Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wednesday, December 16

Hello to all! I had a minute so I wanted to post an update and apologize for our sporadic postings. As you recall, Clay had his neck release surgery on Nov. 9. He had a wound vac dressing on his neck and carried the pump with him for about a month. During the month of November, we took him to Dallas for four dressing changes. They had to sedate him each time they changed it; therefore, it was basically like a day surgery (OR, anesthesia, recovery room, etc.). On December 3, they took him back to the OR and placed skin grafts over the Integra (neck) and then placed the wound vac over the grafts. We took him back to Dallas on Dec. 9 to have the wound vac removed. He was so relieved to have it off that he was jumping around saying "I'm free, I'm free." The grafts still needed to have a dressing over them for awhile and we were told how to do this dressing change at home. Clay's PT comes to our house on Thursdays; so, she helped us with the first dressing change. She was able to come back to our house on Friday (Dec. 11) to help; and, we ended up calling and sending pictures to Clay's doctor because there were areas of the grafts that were not adhering. We have continued to change it each day and we are not sure if there is enough skin attached to grow and cover the neck area. We go back to Dallas tomorrow (Dec. 17) and the doctors will tell us more. We are not sure, at this point, if they will have to place another skin graft on Clay's neck. There are also some areas where the tissue is hypergranulating (big word I learned this past year).
This is the last week of school before the holidays. Carson & Cody have early release days tomorrow and Friday. Clay's homebound teacher was able to complete his lessons on Monday and Tuesday. Depending on the weather, we may be going to Omaha, NE next week to see Jace & Dana (my twin sister, her husband, and girls). We also would like to stop in Wichita, KS to see the family of Larisa (a friend that was burned in October). We have been following her blog since her accident We want to thank each one of you for your encouragement this past year.
We are planning on sending a "New Year" letter out with pictures of Clay's progress & pictures of Carson and Cody. I'm sure that you all would like to see the progress that Clay has made since February. Since we do not feel comfortable in posting his pictures online, we will send these letters via "snail mail". :-) Thanks for everything!


  1. I'm sure your mailing list is pages long, but may I be included too?? After seeing Clay while on special meeting rounds there, I've wondering how he's progressed, and would love to receive the letter. My snail mail address is PO Box 577, Roseburg, OR 97470. Thanks heaps, Jeanie Wright

  2. Chance and DeeDee - it was so good to see you and be with you in meeting last Sunday! It did our hearts so much good! We follow along on your blog and are in awe when we think of this experience and the guiding of God's hand in it all. We'll be thinking of y'all tomorrow in Dallas. Don't forget - we're "on the way" to/from Dallas, so just plop in at any time! We'd love it! Have a good trip north to NE - and hope y'all are able to visit with the Hertz and Grainger families. That would be a special visit! All for now - till we meet again. Our love, Russ and Judy

  3. I have been reading your blog for a really long time and I was wondering if your would please add me to your list. It would be so special if you did that for me. My friend was severly burned and I know the challanges that come along with being burned. Thanks, Kaylee Jeske
    2120 Cerra Vista Dr.
    Hollister CA 95023

  4. DeeDee - we too follow Larisa's blog. I see so many similarities between her treatment and struggles and those Clay endured. God is so powerful and we see that when we see taking care of so many of our loved ones. We would love to get a picture of the boys, and snail mail works so perfectly for us (6200 Janae St., Amarillo, TX 79118) - the street name should be easy to remember!! We look forward to news on Clay's neck graft after today (17th). Our love goes your way! Pam & Dawn

  5. Good morning to the Fites,
    Thanks a bunch for the update, sorry Clay's grafts are giving some problems, hope today he can be helped so it will heal.
    We too would love to be on your mailing list.
    43001 S. Parsley Road, Happy, Texas 79042. I have often thought about Clay and the progress he has made, and would love to see it. I know the boys are anxious to be out of school for the Christmas holidays and we hope too, you get to go to Nebraska. Tell Jace and Dana hello for us. Maybe the weather will stay nice. Have a wonderful Christmas with your boys.

  6. I was soooo happy for an update when I checked this morning. Hopefully the news will be good at the doctor today. That would be awesome if you get to go to see Dana. I was just thinking her girls are going to be grown before I get to see them again. We love you and miss you!
    Lori and her three boys! :)

  7. So glad to see an update again on precious little Clay! We continue to think of him and your family daily. Will be anxious to hear what they say about the grafts. Keep looking up and hanging on and keeping on!!! We too are following Larisa's progress on the blog and know you can well identify with all they are going through. It would be special if your families could get together. Hugs to all! With love & care from your friends in NH, Kent & Sharon Chappell
    18 Echo Road Milford, NH 03055

  8. We too are thinking of you today and hoping for a good report. If you gotoJace and Dana's remember we are on your way :) Wpould love to see you but do know your time will be short. Give all the boys a hug as well as Jace Dana and the girls. Love you all, Uncle Arlin and Aunt Karen

  9. So glad to see an update today! I check every couple of days, hoping! I know you will enjoy spending time with family for the holidays. Hope Clay's appointment today turns out ok.
    Thinking of all of you daily.
    The Stark family in NC
    4700 Plum Blossum Drive
    Knightdale, NC 27545

  10. You all have come so far...even considering a trip to NE! Wonderful progress. Hope you have a wonderful trip!!

  11. Rusty saw Carson and Cody in the hall yesterday and he just thinks them and Clay are just awesome. He would have loved to have a brother. He gets really sick of hanging out with his sister because she is a girl and no fun. I hope you have a good trip and a happy holidays. God Bless

  12. Well.....I am jumping into the pool with everyone else......was so glad for the update. I am also following Larisa's blog. We knew their family when we lived in San Diego. In fact they brought dinner and helped us pack our U-Haul the night before we moved to Bakersfield. I think you have my address already but here it is anyway: 2028 Torrey Dr, Bakersfield, CA 93312. I am thrilled to hear about your upcoming trip. It will be nice for all of you. Have a great time and happy holidays!
    Love and hugs!

  13. Hello to All of the Fite gang, so glad to read a new post... I too have been following the Larisa story since I saw it back in Sept. I think it would be awesome for you guys to meet their family.. that seems to be a great help to know there are other people who know where you are coming from and the up and down roller coaster that is known so well from burn patients... we had no idea how true the roller coaster that they explained to us the night of Lacretia's accident was until on down a little... I hope that little Clay heals well and just want you to know that we still remember your family and pray for you on a regular basis... I know the road it long but so worth it all... u have your baby still here with your for yet another Christmas... Praise God for that... Loving you all, Amy Airhart

  14. Love it that Clay is claiming that he is FREE!! What an awesome attitude & the bother of the vac is no more...great feeling for him not to have it I am sure. It is so wonderful that you will take the time to meet Larisa...she is one fighter just as Clay. What a bond you will all experience.
    Safe Travels-

  15. I would love to get your letter. I'm so impressed with how well Clay has done and the rest of you too and we are so thankful for wonderful Drs nurses and burn unit care.
    Hope you have a good trip to NE and hope you get to see Larisa...tell everyone hi there from me! My address is

    Laura Jelinek
    PL 20
    65301 Vaasa Finland


    Laura Jelinek
    1524 Osage St.
    Sidney, NE 69162

  16. I know that you do not know me, but I have been following Clay's progress since the beginning. We are friends of the Newton's - our daughters were in the NICU together! We have had our prayer warriors praying for Clay from the beginning. I would love to be included in the letter too!

    Candi Talley
    204 Bill Jackson Drive
    Alvarado, TX 76009

    Our prayers are always with yall!