Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, February 23

This is my first time to post a blog, so please bear with me. Chance & Jenae have posted prior to today, & now I have to learn how to do this. Clay had a pretty active day! He is moving his arms and legs some. The nurses lessen his sedation, if possible, so he can respond to us before we visit.
When we walked into his room this morning and said "Good morning", he lifted his arms and and opened his mouth. I look forward to the day when I can hold him in my arms. After our 6:00 am visit, he caused some excitement when his breathing tube came loose. He was moving too much. He really tries to move when we talk to him.
On another visit today, Grandma was going to read him a book and he started raising his arms and legs and trying to open his eyes and would have responded if he could have talked. The nurse said, "Calm down Clay and relax! Grandma is going to read you a book! Do you want Grandma to read you a book?" He nodded yes! She put more "calming" medicine in to keep him from getting too active. It's nice to know that "Clay" is under there somewhere :-)!
The doctor came in the waiting room today and said he was moving this week's surgery up from Friday to Wednesday. He said he was pleased with his right hand and he was pleased with his right arm. When asked what he was going to do surgery on, he said since his right arm was doing so well he thought he would work on it.
We usually try to talk to Clay to get some response out of him and to reassure him that he will be okay. Today we sang to him a lot trying to calm him down! :-) The doctors will check his chest/stomach in the morning from his surgery last Friday. We will know tomorrow how well his skin grafts are doing in that area.
Before I post this, I just want to say "Thank You." Words cannot express our thankfulness. During the past 10 days, we have experienced emotions that are beyond words. The outpouring of love, support, concern & kindness is overwhelming. Thank you from the depths of our hearts!


  1. I am following your blog. I am not from Olney, but have driven through more times than I can count going to and from Lubbock. I live in Plano now. My family lived at Parkland two summers ago with a family crisis of our own. My heart goes out to all of you. I cannot imagine what you are going through.

    However, Our Heavenly Father knows. He is faithful and just. He will never leave you nor forsake you (Joshua 1:5). He is our great Physician. All of you are in my prayers. I'm so glad to hear that Clay is progressing so well.

  2. What good news for Monday! We are glad for the progress, and feel your need and ache to just hold Clay. We hope that day will come soon. Our hearts and prayers continue to be with you and your family; our thoughts and conversations go your way often in a day. May this continue to be a good week for Clay, and you, his family.

  3. I was given your son's blog and asked to be interceding for him, which I most definitely will.
    First I would like to share another website with you that you may find gives added support to all your needs and opens up a variety of possibilities for you to keep updates posted, but also to enable family and friends from around the world to respond at any time.
    The web site I am speaking of is If this does not link you to them just Google CaringBridge. It is simple to locate them and get connected and connected in.
    Father GOD, right now I come in agreement with this family, with these parents and ask YOU Father to heal this child from inside to the outside, and from head to toe.
    GOD, I pray that Heaven invades his body, health, pain, infections, and any other sickness, disease or need that has or may arise! I pray that YOUR will be established right now, in JESUS name, and that YOUR will begin to take root and birth total healing and restoration within his little body. In JESUS Name I speak and loose healing and bind up anything that might hinder, harm or have risen against this child LORD. YOUR WORD says that ANYTHING we might bind or loose on earth shall be also bound or loosed in Heaven and I am standing now upon this promise in TOTAL faith GOD. YOUR WORD is YES and AMEN and that tells me it is already established.
    I praise YOU for the wondrous works you are doing over, upon and through this little child FATHER, and I am believing that mighty plans and purposes that this baby was created for are weighing upon your heart and mind as YOU minister over and into his body. Only YOU truly know the plans and purposes You have created Clay for, and Father, I am fully believing YOU the POTTER, will once again take this child and reform him with YOUR hands, molding him and reforming even his very skin, nerves, fibers; right down to his blood supplies to any injured areas. Just like his name GOD, Clay, might YOU use him today for ALL YOUR Glory and Glories yet to come.
    In JESUS Name, I decree that Heaven has visited you today sweet little Clay, and that the WILL of your mighty FATHER in Heaven has been released, thus binding up anything that needs binding, and loosing all manners of healing, love, peace, joy, smiles and laughter galore to warm your heart, but also to warm your parents and GOD's heart, and loosing HIS MIGHTY arms of POWER to give anything that you might need, including the ministering to your pain. I pray that HE removes the pain as well as HE heals your little body. I also pray that you are not left without any scars, but that you might have one, so as to recount the power of GOD's love for you and all the ways HE is and will show up for you through this.
    GOD bless you baby and I pray Father that you would also release an added measure of peace upon these parents and Clay's other family. Restructure them and enable their batteries to be refreshed, but only this time might they know peace and joy unmeasurable as YOU fill them up. Invade their territory GOD and loose abounding love upon them as YOU also release the same upon their baby. They need an extra measure of those arms of Yours PAPA, so I pray they encounter YOU like never before.
    Thank YOU for all the provision and love Father, and IN the Mighty Name of JESUS YOUR precious SON I pray in faith and believe YOU this child, AMEN.

