's Burn Hospital. Thank you to Phil for helping us get in touch with the doctors at Shriners. The hospital in Galveston sustained damage during a hurricane and now they are opening it again. The soonest that these doctors could do any type of release on Clay would be November. We will inform you about decisions made & will know more after we consult with the plastic surgeon. The doctors (at Parkland)are planning on releasing Clay's neck during the first part of October. I'm sure I have confused you by now, but we are just praying that we make the right decisions.
Thank you to all for your continued prayers and care. Hugs from the Fite family!


  1. How wonderful to hear from you again! We continue to pray for Clay and watch for updates. We will be praying the event at the school provides the turning point needed for an easier transition for Clay and his brothers. We are missionaries in Mexico (friends of Greg and Missy Woods), and we will be in the States for about 3 months. Much of our time will be in the Houston area; I'll be sure to check in case you are at Shriner's in Galveston again. We would love to meet you. God bless you! You're an inspiration to all of us. When you have time, could you explain to us what it means to "release" his eyes and neck? Praying for the miracles you seek . . .

  2. We will keep all of you in our prayers for tomorrow and will pray for a peace that all goes well....with Clay and all the children.

  3. Our thoughts will be with you all tomorrow!!
    Charlus & Teresa

  4. I still think of you guys all the time...I will be thinking of you especially tomorrow and hope that everything at school goes well. I can imagine that the staring and comments are hardest for mom and dad... we want to protect our kids from everything hurtfull. You are both wonderful parents and I know that you are making choices that are best for Clay, and Cody and Carson. I will keep praying and you keep up the good work! Does this mean that Clay is getting ready to attend school again, or are you going to keep homeschooling for now?

  5. Thank you for the update. My mother's heart aches for your pain and in wanting to protect Clay. It is people like Clay(who some people stare at) who actually make our world a kinder place, one person at a time. When someone we know has a disablility, we suddenly look at disabilities with a kinder, more open heart. Clay, and ALL of you are making a difference. You've touched our hearts and we don't even know you. You will be in our prayers tomorrow and often for a long time. Thank you for having the strength to make our world a better place.
    The Pittman family in NM

  6. So wonderful to hear of Clay's progress. I'm sure the boys are enjoying Chocolate! Our thoughts are with you all!!

    Brook & Kaitlyn Smith

  7. Glad for the update. Your mom keeps us pretty much up to date on your happenings. Hope the school presentation goes well. That is thoughtful for the hospital to do that. Hope all goes well with the surgeries too. Know that we think of you all often and are praying for your continued strength and guidance. Our Love, Us 2

  8. Dee Dee, we may have to cut out of Graham early tomorrow and see if they will let Rusty and me in. Also the feeling that you want to crawl in a hole and cry is something that might not ever totally go away. It gets better but sometimes you just have to find that hole and have a good cry. It's hard to find the hole, the time to cry and then after you get everything lined up, sometimes you don't need to cry anymore after you get there. When something happens to your kids, the pain can become a part of you and who you are. It won't all be bad. Something good will surface. It is hard to block things out of your mind and find a peaceful moment. Listening to a water fountain works for me somewhat. I have bought several of those table top fountains throughout the last few years. The kids keep breaking my relaxation fountains though and then they start yelling at each other blaming the other one for breaking it and it kind of ruins the peaceful moment. I hope to one day have one a waterfall fountain like folks have on their swimming pools. Until we can afford one of them, when I feel like crying I go outside and sit in the swing and stare at the water trough. Sitting in the swingset staring at the water trough is my hole. We pray tomorrow is an awesome day. God Bless

  9. Thinking of you all. These will not be easy days but you can pray and have confidence that qualities will be worked into all of you (and others) that would not have, in any other way. Big Hugs and hope tomorrow goes wonderfully!

  10. Hello, Fite family! My heart breaks for you all - I wish you weren't having to deal with all of this. I think the presentation sounds like a really good idea - just to get people used to him and to realize that it's okay to treat Clay just like all the other children.

