Sunday, December 20, 2009

Monday, December 21

Hello to all! We just wanted to give a quick update on our doctor visit this past Thursday. The skin grafts that we were worried about looked great and adhered perfectly. We were told that it was normal for the top layer (of skin) to slough off - this was the part that we were so worried about. We are very relieved and are thankful for the great job that Dr. Bidic did. We are also thankful for Kaylee and Savannah (Dr. Bidic's PA's) who have helped so much with Clay. We are still keeping a light dressing over the neck and treating the areas of hypergranulation (overgrowth of granulation tissue) around Clay's trach.
On one of our frequent trips to Dallas, a few weeks ago, we took Clay to Parkland to see the nurses in the Burn ICU. It was great to see them and they were glad to see Clay. We were also able to attend the monthly "burn support group" meeting at Parkland hospital this past Saturday. Two OT therapists that helped Clay, while he was in the burn unit, attended the meeting. We told them "thank you" for being so aggressive with Clay's therapy from the start. We now understand that Clay's therapy is so essential throughout the healing process and beyond. Thank you to all the therapists who have and are working with Clay.
We hope you all have a wonderful week and nice holiday! Thank you again - our hearts are filled with gratitude.

P.S. We will be sending the letters within the next few weeks - thank you for your patience with us! :-)


  1. What a beautiful post!!! I love to see the gratitude of God's children for even the smallest of deeds performed by another. We think we are "only doing my job", but that can mean so much to someone. I hate to rush the year, but I can hardly wait until July to see Clay and see what progress has been made in the last year. Hope you all have a wonderful Christmas holiday and blessed 2010!!! Love you, Dawn & Pam

  2. Thank you for the update! Have been thinking of all of you this past week. Hope you have special days together! It will be a privilage to get the letter in the mail whatever time it is sent! Thank you!
    The Stark family in NC

  3. Wonderful!! So glad that what was a concern turned out to be just what was planned. I wonder how often we concern ourselves with things that our Heavenly Father already has planned out for us?!
    It's so good that you have the support system - good for you parents and good for the boys!
    We're keeping you in our prayers - don't worry, we won't forget you - no matter how long the journey!!

  4. Good Afternoon,
    Thank you for your time and effort in sending the updates as we certainly appreciate it each time. We think of Clay so often each day and just hope he is doing better and will continue to heal and improve.
    We send our wishes for you to have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Hope the weather stays nice so you can take your well deserved trip.

  5. Glad for all of the good news! has been a step by step process, and Clay has come so far! It is wonderful to have good caregivers and therapists..these people in all parts deserve lots of credit. Even though there were tears from Clay, it was just what he needed. Glad for a spiritual lesson here.

    Have a wonderful holiday..hope you get to make your trip to NE! With Hugs!!!

  6. Dear Fites,
    So glad to hear such good news about Clay's grafts. You all are in my thoughts so often. Your courage in this struggle is amazing. God is watching and sending help as you need it. So glad you have each other - you have come so far together. Love, "Granny" Martha

  7. So glad that the grafts are taking. I know he has a long ways to go, but he has come such a long ways. Thanks for your faithful in keeping up with the blog. We are keeping you folks in our prayers. Clay is such an encouragement to all of us. An Oregon friend.

  8. Hello to Clays family and to Clay. I came across your blogspot via some mutual friends in Canada. I am guessing your son is still young and hospitalised with burns. We live in Australia and have a 5 and a half year old son called Clay also. We also have our faith in common - so now we know about your little boy we will endevour to add him, and you to our prayers for his recovery. Feel free to e-mail us at but if not we understand and will watch with interest his progress.
    Incidently did you know one of the meanings for the name Clay is "imortal one"? Gives a good assurance of hope doesn't it?
    Love Olivia, Tim, Clay and Nina Eldridge

  9. Always love an update on your little man...happy the grafts are doing so well. We think of you so often yet. Heard you were able to stop and see Larisa and family...good friends of ours. I know your visit was very inspiring!! A wonderful 2010 to you and yours!!!

  10. Wonderful news that Clay is doing so well as we know that makes all the Fites do well.
    Best wishes for 2010 and may progress continue for all.

    Royce and Sue Kesselring
    Ashland, IL

  11. We want to wish ya'll a very "HAPPY NEW YEAR". 2009 went flying by like a whirlwind. The older we get the faster time goes by, but glad for each new day. Love to all of you.

  12. That is wonderful about Clay's grafts healing as the doctors thought great. I pray for further healing and the forthcoming procedures. God gless you in this 2010 year and continue to amaze you all with further healing. I love you all,

  13. I've been reading Clay's progress from day one. Im amazed at how far he has came and how tough he is! I have a son the same age as Clay and my family has read each update thoughout the last 11 months. I will continue to keep your family in my prayers and would love to get a letter from you guys! My snail mail is PO Box 57.Holliday,TX 76366.