Sunday, October 3, 2010

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Hello again to all. We are going to post & give an update on Clay's recent surgery; but first, we wanted you to know that we received tragic news today. Dr. Purdue (co-director of Parkland's Burn Unit for 22 yrs.) died this morning. He was riding his motorcycle and was hit by a 24-yr.old drunk driver. Our hearts are heavy & the tears won't stop. Dr. Purdue (& his team) were the first ones with Clay when he arrived on Care Flight at Parkland last year. He did the majority of Clay's surgeries and his expertise helped save Clay's life. We will forever be grateful for everything he did & I only wish I could tell him again how he touched our lives. We were looking forward to seeing him at Clay's next burn clinic appointment.......he will be missed very much. We pray for his family, too.

Aside from this sad news, Clay's surgery went well. Clay had an early morning surgery & the doctor let us come back home that afternoon. Clay has to keep his left leg in a splint (straight) for 3 weeks; but, he is allowed to walk on it. The doctor also took a large, keloid scar off of his stomach and performed a Z-plasty on a scar on his back and under left arm. The Z-plasty is a plastic surgery technique that is used to release scar contractures and improve function. Clay was not in a condition to go to school last week; but, he is ready to go to school in the morning. His teacher came to our house to do his lessons this past week & his therapists came to see him. We are grateful again for each one involved in his recovery process and care.

We also want you all to know how thankful we are for you. We do not want precious moments to slip by without expressing our thanks.
Amidst the tears I have cried today, a hymn came to my mind and reminded me again of the importance of TODAY because we may not have tomorrow. ~Deidra

"Today is mine, tomorrow may not be.
How brief this life, how long eternity!
Swiftly & surely sands of time will run-
Finished earth's day, eternity begun.

Today is mine to do His righteous will
And self deny, His purpose to fulfill;
Today is mine to find this source of rest;
Doing His will we prove His will is best."
(Hymns Old & New)


  1. Oh DeeDee & Chance, my tears flowed this morning as I read your post. I am so sorry for the passing of Dr. Purdue. I know this feels as though you've lost a member of your family, because that's what the burn unit personnel has become to your family over the year and months since Clay's accident. And what a horrible, tragic death! We are pleased with Clay's progress through this last surgery and we hope the recovery goes quickly for him. You have chosen a beautiful hymn and the words are so true. I pray the Comforter will be with you. Our love, as always, Dawn & Pam

  2. Thanks for an update. Sorry that you've lost a trusted and loved caregiver. We just never know...

  3. I am so sorry Dee Dee, Chance and Clay, I remember meeting Dr. Perdue when we were in Dallas with you. So glad Clay's surgery went well and hope his next one goes as well, that is in Nov. isn't it? We continue to think of yo and pray for you. Love you, Uncle Arlin and Aunt Karen

  4. Good afternoon to you all,
    Glad for your update and we too are so sorry to hear of Dr. Purdue, and I know how attached you must have become to him for having such a large part in saving Clay's life. Bruce read an account of the accident in the paper. Our hearts and prayers are with you all and we know God is a God of comfort.
    We are glad Clay is doing o.k. this week and feels like going back to school. Bless his heart we just think about your family so much, and hurt right along with you.
    Much love to all
    Bruce & Edna

  5. This is Jenae - posting from DeeDee and Chance's account.
    I just want you to know how sorry I am to hear about Dr. Purdue. It's definitely a difficult tragedy to have happen. He did many wonderful things to our little nephew and for others as well. Thinking of you! Wish we could be there to help you or go to the funeral with you.
    Please give the boys a great big hug and go get that Subway sandwich that you promised them. I'd walk through knee-high mud just to have a turkey/ham/roast beef club sandwich right now. YummYYYY!!! (They don't have sliced turkey down here - or bacon!) Anyway, lots of love to all of you and can hardly wait to see you again!
    P.S. That is a wonderful hymn to have in our minds and hearts each day. Life is very serious and can end SO fast. I hope that I am living as I should. <3

  6. I'm glad that Clay continues to progress. It is really sad that someone like Dr.Purdue who worked so hard to help people could have his life taken away so tragically. I like the hymn. Perhaps the only comfort is that no matter what happens to the body on Earth, Heaven awaits the soul. God Bless.

  7. so sorry for the news, we know how important he was to Clay, glad to hear everything is going well


  8. Thankful for the surgery going well while being saddened by your loss. We will keep all in prayers.

    The Snyder's

    Gary and Jeanne'

  9. What a tragedy that the life of one with all the training and knowledge and experience to help so many, to be taken out of this world because of the poor choices of someone to drive drunk. There surely are many unexplainable happenings in this life, including what happened to your family. So thankful that God sees the whole picture and that we can safely trust Him for the future.

  10. Our sympathies to your family. There would be a bond with Dr. Purdue that you wouldn't experience with others,after all...he saved your little boy! The key word was you wanted to tell him "again" how he touched your lives. So you had, and he knew and appreciated that.
    Yay for Clay...another surgery behind him. What a soldier!

  11. We are thinking about you all, and checking on Mr. Clay! Hope that healing from the surgery has been w/o incident. Hugs to all of you!