    I will call you tomorrow - but I wondered if you would consider letting KFDX come to the presentation & very delicately do a story about Clay's progress and about the presentation. I know this cannot be easy for you, but I really & truly believe that the people in Texoma are compassionate overall - and I think if people had a chance to "be a part" of the discussion taking place tomorrow, it might be able to help.

    Of course, I don't want to pressure you into anything, because you are the best judge of what is best for Clay and for your family. So, I'll respect whatever your wishes are, of course. But I do know that there has been a real outpouring of love and support every time we've done an update on Clay - and it's been awhile since we've reported anything new, so I'm sure our viewers would love to see how he is doing. And I would be very, very careful with the way I would write it and the way it would be done - so we could be 100% supportive. Maybe some of the specialists would even be willing to talk to us for a moment afterward.

    I have been wanting to meet Clay and just give him a hug ... I check your website every night and am always praying for him and for your family.

    I will give you a call in the morning, but I just wanted to post this so that maybe you could think about it (and of course I'd need to get permission from the school, too). If you want to call me first, my cell number is (940) 636-5323.

    I had a classmate who had some physical differences, and every year in elementary school, they called us together for an assembly where his specialists explained everything to us. I think that was very helpful to his peers, because kids got all their questions answered and everyone just knew what was special about Mitch. I think it's smart that y'all are having the Parkland people come.

    Praying that tomorrow goes well and that God's healing, loving arms will wrap tightly around Clay and your family ...

    Katie Crosbie

  11. Hi, DeeDee! Thank you so much for posting again. That is such an awesome thing the burn team is doing! You wanting to shield Clay from any unkindness is a natural reaction that is totally understandable! Wanting to go into a hole and cry is also very understandable. I totally understand. Crying can be a good thing also but by now I am sure you feel like you don't have any tears left!! I haven't met you and your family yet either but I feel fiercely protective of each one of you! I hope tomorrow will be a good experience and hope you will be able to let us know how it goes. Clay is such a neat kid and has handled a lot of amazing things already but I am sure there is a limit somewhere. I can't stand to think of anyone being unkind to him or any of your family. When things settle down a little after Clay's surgery on the 18th, if it works out to send an updated picture to me that would be wonderful. That might be an impossible thing to even get time to do so don't worry about it though. I feel so happy to think that they can even release his eyes (and neck as well). Again, hope everything goes well tomorrow.
    Love and mega hugs! Rena

  12. Well, today is the day of the school presentation. I know God will give you comfort and will keep his hands on Clay and his brothers. He has kept his hands on your family through these many months. Those of us who have seen Clay don't see anything other than the sweep adorable boy he was before. It helps me to realize how God looks on us after having been through the storms and catastrophes of this world. He looks at the heart. Clay's heart is beautiful, which makes him beautiful through and through. Our much love to you all, Dawn & Pam

  13. Dearest Dee Dee,
    I can only imagine how hard it still is for you & the emotions you must experience on a daily basis. Take some time for yourself & have that cry, sometimes it really helps! I am so glad you all are doing the presentation, I think that will really help the children understand better....and it gives us all a chance to show our support! I can't wait to see you all & hope I can get through the crowd to give you hugs!! lol You all are still in our daily prayers & we are here for you! Lots of love!

    Crystal, Dez, & Courtney Davidson

  14. We will think of you today! My heart aches to think of all the issues you face each day. Stay strong. We think of you often(but don't always comment) and our boys talk of Clay every time they wear their shirts. How exciting for your boys to have a new puppy. Dogs show unconditional love, a lesson we can all learn from! We would love to meet you all someday and wish Clay the best for his next surgery!
    Friends from Louisiana,
    Jay, Shauna, Lane, and Bryce Vallery

