Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Good morning! We did not get a chance to post on Valentine's Day. As we think of this past year, our hearts are filled with thankfulness again. Thank you for all who have journeyed with us, helped, and encouraged. Thanks again, too, to my sisters for starting this blog - what a help it has been!
We have sent out many letters and still have more to send. Thanks, too, for all (from blog) who e-mailed us your addresses-this was very helpful. If anyone you know wants a letter or hasn't received one by next week, please let us know (we posted our e-mail address in a recent post). If anyone received a letter and didn't want one, we apologize. As we go through our lists, it is hard to determine who would like a letter or not. We do not want to skip anyone and will send out as many as we need to.
Chance and Carson are at the San Antonio Livestock Show. Cody is at school, Clay is waiting for his therapist to arrive, and I am washing clothes & addressing envelopes.
Clay and I drove to Dallas last Wednesday for an interview at UT Southwestern Medical Center. They are working closely with the Phoenix Society for Burn Survivors to develop a web-based social skills training program for successful community re-entry among burn survivors. Clay sat outside the studio with the secretary, during the interview, and played with a toy helicopter. They wanted to know if people ask questions when we are out in public and if it makes us feel uncomfortable. They also wanted me to share some of our experiences we have had with people staring and what we do when people stare. I told them some of our experiences and told them that we love it when others talk to Clay instead of just staring. Some have treated him as if he is contagious, and this breaks our hearts. I think I mentioned one time that we tend to surround ourselves with others who are comfortable with Clay. This helps Clay; because, these kids play with Clay and these adults see him as precious Clay & see a vibrant 6 yr. old. In public, when others are kind to Clay, I thank them. When others are not very kind, I pray for them. Sometimes I get anxious when we are in a new situation and I feel like a mother bear protecting her cub (not acting like a mother bear but protecting like a mother bear-bears can get mean but we certainly do NOT want to be mean to anyone). We do want to thank you for your kindness.
We had some of our ministers for supper and night on Monday. They were here for our Wichita Falls Special meeting last night and will be going to the other special meetings across Texas during Feb. & March. Cody's 8th birthday is next week (Feb 23) and so I am making plans for a special b-day. I was not able to be with him last year on his birthday, so we are thankful that we can all celebrate it together this year.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. I don't think you needed to apologize to anyone who may not have wanted to receive the letter ... it was so nicely done and I think all of us feel honored to have received it and to be even a small part of this journey. Your family continues to inspire more people than you realize.

    I think it's so great that you shared your experiences with the Society for Burn Survivors ... hopefully that will help make the re-entry process easier for others who find themselves in Clay's situation. It breaks my heart that you have to worry about how people will treat Clay ... if people would only take the time to talk to him, they would see what a sweet, precious little soul he has and see the love & life that radiates from him.

    It would be so easy for him to be bitter because of all he's had to go through this past year - but he's not. He's just like any other six-year-old child, and I pray that more and more people will see him for who he is inside.

    You are so strong to say that you pray for those who are unkind ... what a great example you're setting. If only our world had more people like the Fites. I'm so glad to have gotten to know your family. And happy early birthday to Cody!! :)

  2. Thank you for the letter and for the update on the blog. It brought tears to my eyes just remembering the early days and the fear that was sooo prominent. I am thankful today for answered prayers. I am thankful God comforts and guides. I appreciate your example, your courage and your faith through this journey. I am thankful too that we know he will continue to walk with you all throughout this life. I love you and miss you! Tell the boys Hello and we hope to spend some time with them this summer!
    Lori and her three boys.

  3. Thank you so much for sharing your experience again, this time with pictures and wonderful explanations. We cried again as we read and looked at the pictures..realizing in a new way what you have been through; what you still face. We have a new appreciation for all of this, and again, put ourselves in your shoes because of our little man who was born 8/10/03..just a little later than yours! You all deserve many medals! Thank you for sharing your journey with it happened, and with your letter. Clay has come so far, and made huge strides in recovering! Looking forward to his pretty smile! :)Love that family picture, and you all look great! We appreciate you all...with Big Hugs...

  4. Thank you so much for the letter. Your family is never far from my thoughts and prayers.
    The Stark family in NC

  5. Thank you for the letter and pictures and for sharing the Fite Family with us this past year. We hope to continue to be by your side in 2010, etc. It is amazing the progress Clay has made and we look forward to seeing more. Know this has been a difficult year for all the Fites and we sincerely hope for nothing but the best for all of you in 2010!

    Royce and Sue Kesselring
    Ashland, IL

  6. THanks for including me on the list. Still praying!!! I am overwhelmed with your devotion and the way God has used you. We are blessed.

