Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday February 20th Surgery II

Hello and thank you to everyone out there. Today was eventful. Mom and I got up and to the hospital for the 6:00 a.m. visit. I have told Clay, who is always on his way to Mom and Dad's bed early each morning, that it is our turn to come to his bed early each day. When we arrived at 6:00 the wonderful night nurse (Jennifer) told us that the first surgery of the day had been canceled and Clay was number 1 on the O.R. list. We were allowed to stay in the room as they prepped him for surgery and the wheeled him out at about 7:00 a.m. Around 9:30 we saw Dr. Purdue the, "Burn Boss" he said the first portion had gone as planned and after a brief break they would proceed with the grafting procedure. A little bit before 11:00 a.m. they wheeled him out of the elevators and past the waiting room window. Several anxious people were up watching him as he made his grand entrance back to his new home, the ICU burn unit on the 6th floor. The doctor followed shortly and told us that they had completed three successful procedures: 1. Placement of the trachea tube. 2. A bridled feeding tube in his nose. 3.Complete grafting of his chest and stomach. The doctor said Clay was strong and had remained stable through all procedures. He also stated that if all goes well next week we would give Clay a short vacation and not schedule surgery III until Friday of next week. I told Clay's mom he would get lazy lying around all week. I am sure his little body needs some recovery time. As soon as his day nurse (Danielle) had him in fresh bandages they came down to the waiting room and let Deidra and I go visit. We as scared and proud parents assured him and ourselves that he looked great. We lost a helpmate today. Jenae had to return to Indiana to assume her duties with her own family. If we seem a bit unorganized from this point forward you will know why. We had several visitors today and are appreciative to all who stop in. We received a very special poem from our friend the world renowned poet Lee Wiley Burch of Newcastle, TX. Although I did not ask his permission I would like to end this update with his poem. It's pretty hard to type this and it really touched us. Thank you Lee

"Little Wrangler"
For Clay David Fite

Hey there little wrangler-We're all prayin for you here,
That again you'll run and laugh and play on your ranch now wet with tears
That we cried because we love you, and miss your smiling face,
and we'll smile too, then dry our eyes, when God returns you to this place.

Be strong, little wrangler - and us big folks will do the same,
because God is so much more to us than just a holy name-
We'll place our hands together - so His may cure and mend,
Your painful wounds - my broken heart - and those of all your friends.

Get well now, Little Wrangler - you've got a lot to do,
There's horses to feed and steers to show and brothers - to name a few.
There's school and girls and pickups - and things you've yet to dream-
and enough cousins down the road to play to start up your own team!

Sleep tight now, Little Wrangler - while I write to Mom & Dad -
To let them know we love 'em - even more when times grow sad,
I know your hearts are heavy - life sometimes can be unfair-
But keep holding God and each other for that little Wrangler over there.

Vaya con Dios, my friends-
with love -
Lee Wiley Burch
February 19, 2009


  1. Clay we're so glad that you did well today you're such a strong little boy! God has all these prayers coming his way about this sweet little boy from Olney,Texas. We love you and can't wait to see your smiling face again!
    Love, Linc,Kristine,Kade and Grace

  2. There is a smile on my heart and tears in my eyes as I read your update tonight. Stay strong!! We love you,
    Brad, Lesha, Trace, and Trevin Coker

  3. Such great news! We hope that you heal really fast next week on your week off! Family- give Clay lots of footrubs from us, and tell him we miss him. Get some rest yourselves too! Let us know if you need anything.
    Leslie, Davina, Landon and Lillie

  4. I have to admit that I was worried about today. That's a lot to put a little guy through. Your news is heartwarming and very encouraging - this kid is tough! The first week is almost behind you. Thank you for the daily updates!

    love, Marcus Shanda Caden Colby

  5. I thought of Clay a lot today - I'm glad all went well. I had to hide my tears as I watched the kindergartners at recess - Kids should always be that carefree... Hope next week is a healing week for Clay and his family too!

