Friday, August 26, 2011

Friday, August 26

At our friend's ranch in SE Colorado

Cody with his frogs

Clay with his frogs


Hello to all! Once again, we haven't posted an update for quite awhile. Now that school has started, we may have more time to post. The boys had an nice summer. Clay's favorite activity was swimming. We are in a severe drought along with temperatures in the triple digits; so, Clay did most of his swimming in the late afternoon/evening hours. We spent some time on the coast in South Texas at Pappy & Grandma's. We enjoyed our church convention in July. The boys also enjoyed the show/musical "Texas" (Palo Duro Canyon State Park) with family and friends. They thought it was really cool that one of their cousins was part of the show this summer. We escaped the heat, for a little while, with a trip to Colorado; and, enjoyed our time with my sister & her family.

Carson is in the 7th grade this year, Cody 4th grade, and Clay 2nd grade. They have enjoyed their first week of school; although, Cody is our little "homebody" and would rather be at home than at school. Clay came home the first day of school and said "I love school"! Clay's next surgery is scheduled for Sept 12. Dr. Trussler will place a tissue expander under the little bit of hair on Clay's scalp. As we begin to fill this expander and it gets larger, we are thinking of different types of hats that he might be able to wear during this time. Dr. Trussler will also perform surgery on Clay's left hand and do some work around his mouth/lips.

Clay's attitude towards life continues to teach us so much. We were at a 4-H event a few weeks ago, and a family sat down across the table from us. The minute their child saw Clay, this child wanted to leave the table. With what ensued after that, I was on the verge of tears. I told Chance that I needed to go sit in the car until I stopped crying. I cried harder when Clay patted my arm and said "It'll be ok, mom". When Carson asked why mom was crying, Clay answered "She's crying because a kid thought that I was scary". Here's Clay who has been through so much and who's appearance is changed forever; yet, he was the one comforting us. We have prayed earnestly that God would "keep" him through all that he will face in future days. This strength that he has, only comes from God. So thankful for God's presence.
Clay was swinging with his cousin this summer, and a girl jumped off the swing beside them and said "I can't swing with burned kids". Clay walked away with his head down; but, a few minutes later he was playing again. Our cousin told us about this incident days later. So thankful for Clay's resilience and kindness. I pray that any unkind words, comments, stares, or unkindness from others would never squelch his spirit. We are thankful for the many who see Clay for the person he is, along with his big heart.

I am posting a picture of Clay with some frogs he shot. There was a silent auction at one of our recent 4-H fundraisers. Clay saw a rifle in the auction he thought he had to have. He was pulling on Chance's arm saying "Please (bid)write my name down, dad". Chance's response was "Son, I'm not going to pay that for the rifle". When Clay heard the announcement that the silent auction was over, he put his head down and cried. Three men from Graham, TX purchased the rifle for Clay. They noticed how much Clay wanted the rifle and made sure they secured the bid. They brought the rifle to our table and sat it in front of Clay. Clay raised his head and quickly dried his tears. All the way home we heard from the boys in the back seats; "Dad, can we shoot the rifle when we get home? Dad, can we look at it again before you put it up? Dad, can we shoot a deer? Dad, can we go rabbit hunting? Dad, will you take us hunting tomorrow? Dad...Dad....Dad....". Chance took Cody & Clay (Carson was busy) to the tank (pond) in the back pasture and the picture shows the frogs they got with dad's help. They were able to sneak upon a rabbit too. No, we did not have frog legs for supper. :)

Children's Medical Center's Plastic Surgery Department has asked if Clay would be one of their co-captains for Children's Red Balloon Run & Relay in October. The name of the team is "Fantastico Plastico". If any in the Dallas area are interested in the run/relay, we'd love for you to be a part of our team. 100% of the proceeds raised by the team will benefit Children's Medical Center's Plastic Surgery Department.

I did not intend for this to be so long. Hope all is well with each one of you. Thanks again for your care. ~The Fite Family (Chance, Deidra, Carson, Cody, & Clay)


  1. Thanks so much for another update, several things you told of very touching... so glad I checked today! I think of y'all often. Hated to miss Happy and all the folks, including your family, I didn't get to see. :-( Please tell Clay & his brothers that I think of them. With care, Susie Block

  2. EEEK tell the boys I have never seen such huge & scary frogs!!!! YIKES!!! I would be terrified to be anywhere near those things!!! I don't even like tiny itty bitty frogs jumping at me!!! The boys are brave to be TOUCHING them!!! I'm very relieved to know y'all didn't eat frog legs for dinner!! :)

    That was so kind & thoughtful of those men in Graham!!

