Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday February 22

Good evening to all. It was a long and rewarding day in Burn ICU. Deidra and I made both of the early morning visits and we let the nurse know we were going to meeting and would try to be back before the 11:00 visit was over. We did not make it back to the hospital until about 12:15 as we rushed off the elevator we walked right into the burn team doctors. They had done an evaluation on Clay while we were out and we were anxious to hear their thoughts. They said everything was going according to plan and he would definitely be on the schedule for a surgery next week. We were encouraged by this. When we went in for the 2:00 visit I asked the nurse about the evaluation and she said the doctors had told her that nearly 100% of the graft on the back had taken and appeared to be viable. The doctors had told use that 85 to 90 percent was considered a good graft. It appears that everyone's prayers are being answered. Thank you. Carson, Cody and I came to Olney tonight. Mr. Cody Fite is turning 7 years old tomorrow and we knew someone should be here to celebrate with him. The blood drive in Graham, TX was a success. The Carter blood mobile had an overwhelming response. They collected approximately 65 units of blood that were donated for Clay. It seems they underestimated the heart of Texoma, in that they had to turn away over 100 donors, because they did not have the storage containers for any more blood. Thank you to all who made the effort to donate. We know that there will be difficult days ahead, but we also know that we have received encouragement over the last few days because of the prayers and help that Clay is receiving from all over the country. Thanks to all and good night.


  1. What a blessing! 100%... it just gives me chills. Our God is the Master Physician & he is going to do miraculous things in Clay's life. Brie asks several times a day how Clay is doing. We are praying for you & thinking of you.

  2. I know how awesome that news is. It is amazing what a little one can handle and overcome. Thank you for the info. It lifts my heart to know things are positive. I have been in your shoes only ours wasn't as critical. You and yours continue in my prayers.

    Laurie Tinney

  3. This is such good news. We continue to pray for all of you and especially for Clay to keep his fighting spirit. We were some of the ones that couldn't give blood in Graham today because the Carter blood bank people didn't anticipate the turn out, but will do so on March 2. It was amazing to see so many people turning out to help this little boy.
    Thank you God for taking care of Clay and his family this week.

    Butch and Carol Willis

  4. Such good news! Happy birthday to Cody!! We are always thinking of yall.

    With our love and prayers,
    Chris, Bambi, Mia and Ryder

  5. We are so thankful for the encouraging news. We are with you all in prayers and spirit. We love you, Aunt Teena and family...

  6. I am so thankful that God does hear everyone's cry for Clay!! Cody, Happy Birthday and we love you!!

    Praying always :)

  7. We can honestly say that Clay and family were on the minds of several at the special meeting in Canyon yesterday. We are so pleased with the reports coming from the Burn ICU and know that God is answering prayers. Happy Birthday to Cody on the 23rd. Dawn & Pam

  8. Happy Birthday Cody!!
    Everyday God is anwsering prayers and healing Clay. Still Praying!!
    Linc,Kristine,Kade and Grace

  9. Happy Birthday to Cody!! We heard at special mtg yesterday about Eagles. There are times in the life of an eagle that they go through a molting process. They lose their feathers and even the beak sometimes. They are grounded and some become very discouraged. If they just hang on through the process, the new feathers are better than the old. The new beak is stronger and it is said they can even fly higher. Just thinking about times in our life when we have to face situations that can be so discouraging and scary. You guys just hang on....Good news seems to keep coming. We will all keep praying.
    Love you all. Chuck, Lori and the boys

  10. That is great news! We were told yesterday that they were not taking more blood-again, that is greatthat they received so much-we will go the next time early! Praying for you all lots and lots! Happy Birthday, Cody-he doesn't know us, but hope he has a happy birthday. Sending warm hugs your way!
    Kandy and family

  11. So glad about the good news. We are still praying here in Happy, lots of people are calling us to keep them up on what is happening. Happy Birthday,Cody. When we pray for you all the kids will say Clay is the one that the hot chip at the El Camino, and Cy will add he is tough. Take care of yourselves, we are always thinking about you.

    The Mace Middleton Family

  12. Still praying, praying, praying but celebrating milestones!

    Shayne and Amber Oliver
    Clint and Sadie Young

  13. Happy birthday, Cody! I hope it is EXCELLENT, just like you! :-) I enjoyed hanging out with you yesterday and hope you have a great day today!

    I'm so glad to hear about the successful blood drives! What a blessing!

    DD and Chance, you take care of and your family are in my prayers!


  14. We were so sorry to hear of the tragedy and the painful process that Clay is going through now.
    David, said to tell you hello and is devastated to think what you are going through. If there is anything that we can do, please call:830-367-7574. Al and Ann Branson