  15. Dear hearts. i know it must be a fearful thing to go through with getting back into the "world" with your precious chickie. It is interesting that you posted this yesterday (I didn't see it till this morning) but I was thinking about Our little darling just yesterday going toCorpus in the car. You know how you have those little "movies" go off in your head while you are driving. and I was thinking about what i would say to him if he asked me "Why" things had to be this way. I was thinking about how I'd tell him about Jesus on his way to the cross and how He did that for US. He didn't want to go through the pain for Himself, but He did want to go through it for me. I don't know if it even fits what you are going through but if it does, and you can tweak it to fit...
    The main thing it did for me was to make me cry for both my sweet Jesus and precious Clay. So it may not fit anything you can say. But, because Clay comes from a Godly family who belives Jesus, there is going to be some special person he is going to help down the road. I pray for all of you as you go through the new procedures. And I pray for the surgeons who will work God's miracles on Clay. I"m so glad I got to see all your boys and to hug them . Clay is so precious and I love his little husky voice. I think Megan's little boy will have a voice similar to his. Thank you for posting the future plans.
    I love you all, Carolyn

  16. DeeDee, I opened this up at the exact moment you are at your assembly at the Elementary School. I guess it was God's way of saying you needed a prayer right then! I hope it is going well right now and you and Clay are not too nervous.

    I've been thinking and praying for you all!

    Luv ya,

  17. Dear Fite Family,
    We were so glad for the update, but I just cried with you, and for you. I know there were a lot of thoughts going your way at 1:00 P.M. this afternoon, and we pray that the program will give children a different view of precious little Clay. When we saw him at convention, I just wanted to pick him up and give him a great big hug, our love for him deepened immediately.
    We think of you everyday and wish the very best for each one of you. I know it is hard for Carson and Cody as well.
    We pray for your family and hope Clay's surgery is a big success.
    We love each one of you.
    Bruce & Edna

  18. HI Fites! I have continued to pray for all of you and lately you have been heavy on my heart. Annie and I were praying for Clay the other night and she asked me if he had gotten his blanket yet. I thought I told her a long time ago that he had received it, but, I guess I had not. So, I told her he had the blanket and that you had sent some pictures. She immediately said, "Mama, I HAVE to see what he looks like." She was so concerned for him and truly needed to see for herself what he looked like. I asked her if she was sure and I tried to explain that he looked a lot like the children we saw when she was in Galveston. She said she wanted to see them and so I went for the photos. She looked at sweet little Clay and rubbed his face with her finger. She said, "Oh, sweet little Clay." That was it. She then prayed for him and asked God to help his skin to heal like her skin has. She has a true understanding of what it feels like to be stared at from living in Mexico and being the only white person and the only red head anywhere around. So, she will definitely be praying about this because we know this is NOT a comfortable feeling. We love you and I do hope today went well. Love to your family!! Missy and family

  19. Dee Dee, After we left the program today, I asked Rusty if he noticed anything about Clay. Rusty said "his skin looks a little darker...like mine..Mama, he looks like me." He also noticed that he could play basketball because he saw him playing ball with Carson. Rusty didn't really notice too much of anything else. Rusty thinks Clay looks just like him. Rusty saw a little boy in a ballcap who could jump up and down pretty high in the hall. He asked me to show him where your house was and so I drove him by there. Whenever Clay can play, Rusty will be ready.God Bless

  20. Hello Dee Dee and Family...I have not posted in some time but would like to ensure you that myself, my family as well as others here in Archer continue to pray for Clay and you all. We love you all as if you were our own. What a blessing it was to see Clay running around on the stage today...God is truly Amazing!! We love you all

  21. Thinking about y'all today... Hope all has gone well. Love, Susie

  22. Dear Fite Family, Love is in the air because I send my Love too. I really never stop thinking about Clay (he is my Hero !) and Cody and Carson too!!! Tomorrow will be fine - The Lord will be with you - all of you. much Love from Sandra W.

