Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday, April 30

Hello to all~once again, it has been awhile since we have posted any news. Clay had his surgery yesterday morning and we were able to bring him home last evening. Today was a day of rest and healing for Clay -he was in bed for most of the day and likes it that I (mom) brought him everything he needed. :-) Clay rarely complains about pain but this surgery seems to be the most painful, so far, for him. Doctor Bidic placed three tissue expanders under his skin during the surgery. Clay has expanders in his shoulders and one in his left leg(below the knee). The incisions need time to heal before the skin expansion begins; therefore, it will be about three weeks until we put the first dose of saline in the expanders. His left leg is bandaged and wrapped in a splint. His shoulders have bandages as well. We will go back to the doctor next week to have his dressing/bandages removed. At the hospital, a PT helped Clay learn to walk with a walker. A little walker and wheelchair were delivered today because Clay is not to put any weight on his left leg until the incision is healed. The discharge orders also state that he is not to do strenuous activity for 3 weeks. We may be looking at a loooooong three weeks. :-) After this, Clay will have the expanders for up to 6 months with weekly saline injections! For all of you who will be seeing him this summer, he may look a little "puffy".
We received sad news from our plastic surgeon (Dr. Bidic) this past month. He is moving to the East coast in June (we wish him the best but will miss him greatly). We met with him a few weeks ago in Dallas and discussed our options. We will not make any decisions until we know what is best for Clay. Clay will have another surgery with Dr. Bidic before he moves, and we hope to have it scheduled for the end of May. Dr. Bidic will do another surgery on both of Clay's hands.

Clay was being too rowdy a few weeks ago; so, I told him that eating a piece of broccoli would calm him down. Carson and Cody don't mind eating broccoli but Clay doesn't like it. It took him about 10 minutes to swallow his small piece of broccoli. I told him that if he got too rowdy again he would have to eat another piece. He calmed down quickly!
Clay also got hit with a baseball on April 1st (not a joke). Cody accidentally hit a foul ball and it hit Clay's left eye. He wanted to practice baseball with the boys and ended up with a black, swollen eye.
Cody and Clay got to show a miniature steer a few weeks ago at a steer show in Stephenville. Chance was allowed to help Clay show his steer and then Cody got to show it by himself in front of a different judge. Clay got second place in his class and Cody got third in his class (two different judges). It was good practice for Cody since he will be old enough to show animals, through 4-H, this next school year. Clay received a $3.00 check and was so excited. Uncle Mike, Aunt Susan, Chloe, Uncle Justin, Aunt Heidi, Lily, Cadence, G'Pa Jake and Karen all came to watch the boys show their little steer. I may have to post some pictures of that on here....
I didn't mean for this to get so long. It is almost midnight, so I need to close for now. We will continue our sporadic posts and want to thank you again for your care! Hope you all have a wonderful weekend!


  1. So glad to hear, Hope the pain gets better and good luck with keeping him calm.Love you guys, Uncle Arlin and Aunt Karen

  2. Glad the surgery went well, good luck in keeping him calm for three weeks, that can get challenging, Boys will be boys no matter what you do. We are in constant prayer for your family and Sydni gets mad if we forget to pray for Clay at meal time she makes us stop and she says a prayer for him then and at nighttime. Hope to see you soon.

    Middleton family

  3. We too were glad for the post and think of Clay as he heals again. Sorry you are losing your plastic surgeon, but maybe the replacement will do just as well.
    Tell Cody and Clay congratulations on their steer showing and winnings. Know from experience how excited they must have been.
    Take care and have a good weekend. B&E

  4. Reading about all three of the boys and their goings on warms my heart. Y'all are doing an amazing job taking care of all their needs. Please take care of yourselves as well.

  5. Oh my! How nice to read the update...Loved the story about the brocolli! My cousin had those same sort of saline injections for breast reconstruction after breast cancer. We continue to think of you all!

  6. We are so happy to read the post! We have missed you guys. Cheyenne loves broccoli - but only if she can have it with honey!! Yep! Once at Edgewood convention, a little boy didn't want his broccoli, until he saw her eat with honey - he wanted some, too and his mother had no trouble getting him to eat broccoli for the rest of the convention!

    We are sorry for Clay's pain, but we do look forward to seeing you all at Happy - it has been too long since we saw you. Congratulations on the mini-steer show.

    Your post made us smile!

    Pam & Dawn

  7. Glad for an update...and glad that another surgery is behind you. Sorry that Clay has to hurt, and hope the healing happens fast. Yes, it is a challenge to keep a little guy from getting rowdy! How fun to be able to show the mini steer! :) Congratulations, Cody and Clay! Best wishes for another good surgeon. It is hard to have someone you really like make a move. Thinking of you all often!

  8. Thankful for an update! Will be thinking of you all the next 3 weeks as you try to tame down a rambunctious boy. So sorry the surgury was painful this time.
    We never stop thinking of you!
    The Stark family in NC

  9. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go your way! Your family and little Clay are such an inspiration to us all. Sorry he has had to go through so much and enduring pain again, but he has amazing pluck. Glad to hear of all the family and that Clay is enjoying normal boy activities with his brothers. You are a very special family and in everyone's hearts! Keep on keeping on, looking up, and hanging in there! With love & care from your NH friends, Kent & Sharon Chappell

  10. Hello again Fite Family, Wow is what I feel when I read your updates. So sorry Clay got a black eye. Happy for the boys and their lil steer. Think of you all often. You are all safe in the prayers to God wrapped around you. Dee Happy Mothers Day to you and all the Mamas in the family!!!

  11. Happy Mother's Day, Dee

    Thanks for taking the time to keep up the postings. It is amazing how time does get away and once we stop and consider what a journey your whole family has been through. You take each step in stride and inspire us all!

    Congrats, Cody and Clay with the steer show. Keep up the good work!

    The Snyder's,
    Jeanne' and Gary

  12. It's lovely to read of your normal family activites, even a black eye! So sorry for the pain Clay is enduring--wonder how it's going during these weeks of inactivity. We imagine he will amaze everyone yet again and come through with flying colors. You are well along on your long road to his recovery--we wish you continued love and faith on your journey. We are all cheering you on, and loving Clay's spirit more and more. Best wishes---with care from Iowa....

  13. Hope Clay is doing better by this time!! Him eating his broccoli sounds like Ryder eating green beans! He gags every time he puts one in his mouth! Hope to see you guys at Happy.

    With our love and prayers,

    Bambi and family

  14. Glad to hear whenever you get a chance. Feel so bad about the pain! Broccoli would have worked for me, too, but brussel sprouts would have worked even better. I'm glad my mom didn't think of that method! I know she would have definitely used it if she had thought of it!! LOL!
    Love and hugs to all 5.