Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Clay's Surgery

Clay made it through the day today with no problems. He is scheduled to have the first of many surgeries on Tuesday morning at 10 a.m. It will be a surgery to do skin grafts on his back. The whole procedure will be done with him lying on his stomach. We are told that any surgery done to the torso area cannot have a tournequet (sp?...I cannot think of how to spell it correctly!) so there will be a significant amount of bleeding. This is why the blood donations are so important! If he makes it through this surgery without any huge setbacks then they will do a tracheotomy and maybe some more skin grafts on his arm and shoulder on Friday morning.

Chance and Deidra want everyone to know how much they appreciate the outpouring of support from everyone! They cannot say thanks enough. Thanks for everyone's kindness, love, prayers, thoughts, emotional support, hugs, tears, calls, visits, and all that has been brought to the hospital. Thanks to those of you in the Olney area that are doing things to help out at the house: feeding the livestock, taking care of the boys, etc. They are so lucky to have a wide group of wonderful people willing to give their all to help. Hugs to all of you and pray that all goes smoothly!


  1. I just received a link to your blog from one of the friends and my heart and prayers go out to this young man and his family. You're good to keep all updated. Thank you and we'll be checking in and seeing if there is anything we can do from afar.

  2. Clay we're praying for you today that God will keep you strong to get through your first surgery. We love you!
    Linc,Kristine,Kade, and Grace

  3. We are praying for all of you each day. Our class, GHS Class of 1988, is also praying for you guys and thinking of you. We have notified everyone that we could to add Clay and all of you to our church prayer lists and to send you love and protection. God will protect you and keep you strong. Would love to help in anyway and will let everyone know about blood drives as well. Thank you so much for keeping us updated! Thinking of you and praying prayers of strength and healing!!!!!!!
    Matt, Kandy, Izzy and Ford Maberry

  4. We are so worried and feel so helpless over here. We will anxiously await news of the surgery today. We love you all so much and are praying still.
    Chuck, Lori, and the boys.

  5. Clay we are praying for you!
    Reggie, Aaron & Cade

  6. We love all 5 of you Fite family! We will continue praying for a full recovery and comfort for all during this time. Chance and Dee Dee, you are amazing parents to great kids.
    Sending you healing thoughts, prayers, and lots of love.
    Cody, Brooke, and Boys

  7. If surgery is on time, it's about a half hour away now, and my thoughts are w/ y'all. Love, Susie

  8. We are so sorry this has happened to little Clay! Our love, thoughts and prayers are with all of you this morning. We will help in ANY way we can.
    Chris & Wayne Hartley

  9. Our thoughts and prayers are with the entire family! We are praying for wisdom for the doctors and nurses, strength for Clay, and unbelieveable patience, perseverance, and strength for Chance and Dee Dee!!

  10. Even though we have never met, I wanted to let you know that your family is in our thoughts and prayers today.
    Darren, Jenny & Emma Kesselring (friends from IL)

  11. We love you guys. Clay is a little fighter and God will give all of you the strength you need to get through this. Our thoughts and prayers are with you constantly. Peyton asks us about "her" Clay daily. We are here is anything is needed. Thank you so much for this wonderful blog so we can feel like we are right there with you, cheering Clay on every minute.
    We love you all,
    Jay, Brandie, Porter, and Peyton