Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tuesday, July 28th

Hello to everyone. Thought I might drop a brief line to update. Clay is doing therapy daily at the North Texas Rehab Hospital. We all took a few days off and traveled to Happy Convention this past weekend. Clay was quite the celebrity. The gracious friends around the convention built a cool room for Clay to sit in so we were able to attend every meeting. Thank you. Clay played and had time to ride the swing sets late in the day when it cooled off. We were happy to see many of our friends and made and met some new ones. Monday of this week was back to routine therapy. We have a company in town that manufactures Hyperbaric chambers. The owners offered to let Clay use their equipment for oxygen treatment. We went down Monday afternoon and toured their facility and all three of the boys were allowed to get in one of the treatment units. Clay has his first treatment this morning and was excited about it. Thursday of this week it is back to Dallas. We have burn clinic and all of the burn doctors will determine when and where to schedule the next surgery for releases. Clay has an appointment Monday with the plastic surgeons at Children's Hospital in Dallas. They will be looking at hands, head, ears , neck and head. He seems to be getting stronger each day and continues to eat well. He is willing to try about anything and has a good spirit most of the time. We hope everyone is having a good summer and are thankful for all of the support Clay is still receiving. Take Care. The Fites


  1. Good morning from Happy,
    We were so glad you all could be at convention over the week end instead of sitting at Parkland. Nice to meet you Chance, and see you DD and the boys. Clay, we loved you before, and now we love you a million times more. Hope all of his treatments go well and that he will continue to improve in leaps and bounds.
    We love ya'll and continue to pray.
    Love B&E

  2. Thoughts go your way so often...glad that you all could make it to Happy. Good to know that things are continuing to move forward for Clay's healing...and that he is so involved and cooperative! Big Hugs to all of you, and we hope for all good news and reports with your appts this week!!

  3. We are so glad for the update. Had been wondering how things were going. Anxious to visit with Joy again. Glad you were able to get to Happy. We'de sure like to see some pictures if you have some. Take care, Keep up the good work I know it take all of you to make this project a success. Clay is a special little fellow.

  4. So good to get an update again! How wonderful that you made it to Happy Convention. Know it would have been very special for you all and cheered your hearts. We look forward to our convention here in Milford this week. Glad Clay is doing so well, and hope he continues to do well in his recovery. He has been through so much (you ALL have!), but he has come so far! Best wishes to all your family, and we look forward to the next update. With care from your friends in NH, Kent & Sharon Chappell

  5. What a delight to see your update today! Thankful for your days together at Happy. What wonderful, considerate friends we have! Happy to hear how Clay and the rest of you are doing - as we realize it is just not Clay, but Carson, Cody and mom and dad in this. We pray you will have strength for all that lies ahead and thankful for how far you have come. Keep up the good attitude. Hugs from the Kesselring in Ashland, IL!

  6. Love to all of you and continued prayers as you take each step of the journey. I am always thankful for the updates and will be praying for the upcoming meetings. I hope the breathing treatment went well this morning. I'm sure it did. I will watch the mail.
    Love Carolyn

  7. Chance and DeeDee, I don't know if you are aware or not but one of the friends in Richardson owns an outpatient hyperbaric chamber business. It is Dr Al Johnson. Although his location may not be convenient for you, I'm sure he would be glad to answer any additional questions you may have. Let me know if you would like his contact information. Thanks to Dr Al's graciousness, Marcus spent many hours in those chambers while recovering from his stroke last August. We felt it helped speed his recovery and would highly recommend it for little Clay. Sorry I did not get to see you at Happy last week...I was thinking about Clay being there and us being there with our 5 day old and how it really was a miracle that we both made it this year! But aren't we thankful? Take care, Shanda

  8. It's Aunt Jenae! We made it back to Argentina and have been busy unpacking and trying to get things in order before school starts here next week. I was so glad to see Clay doing so well at convention. He will have changed so much by the time we get to see him again. It's too sad to think about! Hang in there and I love y'all. love, Jenae (p.s. Martha told me the card I mailed Clay for his birthday came back to her house...I forgot to address it! She did for me and you should be getting it soon! Sorry!!)

  9. So glad for the update and to hear everyone is doing so good. Glad you were able for convention and wonderful of the friends to build the cool room for Clay.
    Thinking of you.
    David, Julie, Hannah and Laura Stark

  10. I too was gald to hear the positives in your posting!ier than ever. This is good. How neat that he has access to the pressurized chambers. Lots of good results in the research of this use. Gary has notied personal benefit of relief from some of his most severe pain when he is SCUBA diving.
    Thoughhts and Prayers continue to be uplifted for all of the Fite's.

    Romans 8:28 (New American Standard Bible)

    "And we know that God causes all things to work together for good to those who love God, to those who are called according to His purpose."

    Gary and Jeanne' Snyder

  11. I must say I have missed my nightly updates from the Fite family! I am so happy to hear that Clay is doing well! He is still on my heart and in my thoughts and prayers. I received your card today,it truly touched my heart! You are a very precious family and I think God has BIG plans for all of you! I do hope to meet you someday!

    Blessings from NC! Missy and family