  6. We are so glad things went well for Clay yesterday, and we will continue to pray for him, for his doctors, and for you and Deidra and the boys. Clay is such a sweet boy...and apparently he's pretty tough, too! We so enjoyed getting to know him last fall at the Thunder games. I pray that all of you continue to stay strong; you know that God loves you and will take care of that precious little boy of yours. Please, if there is ANYTHING your Thunder friends can do for you or the boys, let us know. Mom and Dad, take care of yourselves and get some rest!
    Patti and Chance

  7. So glad to hear that Fri. went well. Clay is obviously a strong little fighter....And you Mom and Dad....take care and stay have so many pulling for all of you.
    Ronny, LaQueta and Ryan White

  8. We don't know your family, but have walked the burn road. We are praying for you fervently and Dr. Purdue and his staff are truly some of the best burn docs in the nation. His skills are tremendous, his heart is even better. May God wrap His arms around you all and know that so very many of us are lifting you up to Him.

    Mel and Brian Birdwell

  9. Great news. I am so glad you have Dr. Purdue. He is great and what I call "our kinda guy". I know you feel this will be forever. You will be amazed what little Clay can do as far as recovery. Be sure to take care of yourselves. We pray that everything goes well.
    Laurie Tinney and family

  10. Happy to hear Clay is holding his own. I am devistated for you and wish you strength through it all.

    The poem was beautiful.

    Hang in there little Clay.

  11. We are so happy to hear that Clay did wonderful during all of his surgeries yesterday! We know it was a long long day for all of you! We were so happy to get up this morning and find this awesome update! We said lots and lots of prayers for each of you yesterday! Hope you can all build up some strength and get some rest this next week.

    We are so glad that you shared this wonderful poem with us! Mr. Burch did a wonderful job as always!

    My mom comes to Dallas at least once each months for chemo at Dallas Presbyterian Hospital so if there is ever anything we can bring or do let us know! Email me at anytime if we can help in any way!

  12. You are all in our thoughts and prayers... We will do anything to help... We love all of you!
    Kelly, Reno and girls

  13. Our hearts are soft yet heavy because the love of a parent goes so deep...we truly feel for you and yet can't begin to understand the fight you all are fighting! We are great cheerleaders and thankful for a united family in truth that can encourage, inspire and PRAY for our brethren! May you find many promising moments that warm your heart and lighten the burden as we walk beside you through this!
    Our love and care! JD and Lisa Williams (WY)

  14. Thank you for the update and we are so glad the second surgery is over. We think of you all and can't imagine what you are going through. I know this week has been a long week for you, and we hope this coming week will be a healing one. He is a tough little fella and hope he keeps fighting. You all stay strong. Bruce & Edna Bassett

  15. I'm glad to hear he is doing well. I think of him often and my son and I talk about it as well. We lived on the 6th floor for a few weeks and the staff there are so wonderful. Don't know if they still do it but after a point maybe he can get wagon rides around the hall. They gave my son a toy each day. It is so hard not to get to hold the little one, especially when they reach their arms out for you. I was touched by Lee Wileys poem, he always does such a great job at those.
    I look foward each day to reading an update. There's so many family fans out here that are pulling for you and keeping you in thoughts and prayers. If y'all ever need anything or want to talk about the recovery and therapy process don't hesitate to email me. Have a blessed day. Becky

  16. You continue to be in our thoughts and prayers constantly. Keep up the fight little Clay. He is an amazing little boy who will fight all the way. God continues to be at your side and will give you the strength to get through this. We love you all and are here for you.

    Jay, Brandie, Porter, and Peyton

  17. Touching poem! :) Clay is strong!! Each of you are so strong!! It is also touching to see how many peolple love your family. Keep your faith.

    Praying always!

    Brad Wades

  18. Our dear family, We were so happy to have your positive update on our little fellow. That poem was so beautiful. We too know that little Clay will be back home. He is a little fighter. Hugs to all of you from Kansas. Stan and Helen Chipperfield.

