Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wednesday, October 28th

Hello to all. We realize it has been a while since we have posted. Don't think we have been idle. Last week was quite busy for all the Fite's. Clay completed his 40th trip to the hypebaric oxygen chamber. He now is able to sleep a little later each day. On Wednesday Deidra, Carson, Cody, and Clay packed up and headed to Mt. Peak Convention near Midlothian. On Thursday Clay had double doctor appointments in Dallas. I left Olney about 5:30 a.m. and picked them up at the convention grounds. Carson and Cody stayed at convention under the watchful eye of relatives. Our first appointment was at Children's where Clay had the cast he has been wearing for the last 6 weeks removed. We then were able to see one of the hand specialist who removed the pins from Clay's fingers. Clay handled the procedure well, but Mom took it pretty hard. After the pins were removed they built Clay a new splint for his left hand. He is supposed to wear it whenever he is not exercising or bathing. It is still very sensitive to touch and he is pretty protective of it. He has been working his good finger and we hope he will soon be able to hold something between it and the part of his thumb that remains. We indicated to the physicians assistant that we would like to be put on the schedule as early as possible for the next surgery. They are going to try to block out some operating room time and Clay will go back on November 2nd to find out what the plan is. After our visit at Children's we went to burn clinic at our old home Parkland. We were able to visit with Dr. Purdue and let him know what our plans were. He was very helpful and is willing to act as a consultant on the upcoming procedure. We value his many years of burn experience. After our burn clinic visit we raced back South to convention and were able to catch the last speaker of the afternoon meeting. I was able to stay until after the last meeting and then drove back into Olney for work the next day. DeeDee and the boys had a good day Friday and I drove down early Saturday to rejoin them. We enjoyed the opportunity to see everyone that was so helpful during Clay's hospital stay. Saturday was very memorable in that Carson made his choice that evening. We are very happy and excited for him and are looking forward to meeting tonight for his first testimony. Busy days for all. We appreciate all the thoughts and continued prayers of everyone. There were so many at convention and elsewhere that we have never met that have been praying for Clay. We are humbled by the experience and will be eternally grateful.


  1. Sounds like great news, Chance. It's wonderful, too, about Carson's decision. He's got a couple of great examples in his parents.

  2. Glad for the update. We still tink o yu often and check the blog often. Great news about Carson know that maks you as parents very thankful. How are the eyes doing? Love you all, Aunt Karen and Uncle Arlin

  3. Good evening to you all,
    Was so thankful for your update and have been thinking of your family so much. We do understand you are very very busy with all the Dr. appointments, school, home, work,etc.
    We are glad you got Mt. Peak convention and so glad for Carson and the choice he made. He will have encouragement from so many of the family and friends.
    We continue to pray for your family and we know God is in complete control.
    Love and hugs to you from us.

  4. We were so thankful to witness Carson's choice! It is an undescribable feeling, as a parent, to see your child make such a decision. We're thankful for all the help, seen and otherwise, to keep everyone encouraged and joyful. Glad for the little bits of progress that are happening for Clay. A step at a time...

  5. I have been thinking of your family a lot lately and am always keeping you in my prayers. My heart just aches for the burden that you all must bear ... I wish there was something I could do to help make things a little easier. Hope the appointment on November 2nd goes well. Love, Katie Crosbie

  6. I am on the east coast until Nov 5th visiting relatives and attended a birthday celebration for my aunt's 90th birthday. This is the first day since I came on Oct 20th that I have had access to a computer and was so thankful to read your blog. DD, I totally understand your mother's heart when the pins were removed from Clay's fingers. I would have had a hard time, too. Happy to hear the good plans. And very happy to hear about Carson's choice. Carson, sweetie, you will NEVER regret that choice. Good days to you, buddy!

    Love and hugs to all!


  7. It was so good to see your update this morning! We think of your family so often and come check your blog frequently to see if there is any news! It is evident Clay still has a long road of recovery ahead of him - he is a very brave little boy for taking all this so well!
    Just wanted you to know we still care and pray for you all!
    Hugs from the Griffee's in Kansas!

