Thursday, February 19, 2009

Blood Donation at MD Anderson in Houston

My cousin sent me this if anyone is interested:

This is information came directly from Carter Blood Bank. I have been working with them on this for the last 2 days. As long as people donate at MD Anderson in Houston, Clay will get the credits. You are correct that Parkland will not work with any other blood bank but Carter will work with MD Anderson. Once blood is donated in Clay’s name, MD Anderson passes the information on to Carter. I have been assured by Carter that Clay will receive the credits as long as individuals follow the instructions that Monica and I have forwarded. Several of us donated yesterday in Clay’s name and it was a simple process. Please instruct people to go to the Holly Hall/Almeda location. The people that work there know the situation so it might be easier for folks who are trying to donate. Brandon went yesterday and had no problems.

Thanks, Chrysta!! from Jenae, Chance and DD


  1. The blood drive at my office went well yesterday. We had 19 donations -- all credits for Clay. The coordinator said she is arranging for any previous credits that my company has accumulated to also go to Clay's credits! (I don't know this number yet but was very glad to hear this).

    It has been rumored that when donating other than whole blood (plasma, platelets) more than 1 credit can be obtained. I am going to donate today (couldn't yesterday) and will find more details about this possibility of extra credits...

    DeeDee and Chance, I am praying Clay's surgery this morning has gone well. I will see you this weekend.

    -Love, Callie

  2. Prayers and thoughts are w/ the family. I would like to inquire about giving blood. I am not sure though if my blood would be acceptable as.... in preparation for my upcoming deployment I've had to take many vaccine shots including anthrax & smallpox. Not sure if this disqualifies me or not.

    Barrett Clanton & Family

  3. Myself, my wife and our two 6-year old sons are praying for Clay. We are lifting the whole Fite family up in prayer asking for the comfort that only comes from knowing God is present. Hebrews 11:1

    Brian, Tammye, Seth and Wynn Isbell
    Jacksboro, TX