  19. What a beautiful poem - though hard to read through tears. Clay has so many people praying for him and his family; it makes us realize again God is so good! We think of you all as we get ready for Canyon Special Meeting tomorrow. We hope this next week will be a time of healing for his little body and for the spirits and hearts of his family. With all our love, Pam & Dawn

  20. We are so glad to hear that everything went well with the surgery yesterday and that Clay is continuing to improve. We continue to pray for you all and hope that the next week will be another week of continued healing. Thank you for the updates and stay strong. We love you guys.
    Clark, Shannon, Karina, and Brandon

  21. We were so glad to hear that Clay's last surgery went well. It sounds like he has a great team working with him. As a resp therapist, I know that having a trach tube can be scary but it is essential at this time. As his body gets stronger and the healing process continues the trach tube will be able to come out. We pray that God continues to hold Clay in his hands during all his upcoming surgeries. We pray that God gives you guys the strength you need to move forward in this new journey of your life. This is one of those paths God creates for you to walk down. Nobody knows the exact reason behind it but always know that if God brings you to it, He will bring you through it as well. Don't lose the FAITH or HOPE in this trying time and know that if there is anything any of us can do for you, all you have to do is ask...and sometimes you don't even have to ask!! Emma says that she can't wait to see Clay again...she misses him greeting her at preschool with that big smile he has. Stay strong and we will be praying for all of you.
    With all our love
    Steve, Paige and Emma Scott

  22. It is good to hear the good news! There is a lot of strength in and around Clay. We will continue to hold you all in our thoughts and prayers.

    The poem is beautiful and touching.

    Shawn,Sheila,Clayton,Cheyenne,& Conway

  23. We think of you folks and especially Clay, we wish you the best and a speedy recovery.

    Preston and Janey Wood

  24. Our hearts are filled with love and care for Clay and all who love him. What a wonderful poem! We don't know you but when one member of the body suffers, we all do! May God give you all the strength for what still lies ahead and may His love heal and soothe.

    Royce Kesselring Family from Central Illinois

  25. We loved reading those wonderful words of comfort and our hearts say "Amen". God's people will be together in the morning praying for you sweet little one.

  26. Chance and DD, we're thinking of you guys as always. So glad to hear that Friday went well. We had our "going away" party here today, but the real focus of the gathering was little Clay. You would be amazed at the outpouring of care, thoughts and prayers from our little group of friends here in IN. I hate that we can't all be there with you guys, but please know that not an hour passes that we're not thinking of you. Take care of each other for Clay's sake. He has the best looking out for him. Stay close to the One that is looking out for you too. We love y'all dearly. We are open all hours. Please let us know if there is ANYTHING we can do. Your brother - Grady.

  27. Chance, DeeDee, and Boys,
    Glad for all of you that things went so good for Clay yesterday. Ya'll are still in our thoughts and prayers.
    With all our love,
    Bob & Tammy

  28. I miss you so much, Clay! Chance and DD, please kiss his toes for me :) I feel disconnected to it all now that I am back home and it's killing me! My heart still aches and it was very, very difficult leaving yesterday. I wish I could be in 2 places at once. The poem you posted, Chance, was beautiful. More tears down my cheeks. lots of love to y'all and tell Clay that Aunt Jenae loves him!

  29. Even though we don't know you or little Clay (I only ran across this because I know Davina Coker), I just want Clay's family to know that you all are in our thoughts and prayers. We live in Oregon, so praying is not the "only" thing we can do, it's the best thing! So, know one more family is pulling for Clay and thinking of the family and how tired and worried you must be. Stay sounds like you already have a pretty strong little buckaroo.
    Steve & Lorri Rickman
    Kamille & Keanna

  30. Praise God! We are keeping you in our prayers and thoughts! Thanks for the update and we wish the very best.


  31. What a lovely poem. My sister in Sweeden posted your blog as something wonderful to read and it is. Though I've probably never met your family it seems we are family the world over. Thanks for sharing our thought will be with your family from western NE. Jeanne & Floyd Ogden

  32. Chance,
    It put a smile in my heart when you posted Clay liked the pillow...he truly is a SUPER SATR! I have a request and can not get in touch with you except through the blog. Please contact me at your lesure (no rush) at 817-692-8741 or via email
    We continue to lift Clay in our prayers!
    your friend,