  23. I just saw the Fox News report on Clay at his school. My heart went out to him in a very profound way. I began to pray for him with a depth of compassion that doesn't often happen to me. I am brand new to Clay's story, but wanted you to know that prayers are going up for him even from a heart who had never heard until recently about his battle. May the Lord of Heaven reach down and touch Clay - healing his heart as well as his body. With much love extended for your entire family, -Cindy

  24. We are continuing to pray for all of you. I know you worry about Clay and how people stare at him. But after spending time with yall this summer, all of the kids said you forget about him being burned, and just see him as Clay. I hope that all goes well these next months with the surgeries.We hope to see you soon.


  25. Our prayers and love are with you. We know you are continuing to go through some difficult times while making tough decisions. May the Lord Bless and keep you and your family in His comforting hands.

    Grady and Midge

  26. Our hearts are with you, too, and hope that yesterday was a good experience overall. Kids can be ugly, but they can also be so wonderful at adjusting quickly to new situations. I wonder if that won't be the case with Clay, especially when they see his great attitude about it all. You mentioned other parents teaching their kids to be kind....in this expereince you are teaching yours to be strong. For the moments that are so hard as a parent, we wish you Strength and Courage. Your family is supported by so many: in love, in thought, in prayer...in so many, many places throughout this world. With Hugs and Love......

  27. Dear Fites,
    I saw the program last night and was very thankful for the presentation to Clay's classmates and others. Do you know what I saw? The love of Christ radiating through you all. It's very evident that there was "that Light" that you may not see in other stories. Truly, people will, if not now, then later, say, "There's just something different...." and you will have that open door to share your faith, which makes ALL the difference.
    Keeping you close at heart,
    Sue Gilmore

  28. We are SO SO HAPPY to hear from you....we miss our daily "chats." We have never ceased to think of you all. How did the assembly go at the school? We hardly know what to say, we are happy that you all are together and that things seem to be going so very well and sad because you are sad. We know of judgement and it can be heartbreaking. We will pray GREAT BIG prayers for you. HUGS from all of NEBRASKA!!!

    Brian, Vicki, Evan and Emily Schmer

  29. DeeDee,
    Just wanted you all to know that we think of you often and pray for you so much. We're so thankful that Clay still has the awesome spirit that he has always had. That is all that matters.
    We love you and hope to see you all soon!
    Kelly, Reno, ALyssa and Morgan

  30. Good morning from Happy, Clay's blog is the first thing I open when the computer is on every morning. Have been thinking about Clay's up coming surgery. We will be thinking about you, all day Friday and we surely hope that everything goes as the Dr. plans. Be assured that God has control over all things. Love and Hugs to all of you.
    Love Bruce & Edna

  31. There is no reason to Thank me....but your welcome.
    I will stay involved as you need me. I'm thrilled that I can help. The stares and pointing will make Clay stronger in his future. He will realize that he can conquer the world and by our conversations, he has done more than that.

    I'm touched that I can help you....Prayers work.

    Phil Smith
    Fort Worth, TX
    Moslah Temple

  32. Also....I have a campaign to get Clay 5000 friends on Facebook.


  33. Hello Fite family,

    We are still keeping up with you all on the blog and so very thankful for the progress. You remain in our prayers and we will certainly be praying for your upcoming surgeries.

    Blessings and love,

    Jennifer Lunn

  34. We wish you the best with the surgery on Friday the 18th. We love you guys....

    Chris, Bambi, Mia and Ryder Barrett

  35. Dear Fite Family,

    It was so nice to see you guys on the news this past week. My family often thinks about Clay and have been wondering how he is doing. I try to check your blog as you update it, but since school has started back I don't always get that done. It was so nice to watch him play and kick the ball with his big brother--he definitely looks to still be as feisty as he was before the accident. You have a wonderful family and three precious little boys. May God continue to give you comfort and help you through all of this.

    Also, don't be expecting that little Jack Russell to be calming down anytime in the near future! Our Jack, Ace, will be 10 years old in December. He still is a mess, but we love every bit of it. Your boys will have a blast with Chocolate for many years to come.

    Sunday McAdams