  4. DD-- So glad you guys are doing okay! It's good to hear from you. We are praying and praying and know God will answer our prayers. Please let us know if we can do ANYthing to help. We love you!
    Kelly and family

  5. We continue to lift Clay and all of you up in prayer. It is great news to hear that Clay is stronger than the doctors expected. We will especially be in prayer for Clay's surgery tomorrow and pray that the Lord will direct the doctors and nurses during this time.

    Dear Lord, please also be with Chance and DeeDee as they wait for news. Amen

    Butch & Carol Willis

  6. I would think wiggly is a very good sign. You all are in our constant thoughts and prayers. Also Michelle said that they had the blood drive for Clay at Century 21 Mike Bowman in Grapevine, Tx went pretty good today. Michelle didn't have the exact count but thinks she will find that out sometime tomorrow. I totally believe in miracles because God gave me a few and I'm hoping you get the same. God Bells. Sincerely, Debbie, Randy, Stevie, and Rusty Wells

  7. That last post should say God Bless instead of Bells. I'm sorry I'm not a blogger. I never even read one until this one. Anyway, you all are tops on our prayer list.

  8. Dee Dee and heart is smiling for you all, though tears of joy stream down my face! What a joy it is to hear of how great Clay is doing! I am just so thrilled. What a great reminder that God is GREAT!!! We will continue to pray for healing, as well as strength and peace for you two, as well as for Carson and Cody! I hope that Cody had a great birthday!!

    Leigh Pollock

  9. Dear Deedee,Chance,Clay,and family,
    I don't know exactly where to start. My daughter who is now 5 was burned last year. She had 22% of her body burnt when she fell into a washtub of boiling salsa. (we are Baptist missionaries and live in Mexico)Although her burns were bad, it sounds like Clay is worse. So I can't say I know how you feel, exactly, but I can relate to many of the fears/worries/anxiety that you are feeling. I was at the hospital around burn victims for about 3 weeks and I do know that sometimes when it seems you can't imagine how you will live through this, God in His awesome power will get you through each hard, difficult,and scarey day! I promise! Wiggly IS GREAT!!
    Although our daughter is now better, I remember very clearly those first days/weeks and months. I will be following this every day and you will be prayed for EVERY DAY! My daughter is very concerned about Clay. She is sitting here with me and she REALLY understands what little Clay is going through. You now have one of the most powerful prayer warriors in all the world praying for your son! Her name is Annie. We love you! Greg, Missy, Jerod, Alex and Annie Wood
    (friends of Brenda Cargile)

  10. We are so thankful that God is answering prayers and that the reports are good. Clay is such a little fighter!!! We are also thinking of your entire family and we want you to know that you are in our thoughts and prayers.

    Sam and Carolyn Wade

  11. I meant to say Happy Birthday to Cody!So, Happy Birthday Cody! Hope it was a great day for you!
    Love the Wood family

  12. DeeDee & Chance, Thanks for keeping us posted on Clay. You guys are in our in every thought and prayer.

    Melissa, Doug, Steph & Claire Belew
    Lawrenceville, GA

  13. I just wanted to let you know that I am praying for Clay and all the family daily. I was linked to your blog through Caleb Larson's care page, via Brandi. We are missionaries in Tirane, Albania, so just now that there are prayers going up for your family all around the world. May God be with you through your tough times.

  14. Dee Dee, It is so good hearing from you! We are so thankful Clay is progressing so well! He is an amazing boy, what else should we expect! You all are in our thoughts & prayers every minute of the day. I know all you want to do is hold your baby, but know that day is coming soon! We miss seeing you all at home in Olney, but we know you all will be home together soon! Please let me know if there is anything we can do, anything at all! Take care & stay strong! Sending all our love!

    Crystal, Matt, Desiree', & Courtney Davidson

  15. Dear DeeDee, Chance and family,
    WE are praying for you. We are so excited that God is answering. May he keep you all in his powerful hand and continue to carry you in his wings.
    Dawn Riley, OES