  8. Glad to hear the progress - both in Clay's recovery and Carson's choice. Last month we experienced the emotions of our oldest making her choice - thankful, proud and responsible! I know it's made my walk straighter! Your boys have had the privilege of witnessing their parents remain strong and true through the hardest time in their lives - they will have much to draw from!
    Our youngest is the same age as Clay and I've often thought that the competition to keep up with the big kids will be a positive force in helping Clay not give up.
    We will be thinking & praying of/for you in the coming months as always.

  9. What awesome news! In my mind, I can see Carson standing to his feet and I can visualize the feelings pouring out from friends and family. DeeDee & Chance, we are so proud of your family! You have proved God's power! As for Clay, we pray even still for his recovery. We've been following the blog for Larisa Hertz in Kansas and can see so many of the same spiritual lessons we learned from Clay in her situation. We pray Clay's next surgery will be soon and will be most successful, too. Love to you all!

  10. Life is joy & sorrow interwoven isn't it?
    I'm sure your hearts are thrilled with Carson's choice! I love children's testimonies...they are so of the young boys at convention this year gave his testimony & said, "I was trying to put words together that would be impressive & sound good but God spoke & said this service is about love."
    Our hearts go out to you... continuing the healing journey with Clay... another surgery ahead... the emotional fight & struggle...
    Love & Care to all of you -
    Burgess Family

  11. Our hearts rejoice with you as we read of news of Carson! What joy that choice brings to parents' hearts...Time and time again! We do think of you often as you stretch yourselves to love and give and do. Glad that Clay is in good hands at the Burn Clinic, and our thoughts are with you as he and you face another surgery. <"Perseverance is not a long race; it is many short races one after another." by walter elliot> Prayers for Strength and Comfort as you persevere. We love what you all have overcome so far! You are an encouragement to us!

  12. So good to hear from your little corner again. What a brave little Fiter Clay David is. Some day it will be a thrill if we ever get to meet! So happy for Carson's choice. We continue to think of you often!

  13. We are overjoyed to see your post! We think of you every single day and just want you to be reminded that we have not forgotten any of you. Keep up the good fight!!! Your struggle is not forgotten!!!

    The Schmer's in Omaha

  14. We had the privledge of attending Mt.Peak for the weekend. While there we noticed Little Tucker from Round Rock had a friend riding on the back of his wheelchair not knowing who he was. Well, last nite a friend sixty miles away here in southern Alberta called asking if we had met the Fite family at Mt.Peak? After what she shared from the blog, we knew who we had missed meeting. So glad for the efforts put forth in the blog to tell about your precious son Clay! We wish him the very best and also we witnessed his brother professing that nite which is also so special. Greetings and love from Pincher Creek, Alberta. Penny and Delbert Lewis

  15. Congratulations to Carson. I know that you are all very proud. We are probably going to get moved and move the kids over to Olney schools pretty soon. I'm not feeling too great lately, so it will be a lot easier to have the kids in Olney closer to Randy during the day. Rusty wants to come see Clay again. He actually thinks that Clay might be in his class and we don't stress the part too much that he won't be or Rusty wouldn't be so excited about going there. The next few weeks are almost constant doctors appointments for us in Dallas/Fort Worth. If you have a few minutes some day, holler and I'll bring Rusty by to say hi. We are thinking about you all and praying for you as we anxiously await the next surgery. God Bless

  16. I have tickets for Nov 19th. Please give me a call so I can get you the tickets.

    Performance plus Meet and Greet!

    Phil Smith

  17. Soo GOOD to read of your little steps of progress Clay. Keep up the good work!!!!We are anxious for word how everything went today???
    And SOO good to hear of the choice you made Carson--you will never be sorry and it just keeps getting better!!! LOL Marvin and Bonnie

  18. I just happened upon this blog and want to let you know I will be praying for you all. Clay! You're amazing and brave! Blessings to you all.

    with sincere admiration