    I love the family pictures -- you all look SO great!!! I can't believe the boys are in 7th, 4th, and 2nd grade ... time flies!! So glad to hear Clay is loving school so far. I bet the teachers wish all their kids loved coming to school! Will be praying for that Sept. 12th surgery. I wish he could just have one more surgery and then be done for good ... it's got to be so stressful & painful each time. Tell Clay I have some big flouncy sun hats he could borrow after the surgery .... but I don't think he would like my style very much. :)

    Ah it just breaks my heart to hear about people saying & doing unkind things!! I cannot imagine what that must feel like as a parent. My mom says when you become a mom, your heart breaks on a whole different level when someone says or does something to hurt one of your children. I wish everybody could just try to understand & show some compassion & empathy!!! And I wish more parents would take the time to have meaningful discussions with their kids about how to act & how to treat others. Sweet Clay has SUCH a tender heart of a champion ~ and his attitude toward life inspires so many people. He obviously gets a lot of his perspective from his parents - y'all are doing such a great job with all three of those boys. I am so thankful that God is helping keep Clay's spirit strong and vibrant.

    You are one truly special family, and I'm so proud to call y'all my friends. Looking forward to seeing you all again soon (and am I the only one who thinks it's funny that you said you might have some more time now that school has started?? Most people think life really gets hectic when school starts up again - that just shows how busy you guys stay all year round!!).

    Love, Katie

  3. Although we have never met, I have enjoyed reading your blog since the accident and seeing how God is working in all of your lives and am so thankful for Clay's recovery. His little attitude is one we should all strive to be more like. The story of the men buying the gun for him made me cry! Thank you for sharing an update about your sweet family, and I will continue to keep Clay (and all of you) in my thoughts and prayers. ~ from a friend in Quanah

  4. Wow it sounds like y'all have had a busy yet fun summer. Clay looks like he is having too much fun with his new gun. Just reading about his stories shows me a lot as well. You sure do have a special son! Thanks for updating all of us!
    Continue to pray for the Fites!

  5. I have followed your blog since the accident and God has truly blessed your family!! I LOVE that Clay is such a strong little guy and with God he can do anything! I have 3 little girls and one thing I want them to learn is how to treat everyone with dignity! And from one Mom to another- you have been through so much and AMAZE me so much! I hope I'm half the Mom to my girls as you are to your boys! :) Ya'll are always in my thoughts and prayers!! With love from Quanah.....

  6. Touched! by this post! Clay is amazing....isn't it awe inspiring to see God working in his little heart and giving him such grace and compassion. What a lesson we can learn from him...from ALL of you!
    I am glad you posted pictures of those frogs. I have never EVER seen frogs like that. I can see now why folks actually DO have frog legs to eat...they'd be big enough off frogs like that for sure!
    Thanks for the update, as you remain forever in our hearts!

  7. Thank you for your update. Enjoyed all the latest news even tho I had to read with blurry eyes. Kids can say the most hurtful words, and makes a person so thankful for Clay's childlike spirit and attitude, which has helped all of us.
    We think of him as a beautiful healthy normal boy who is going through so much pain because of a very tragic accident. Glad you all had a fun summer, and hope your school year goes well.
    Very kind of the 3 men who opened their hearts and bought the rifle for Clay. I know he would have been so happy.
    Take care
    Bruce & Edna

  8. Fite Family: You all are in our thoughts and prayers as you prepare for yet another surgical procedure. So glad you had a summer filled with some great memories. I pray that you experience more positives than negatives throughout your lives. It is amazing how someone as strong as each of you can turn a situation around for good, with Clay being the leader to all of us !
    Jeanne' Snyder
    1 John 3:7:
    Dear children, do not let anyone lead you astray. He who does what is right is righteous, just as he is righteous. New International Version (©1984)

  9. So great to read of the Fite family again! Glad you are enjoying your summer that is soon going to bring Fall!! :)
    The boys will love to see the huge frogs, wow!! Isn't it a wonderful thing when the lives of others bless you with such kindness...a could 3 boys along with a dad not love that!!
    The saying, sticks & stones may break my bones but words will never hurt you...that is a true testament of Clay's life. Isn't it a good thing to see his strength through tough times & reaches out to you...that everything will be ok! Amazing young lad you have there. We can learn so much from those who have gone through experiences with wonderful spirits. Thanks for all 5 of your examples! We also understand that all of our strength & grace comes from him, how thankful can we be...
    We think of you in your journey & hope the road continues to bring happiness to all of you. Your family pictures are great!
    Our Love,
    Burgess 5'