Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday, November, 27

Stayed at the Swan Hotel

The boys visiting the cockpit during our flight.

Boys with Debbie (Clay's nurse at Children's clinic)

Chance & boys (Animal Kingdom)

The boys with Mickey & Minnie

The boys and myself with Kidd Kraddick (thanks, Kidd)

Southwest Airline's Kidd's Kids plane

Boys with Beauty & The Beast

Hello to all, we hope you had a happy Thanksgiving-we have so much to be thankful for. We wanted to let you know that Clay's surgery date has been changed to Tuesday, December 14. Our scheduling coordinator had to change the date to accommodate an additional physician. With this being an extensive procedure, two Plastic Surgeons will be in the O.R. Clay is scheduled from 11:30am-7:30pm in the O.R.(8 hr. surgery with many hours of anxiety in the waiting room).

We've recently returned from Walt Disney World in Florida. Clay was chosen for a special trip for terminally & chronically ill children (Kidd's Kids trip). Our nurse, at Children's hospital, told us about the trip and asked us to fill out an application. She told us about the trip this past Spring and begged us to send in the application before the August deadline. She was very persistent, and her persistence paid off. We mailed our application, and found out a few weeks later that Clay had been chosen. I believe there were 52 families chosen. It was an incredible trip for us & we are thankful that we were able to go. Some videos and pictures can be seen at & I am posting a few of our own on the blog.

Carson turned 12 yrs. old last Saturday (Nov. 20th). It is hard to believe he's already 12. Our boys are growing up fast! We want to cherish these special years!

We are grateful for your care!


  1. Good morning,
    Nice surprise to see an update. It is so nice you went to the Walt Disney World in Florida. Looks like ya'll had loads of fun, and know the boys enjoyed it. It paid to fill out the application.
    We will be thinking of you on the 13th, 14th and on and on etc. It will truly be a long anxious and nervous day, but we just know Clay will be in the hands, that are guided by God. We hope it will be a very successful surgery.
    We love you all and take care.
    Bruce & Edna

  2. What a neat trip! I'm glad ya'll got to do that! Wonder what the boys' favorite things were? Can hardly believe that Carson is 12! Shane was just saying this morning that he can't believe he will be 9 in February. Wasn't it yesterday that we were pushing Shane and Cody around in strollers at Mountain Peak? :) We think of ya'll often. We'll be thinking of you the 14th, more than usual. Love ya'll, Morgan,Michelle, and Crew

  3. I'm glad that you all got to go on the trip. You all look great. We are still praying for you. God Bless P.S. The kids are really growing!

  4. Thanks for the update and post! We know it was special to be chosen for this Disney trip. And Belated Happy Birthday Carson! As I write this today 12/02/2010, I understand DeeDee has a birthday, too. Happy Birthday DeeDee! You are one terrific lady!

  5. I just found your blog, and I just had to comment on this post because I listen to Kidd every morning and loved listening to this trip!

  6. It is amazing how children adapt to their circumstances. I think Clay has done an amazing job of adapting. I have been following this blog for some time now and am encouraged by the great progress. I know there is still a ways to go yet but just look at how much has bee accomplished. I know it is not easy to be a parent in this situation either butyou have all done well and are an encouragement to others. Keep on looking to that power above for help and strength. we will be thinking of you, Clay, on your next surgery. Good luck.
    Don Carlson
    Winnipeg MB Canada

  7. We have you on our prayer list as well as at church and will be uplifting all of you and the Team on Tuesday. The trip looked awesome! Happy Belated birthday Carson!

    The Snyders

  8. What a wonderful experiance to be a part of Kidd's Kids. The pictures of the boys are so cute; they are all growing up so fast. We are grateful the hospital is congnizant of having all the people they need for the surgery. We will be thinking of you all.

  9. We are thinking about you Clay, and will be thinking about you and your family tomorrow as well. Hope everything goes A-O.K. for you all.
    Love B&E

  10. We are thinking of you, too, as surgery comes up tomorrow, with your hours of anxious waiting. Hugs for the minutes...we will be there in thought all day. Glad for a good team of surgeons working with you.