  7. That is great that you are meeting with the burn surviors group, hopefully they can really help other surviors too! I understand to some extent the "stare" that you get from some people. I have a niece that was born 2 1/2 months premature, weighing only 2 lbs. 11 ozs. at birth. She has celebral palsy that only affects her legs. She is now 15 years old. And she still has difficulty walking after many surgeries and treatments, therapy etc. Some people stare at her when she tries to walk when I take her places with me. It is very hard not to say something to them sometimes. The adults are the worst because they should know better! But all we can do is pray that they will someday understand that these kids are the same as all others! We pray for your family all the time! Wishing you the best this year!

  8. Hello Fite Family:

    Your family continues to inspire others. Looking foreward to better and better outcomes. Happy Birthday Cody! on Tuesday.
    “Rejoice always” (1 Thessalonians 5:16). A couple of verses later it says, “. . . in everything give thanks; for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus” (v. 18). “Rejoice in the Lord always; again I say, rejoice” (Philippians 4:4).

    Rejoicing with you,

    Gary and Jeanne'

  9. Happy Birthday to Cody this week - it's mine too (24th!)

    As for our precious Clay - we were so glad to get the newsletter with the photos. It is such a blessing to see the progress that has been made over the last year. I remember at the beginning, we were encouraging you all to be patient - this day would come soon. It is so hard to predict time and it makes us glad timing is in God's hands. And now . . . look where you are.

    DeeDee & Chance - I think you all have done a wonderful job of helping others looking at Clay's life understand how to accept him and make him feel welcomed and safe and above all loved!

    It is us who thank you and your family for the teaching us what it means to have faith. Our love is sent your way often! Dawn & Pam

  10. Hi precious Fites! I am rejoicing with you that this year milestone is behind you! You truly are FITERS!! I have been so blessed to read each entry and see how your family has bonded together during such a horrible accident. You are all amazing people. I can't wait to meet you someday... here or over there! :o)

    I would love to receive a letter, you may have me on the list but I am usually last because of my last name. :o)You had my address at one time, but if you don't have my address anymore, let me know and I will get it to you.

    I am so happy that Clay and Carson and Cody will all be together this year for Cody's birthday, I hope it is a birthday none of you ever forget! I think children are miracles in every way and I think we should really celebrate their birthday in a BIG way! I love you all! Please know we are still praying!! love you, Missy

  11. I was so excited to open the mail box and find your letter. I remember so well the night of March 4th when my cousin came into the icu burn unit.. how gracious and kind you and Chance were to help all of us get through a night that you all were so familiar with. My mom often spoke of you as the angel of the burn unit and this was so true. You amaze me with every post and word that you type. A faith and strength like yours is only one way possible. You will be rewarded greatly for all you do in heaven one day. Tell your precious son Happy Birthday, he shares my same birthday week. Feb. 25th for me. Those boys are so lucky to have you and Chance as parents, they will realize that in time. Hope everything goes well for Clay on Frid. in his surgery and I will pray that the surgeons hands our guided by the great Heavenly healer. Love to you all, Amy Airhart

  12. Good afternoon,
    We had a wonderful special meeting Sunday and the weather was nice which we were supposed to have snow. We had 4-5 inches of snow last night. We enjoyed so much our workers visits.

    A Big HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY TO CODY today. We hope you have a wonderful celebration. It would be so different than last year, having all the family together.

    Clay we will be thinking of you Friday, and hope every thing goes A O.K. for you, and that it will be very successful.

    How did Carson do at the stock show? Our granddaughter was going to show her pig at the San Antonio stock show. He was in first place at the Amarillo show and last Thursday morning she went out to feed him and he had died during the night. They were leaving Thursday after school. There went a lot of her college money. She did go ahead and go as some students had 2 to show, and she was going to show one of theirs, but it was a disappointment.

    I hope you got our card. All our love to ya'll.

  13. Thank you for sharing your journey with us. We appreciated the letter so much. Your family has been an inspiration in deep Faith. Your boys are all very handsome. All the best for a bright future... The Debelak's from WI.

  14. We received your letter in the mail this afternoon. Thank you so much for including us! We have 3 boys ourselves who are very close in age to your 3 and your story has touched our us in ways that I never imagined. We have continued to pray for Clay throughout the past year and are so thankful to all of the doctors, nurses, friends and family that supported you during this difficult time. Clay is a beautiful child. We will continue to keep your family in our prayers in the days and months ahead.
    God Speed!
    The Faaborg Family

  15. Clay I am sorry I missed your birthday. I hope it was a lot of fun for you. keep up the good work. You are a very strong young man and time will show what you can achieve. I am sure you will be strong beyond compare. Mom and Dad I rarely post on here but read this blog regularly to keep up with his improvements. You two have been incredible I am not sure given the same circumstances I would have fared as well you. I pray for Clay every day and bring him up at my local shriners meetings as a prayer request as well. Good luck and keep up the good work.

    Mike Fraley