Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saturday, August 8

Hello to all! We have not posted in awhile, as we have been busy travelling to Clay's rehab & doctor appointments. Each weekday morning Clay gets into a hyperbaric chamber for 90 minutes. He has been in it 8 times now and will continue for awhile. After his hyperbaric treatments, we travel to the rehab center in Wichita Falls (Mon, Tues, Wed, & Fri). We have been travelling to Dallas on Thursdays (to the Burn clinic); and the Occupational therapist puts a new cast on Clay's right hand each week. We have become attached to all of Clay's therapists in Dallas and Wichita Falls. To each therapist who worked with Clay in the hospital and all the ones who worked with Clay in the outpatient clinic: we miss you. To all of Clay's therapists in Wichita Falls: you already have a special place in our hearts. To all the nurses and doctors who worked with Clay: you will always have a special place in our hearts.
We met with a plastic surgeon last Monday at Children's hospital in Dallas and he discussed the surgeries he could do for Clay. He can help Clay have 50% function with his left hand by performing surgery on his middle finger & the small portion of thumb, to create a pincher. He also discussed how he could surgically release Clay's neck and eyes. We will post specific surgery dates and details later. We also contacted the Shriner's hospital in Houston. We will know next week when we can schedule a consultation with the doctors there.
Clay is still eating very well and keeping up with Carson and Cody. His brothers have been good therapy for him. As a family, we were usually outside a lot & did many outdoor activities. We are now adjusting to a "new normal" way of life - indoors a majority of the time. I had some time the other day to work in my flower beds and enjoyed the sun. Clay can go out in the late evening to play for awhile. As the weather cools down, he will be able to go outside more often (with sun protection). With the 100+ temperatures, we have to be careful that he does not get overheated when we go to his appointments and run errands. We have to spend a little time outdoors each day or else we would go crazy (& Clay needs his vitamin D). We had our first "big" dinner together last evening & the boys helped prepare it. Before the accident, I would have fussed about any mess in my kitchen. Now, I am just glad that we are all together making messes in the kitchen. :-) The time we spend with our children is priceless.
We want you all to know how thankful we are for your care; & please feel free to call, write, or visit anytime. Have a good day!


  1. I offered to facilitate a meeting with the Shriners a few months ago.
    Instead of going thru the system we have Clay pre-accepted.

    Please let me know how we can help.

    Phil Smith
    Fort Worth, TX
    Moslah Shriners.

  2. We are so glad for the update. Sounds like ya'll are busy, busy, busy. Thankful for all the medical team that can help Clay in so many ways. Medical Technology has come a long long ways in their services to help. Thinking of ya'll everyday and check the blog as well. Have a good day tomorrow. Have fun in your kitchen, I found out a long time ago water and soap still works. :-)) Love B&E

  3. So good to see an update!! I know you guys are extremely busy.. I am still praying for you guys and for Clay of course as he has such a long road still ahead. All we can do at times like this is look up for guidance to our healing Father, he knows our every need and will continue to fulfill each one even when we may not be able to see it right away.. keep the faith..keep loving those boys up!! Praying for you daily, Amy Airhart

  4. When you are not busy, Rusty wants to come see Clay. I told him that you were all super busy though. We are going to keep on praying. Clay is a permanent part of Rusty's bedtime prayer. Also don't worry about the mess, my kids have been demolishing my house all summer long. Little Rusty wants to help me do everything and he pretty well leaves a path of destruction in the process. I sure am going to miss the mess when he goes to school all day. I'm glad that you have all of them home with you. I know that is priceless. The finest of the gifts that a mother loves are slobbery little kisses and sticky little hugs. God Bless

  5. Dee Dee,
    We are so glad to hear of Clay's progress! So glad the therapies are going well. You guys are still in our prayers every night. Take care!

  6. So glad to hear an update! Have thought of you and wondered how Clay was doing. So glad to hear that his treatments are going well! Please know we have not forgotten you and pray for each of you as you face the future!
    The Stark family

  7. What a wonderful update! God is good....all the time. Thanks for helping me remember that each time I pick up the broom to sweep even more glitter or grass or dirt from the floor, that it wouldn't be there if it weren't for loved ones.

  8. Thank you for the update again! It is so good to read that progress continues, and that new things are being considered for continuation in healing. You all have helped us to value little everyday moments more...and messes DON'T matter when those messes involve shared moments...they are blessed moments. Thank you for continuing to keep us posted...your family is a part of our lives now! :) Hugs to each of you.....

  9. I look once a week to see a update. I love to hear good news. Hunter has been wanting to come see him.
    Just remember we are around the corner and will do anything you need.


  10. I too am glad to see the update and I am very thankful for centers where you can go and maintain help for Clay but be able to stay at home as well. This is wonderful. You all are such a wonderful example of a Christ centered family.
    Love to you, Carolyn

  11. Hello to you all. Happy to see the update. We know you can not do it to often with all you have going on in lives right now. But we are very thankful for what you do share with us all.
    We think of you so much and so many people out here in Az. where we live ask about little Clay often also. I have told lots of different ones about him and have given them the site to keep check on him. You all are such an inspiration to so many.. Love ya all,
    Sarah & Jim Lewis