Tuesday, February 24, 2009

February 24, 2009

This is Jenae filling in for DD-she is completely exhausted and can't think clearly. Let's hope she gets plenty of rest tonight!

Well, we made it through another day!

Today the nurse came in and asked Clay to give her a "high 5". He gave her a "low 5" instead. He was able to raise his whole arm, but not very high :)

Granny Martha (Jenae's mother-in-law) was in with him this morning and squeezed his foot. She said, "I...(squeeze)...love (squeeze)...you (squeeze), Clay! She then said, "Can you hear me, Clay? and his little toes went wiggle, wiggle, wiggle!

They took the bandages off the chest area today to check on the grafts that were done last Friday. It took 1 and 1/2 hrs to remove the bandages! Once removed, they discovered that the chest grafts took 80-90%. So...that was great news!

Clay was restless at one point today. Grandma Joy was in there and asked him, "Clay, do you hurt? and he shook his head, "No". Then, she asked, "Are you hot?" and he nodded, "Yes", so she fanned him with the blanket he had on him. He has run a fever off and on today. His little body is sure working overtime to heal!

When momma is in the room and telling him that she is getting all his sugar and giving him lots of kisses, he turns his head towards her. He knows his momma! :)

He is still breathing with the help of the respirator.

Clay is having surgery Wed. morning at 8 a.m. He is the only burn ICU surgery scheduled that day. The doctors will do skin grafts on his right hand and his right arm. We pray that it all goes well!


  1. GREAT news!!! I'm So happy to hear this update!!! Keep fighting little Clay!! We're continually thinking of the entire family!!

  2. DeeDee, Hope you got some rest!! Hang in there friend!! Still praying and here if you need anything! Love to hear Clay's good news!!

    Love to you all !!

  3. Each day brings good news and it's just an affirmation that prayer is a mighty source of power. DeeDee - hope you get some rest; we know it's hard to leave Clay's side, but you have to take care of you, too. He is surrounded by so much love and love goes across the sky from all parts to your locale. Take care and we'll continue to pray. Dawn & Pam

  4. DeeDee I will continue to pray for Clay and the medicla team that will be working with him today. I will also lift you up so that you may find rest in HIS arms. Chance, COdy, and Carson I will also ask that God will place His loving arms around you three since you are away form the rest of your family. What a blessing to have loving grandparents. May God bless you all
    We Love you , Jason, Nicole, and the Boys

  5. It is so wonderful to know that Clay is responding to his family. The power of prayer is working! God speed to little Clay!

  6. We will be thinking of Clay today as we do everyday. If all is on time he is going through surgery now. We are thankful the grafts are taking so well, and pray that he will heal completely. We are thankful the Dr.s and nurses have so much knowledge in sitations like this. We don't forget the higher power that is watching over all. Take care of yourselves that you can have the strength to face each day. Our sp. mtg. is tonight at Tulia and we look forward to that. Much love to all of you. Bruce and Edna Bassett

  7. Dear Deedee,Chance,Clay,and family,
    I don't know exactly where to start. My daughter who is now 5 was burned last year. She had 22% of her body burnt when she fell into a washtub of boiling salsa. (we are Baptist missionaries and live in Mexico)Although her burns were bad, it sounds like Clay is worse. So I can't say I know how you feel, exactly, but I can relate to many of the fears/worries/anxiety that you are feeling. I was at the hospital around burn victims for about 3 weeks and I do know that sometimes when it seems you can't imagine how you will live through this, God in His awesome power will get you through each hard, difficult,and scarey day! I promise! Although our daughter is now better, I remember very clearly those first days/weeks and months. I will be following this every day and you will be prayed for EVERY DAY! My daughter is very concerned about Clay. She is sitting here with me and she REALLY understands what little Clay is going through. You now have one of the most powerful prayer warriors in all the world praying for your son! Her name is Annie. We love you! Greg, Missy, Jerod, Alex and Annie Wood
    (friends of Brenda Cargile)I posted this yesterday but posted it on the wrong day, so I am trying again.

  8. How Awesome to have such a loving extended family. DD I hope you are able to take care of yourself.We will continue to pray for little Clay today during his surgery. I also love the t-shirts.


  9. Thinking of y'all today (and every day!) and wanted to let you know it. So thankful for each update and the good news they bring. Love & hugs, Susie

  10. Great to hear he is responding. Just remember how much you want to hold and hug him, he is wanting the same. We are so glad everything is progressing so well! Continue to pray for Clay and the other boys and you guys as well. Take care and get some rest.
    The Ricketts

  11. How wonderful to hear he is responding to everything asked of him. DeeDee please get some rest because you need to keep strong for Clay. Hope surgery today goes well. Not a moment goes by we don't think and pray for yall. Kirstyn sends hugs to Miss Dee Dee.
    God Bless
    The Kirbys

  12. Clay has found a spot in my heart and he is in my prayers. I'm praying, too, for the whole family - I cannot imagine what you're going through. May God give Clay and each of you the courage, strength, and grace needed for each new day.

  13. Chance & family, My thoughts & prayers are with you all in this time of need. May God give you all the strength & love your hearts can hold. I will be praying for Carson, Cody, & especially Clay. I can't put into words to know how each of you feel at this very tough time in your lives. May God richly bless each & every one of you. Chance, just wanted to let you know that you & I graduated together in 1988..Take care of each other..Dina Buckner Rauma along with my husband Joseph & our children Joel, Chloe, Joseph, & Kendall..