Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Morning,

Time seems to fly by and we apologize for taking so long to update. Clay underwent surgery on Thursday September 29th. This was the procedure that was canceled earlier in the month. The doctor worked on his hand , mouth, neck, and head. At this point he is back in school and seems to be doing fine. The second graders have a competition for UIL story telling. Clay is trying out for the team. I bet if he could tell about his life experiences he has more than the average second grader to draw from. He is excited about this opportunity. He will go back to Dallas on the 17th of this month for his first injection into the scalp expander. The doctor plans to put 400 to 450 cc of fluid in between now and Christmas. The next surgical procedure will be to move the existing hair around on his head. I hope this short note finds everyone well. We are thankful to all who pray for and encourage Clay and our family. Take Care


  1. Clay has more stories to tell than most college kids do, I'm sure! I'm happy that this last procedure went well. Enjoy your conventions this month!!

  2. i am glad the surgery went well, Sydni is also trying out for our storytelling team in school, goodluck to both how is carson doing in football?

  3. Hi Fite family! I hope all is well and Clay has recovered well from the latest procedures and the expander injection went well. Praying and thinking about you guys!

    luv, cal

  4. Love and prayers to you all for all to go well for Clay as he continues to have procedures. I have the pictures of you all by my bed. They remind me to pray for all of you. How have the expander procedures gone? I know he may have more to go to get all those cc's in. Does that stimulate hair growth? I don't quite understand the procedure.

    Love and prayers

  5. Hi Fites! I just wanted you all to know that we do still pray for Clay! Hope all is well with all of the family and that you all have a wonderful Christmas! Love, The Wood family

  6. Hello Fite Family....we still check your blog periodically and hope that this message finds everyone doing well, especially Clay.
    Hoping you had a wonderful Christmas, and wishing you all the very best in 2012!
    The Southerland Family
    Austin, Texas