Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Mistake about Blood Drive in Olney

Due to a mixup of information, there will not be blood drives in Olney in March through the Red Cross. The ONLY blood bank that people can donate to is the Carter Blood Bank! The hospital where Clay is does not work with the Red Cross Blood Centers from what I have been told. Please remember that. To those of you who are out of the area to donate blood: there will be a website posted on here about how to send donations of money or whatever as soon as I can get it. This is all new and there are mistakes being made, so sorry if we have confused any of you.

We will hope to have a blood drive in Olney at some point so we will keep you posted for a later date! Thanks so much


  1. You are doing a fine job coordinating all of this. You have taken on a lot. I am going to check with my Carter Blood Center and I will make sure that the donation is tagged for Clay. I am going to recruit my friends too! The Blood Center is very convenient for us! May God bless you during this difficult time.

  2. First of all thank you Jenae for keeping this up for all of us that are far away. We just want Chance and DeeDee to know we love them and are praying for them and the boys constantly.