Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Email Account Hacked!!!

Dee Dee's hotmail email account was hacked and is in the process of being closed. If you have Dee Dee in your contact list, please go in and block/delete the old address. We are in the process of creating her a new email account. Some of you have received bogus emails from Dee Dee's hacked account. Please just disregard them. If you need to contact the Fites, you can still email Dee Dee's sister, Jenae, at the email address posted in a previous blog. Thank you for all of your continued prayers and support!


  1. Dear Clay, I wanted to send you a get well picture. I made it today in school. My mommy doesn't know how to post it on here, so you can go to my blog and see it there. My mommy put it on there today. I hope you feel better. I was burnt last year and I know it hurts real bad. I am all better now. SO, real soon you will be all better too! I love you, Annie. Oh, I am 5 too.

  2. Oh I forgot to put our address, it is:
    Bye! Annie

  3. Dear Clay,
    I have been praying for you everyday. Carson tells me everyday how you are getting better. I'll come see you during spring break. Cody came and told me how much you are moving and he is very excited.
    Love, Victoria