Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wednesday, July 15th

Good Morning. Sorry about the long delay between post. There are a lot of activities around here, most of them revolving around Clay. We went to burn clinic last Thursday in Dallas at Parkland. Doctor Arnoldo said that Clay is healing but he expects to schedule the first surgery with in the next 3 to 4 weeks. We will go back for another burn clinic visit on July the 30th. Clay had a surprise last Thursday in therapy. The nice folks in the Physical Therapy unit had baked him some cupcakes and he had a surprise early birthday. It was thoughtful of them and he shared his cupcakes with everyone. The rehab doctor wrote us orders for an evaluation at the North Texas Rehabilitation Hospital in Wichita Falls. We went Monday and they accepted Clay and he has therapy there every day this week. It is wonderful having everyone home. Deidra and the boys take him up for his appointments and there are always errands to run in Wichita. We try to help with additional exercises and stretching at home. Clay turned 6 years old Sunday. He wants to thank everyone for the cards and gifts. I am afraid he is going to be spoiled rotten. We had a little party that grew into a large gathering. We had all of his friends from meeting, plus several of his friends from town, and several family members and cousins. He had a good time and needed no help opening gifts or eating birthday cake. Our schedule is pretty hectic but we welcome visitors anytime. Our annual church convention is next week in Happy, TX and thanks to Clay's progress and the help of the friends we are excited about attending. There have been people that indicated they gave blood for Clay in different parts of the country. We are sure we have not been able to properly thank everyone everywhere but we are grateful to all and want to let you know your gifts, thoughts, and prayers are appreciated. Deidra had an opportunity to visit with Kermit's grandmother yesterday. Apparently he has had a tough time since his release from the burn unit in Dallas. He had to go back into the hospital in Austin for some open wounds and has already had a couple of surgical procedures. He was going back in today for some work on one of his shoulders. We know many of you prayed for Kermit and it appears he needs them now as much as ever. Clay has a remarkable spirit and has been teaching his Mom and Dad how to act in some difficult situations. He is a resilient little boy who is really missing his usual outside activities. He tells people that this summer he has a hospital tan. We will try to update more frequently. Thanks to everyone I hope it's raining and cool wherever you are.


  1. It is so good to see the update. We have been wanting to come visit but I told the girls we would wait until Clay and the family spend sometime together. L know Hunter wants to come. It was very exciting at the wlcome parade. The girls was happy to see him.
    The Riggins

  2. Thank you so much for the update! My thoughts have been with you and your family.Hope for good days at Happy!
    The Stark family

  3. How wonderful to read this update! We think of you all often, and just know that you are enjoying Life As A Family again!! We're so glad that you can have therapy closer to home, and be together more! We would love to think that we might see you at Happy....don't know for sure yet! Our oldest son plans to be there. We are sorry to hear about Kermit, and hope that all will go well for him. He will be in our thoughts. Thank you for keeping us updated......

  4. Hello to you all.. Clay we are so happy you are home again. We know that you will have to have more therapy but you will do great. You
    are a very brave little trooper.. DeDe & Chance
    really you all are an outstanding family indeed. We admire you on how you have been able
    to stand thru this whole ordeal. BRAVE BRAVE
    and strong thru God's help we all know. And are
    THANKFUL that you are all back together again.
    Enjoy the Happy Conv. We know you will
    LOVE YA ALL , Sarah & Jim L.

  5. Nope, the high here in Mountainair was 99 today! Sure glad for another update. So happy for y'all that Clay can have therapy in WF. Looking forward to seeing y'all at Happy next week. We're off to a great start here in NM tonight. Love, Susie

  6. We are so glad that everything is going well! We think of you all often, and you are still in our prayers each night. Thanks for the update!
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  7. We'll finally get to meet you! We're going to be @ Happy too. My Mom hasn't been there for at least 60 years. She remembers seeing Colonel Goodnight Baptized when she was a little girl:) I bet you're happy to have your family under one roof again. Glad everything is going well. See you next week!
    Lanita & Emma Phelan

  8. Wonderful news! Thank you so much for taking time out of your busy lives. I know it is hectic enough just raising three boys and going to work and running a household, tending to Dr and therapy appts......whew! So I do thank you and appreciate the time you take to write the updates. I am so sorry about Kermit. I wish I could go see him and his grandma. But if he just goes in and comes out it might be hit and miss if I would drive up there. Maybe I can get more information. I am delighted you all are going to be able to go to Happy this year. It will be so good for you you all and so much peace will be gleaned and healing as well. That many people praying at one time....awesome. Kay has told me about it many times. It was so cold in my house last night I had to get up and turn the fan off! Of course I had the a/c set on 60!!! LOL. It was 93 here today and I think Tuesday it was actually a lot cooler. Megan said it was 88. Love and prayers for all of you & Kevin too.

  9. So glad to read your update!! I am sorry I didn't get anything sent to Clay for his birthday but am glad he had such a great one!! A "hospital tan"! I love it!!! What a wonderful little guy. I had dreams of coming to Happy (I have never been there) for convention and to meet you all but it won't be this year. Have a wonderful convention!
    Love from Rena (and Marvin) (California)

  10. So good to hear of all the progress. And a belated happy birthday Clay!!! Keep working on your exercises!! Nice you all can go together to Happy, we were at Emo Ontario last week. All the best.

    Don & Loretta
    Winnipeg Manitoba Canada

  11. Clay and your family are in our continued prayers. I am glad to read about his progress. I know that this has been and continues to be a challenging journey for you guys. Just take it one day at a time and know that God is listening. We'll keep praying. All our best to you and your family.

  12. Hi dear ones! How was Happy? Did Clay have a good experience? I pray it was a wonderful family experience/ Love you all, Carolyn