Friday, June 5, 2009

Friday, June 5

Hello to all. First of all, we want to thank you again for all your prayers and encouraging words. We would have loved to respond to everyone who posted on Clay's blog (over the past months); but, our days were long and our nights were short. To the ones we have never met, we would love to meet you all someday. To the ones we know, we would love to see you sometime. You all have touched our hearts in so many ways and we are grateful. I hope that you all will get the chance to meet our boys someday.
I see more clearly why God needs us to be childlike. Clay's spirit through this experience has been truly amazing. I learn more from him everyday and am thankful for the spirit of a child.
He had a busy day with his therapists, his bath, and his playtime. :-) Chance and I will be taking a CPR class tomorrow. Uncle Justin will stay with him all day. Grandma and Cody made it to Grandma's house safely and Carson is with some friends in Olney. Clay will just hang out at the hospital over the weekend and be discharged sometime on Monday. We will be here each day, next week, for outpatient therapy. I'm headed back to the hospital to be with Chance & Clay. We will continue to post on Clay's progress.

With heartfelt thanks to all ~ Chance, Deidra, Carson, Cody, and Clay


  1. Oh, Happy Day to hear news of him going home on Monday. Alot of new experiences, but you can all go through it together, hand in hand. Thanks for keeping us all posted.

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  3. We are so thankful for your good news. Feel like we love you even though we've never met. Continued good days to Clay and your family. And thank you for being so faithful in keeping up to date with your journey. It was very encouraging.

  4. I only know of you through the blog, but feel that I know you personally. You have a wonderful family and have been faced with an experience that will make you grow in so many ways. Our thoughts and prayers are with you. Thank you so much for taking the time each day to post to the blog. I often go through the day wondering how Clay is doing. I hope you will post from time to time after Clay is home to let us know how he is doing.
    Your friends from NC,
    The Stark family.

  5. Our hearts are so happy to know the long awaited day of dismissal is at hand. Everyone has expressed the feelings we all share so about letting Clay be the leader in these new steps you all face. I feel just reading about him that I have learned some new lessons about childlikeness and why God loves to see it in his children. It'a a real heartwarming picture to think of the five of you together again. Thanks again for keeping us all so well informed but if it ever gets burdensome, don't feel like it's something else you "have" to do. With tender care and love from NE

  6. We are so happy that Clay has made such great progress and will be going home!!! You have been on quite a roller coaster these last months, but thankful for the steadying influence & help from ABOVE and in whose hands you can trust. We hope for continued good progress in Clay's recovery and will look forward to your updates. Your family has become very special to us! Keep cheer and keep on keeping on! Hugs to your boys. With care from your NH friends, Kent & Sharon Chappell

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  8. Going home--what glorious news!!!!! We will continue to hold all of you up to our Father and pray for His continued blessings on you.

    Butch and Carol Willis Graham, TX

  9. So very glad to hear that Clay has made it to this point! Such wonderful words-- "Home"!
    Hope all will continue to progress well!

  10. We have sat on the sidelines waiting for such great news. The Moslah Shriners are here for you at some point if needed.

    Clay is set up to be part of the great Shriner organization if you find that you would need our help.

    At anytime we would meet with Chance and family to discuss futures under NO obligation to the Fite family.

    PA Smith
    Fort Worth, TX

  11. Precious Fite family, I am so glad for Monday to be happening...Clay is going home! I know he has had a good taste of home since he got out of ICU and had a more relaxed atmosphere. But home will be best...more secure for all of you I think. Through this tragedy, you all have been a blessing to so many of us and helped build our faith stronger. Love and prayers continue to speed your way. Carolyn

  12. We have been away from the blog for a few days ... wow, so much wonderful news! We are so happy for Clay and know that the Lord will continue to guide you in the days and months ahead. Your family is an ispiration to many.
    God Speed to Clay!

  13. I truly feel as if you are part of my family. I don't think I would have to meet you face to face to know the love you have for eachother. You are all so precious and I have fallen in love with your family. I will continue to pray for each one of you through the next steps of your journey! Love, Missy

  14. What a story of faith you have written. I have been anxious every day to find out the news. Hope to meet you somehow some day. I'm in Idaho, but it may happen. Love and prayers continue for you all. I hope you can still post a bit.

  15. What a blessing has been ours and others which came from such a tragic event. Thanks for your steadfast faith and devotion shown and allowance for us to witness through your blog sharings! Truely this is a living example of God's work to take bad and turn into good. Will continue to pray for your family through the next stages of transition.

    The Snyder's

  16. We are SOOO EXCITED about this news!!! Nothing is impossible with God!!! You will ALL do GREAT!!
    Best Wishes and Lots of LOVE Marvin and Bonnie

  17. YEA CLAY!!! We are so proud of you!! Our family, my 3rd grade classroom and many friends you've never known (including us) are celebrating with you!! When you look in the mirror, we hope you see a very brave boy with a HUGE spirit that has touched so many people. You are a super hero!
    The Pittmans and some more

  18. I am so very Happy for you all! You and your family will remain in my thoughts and prayers.
    Carrie De Leon

  19. I am so happy for you all!! I read each blog even though I don't reply often. Most people share my same words. I want to you y'all the best and hope to meet ya'll someday. Maybe Sean can show Clay how the healed grafts look after several years. We went back and forth to Parkland a few times then started going through North Texas Rehab. They came to Olney to meet us there a few times a week. They helped with any transitions as well. So that is another option if you don't want to drive to Dallas so much.
    If there's ever anything y'all need help with feel free to email me at
    I will continue to check in to see if you've posted. Would love to hear about the progress.
    We've lifted your family in prayer at our Sunday school class and I can't wait to tell them Tommorow that Clay gets to go home!! Amen!

  20. How thoughtful of you to want to respond to each post! Your posts have been answer enough! After your full, full days, and often sleepless nights, we never expected answers!! We all just appreciated your posts, as has been mentioned so often. And...thank you for planning to continue posting! We want to keep up with progress!! :)
    We love the picture of the pain and struggles and the progress, and the child-like spirit, as you mentioned....and now Home!! What a beautiful picture of Life and what we are living for.

  21. We are SO VERY VERY HAPPY for all of you!!! We can imagine the collective sigh of relief once you are reunited as a family in your own home. What a wonderful day that will be. Thank you for always taking the time to let all of us know how all of you are doing. We check on your every single day and when you celebrate, we celebrate, when you are struggling, we pray. Our hearts are full, knowing that you are all having a mountaintop experience right now. Hug your precious boys for us and tell them we are giving them all THUMBS UP from Nebraska

  22. To celebrate this joyous occassion, Randy said that we could give you all a free kitten. Our cat looks like she swallowed a cantaloupe and it it should be anytime now. However, I went ahead and wrote you something, just in case you pass on the kittens.

    Discharge Day

    You came through the doors barely hanging on, yet you are leaving holding your own.
    It has been a rough ride with many close calls, but you finally get to go home.
    So go forth with no fear. The world is yours to win, and you have got a really good start.
    You won't go alone, for as you go you carry a piece of our hearts.
    Be proud of yourself and all you have done, but mostly know that you are loved.
    As you leave out those doors, we all give thanks to our wonderous God above.
    When you look in the mirror, I hope that you see the miracle that God has sent.
    Your courage and will as you continue to heal, shows that miracle was very well spent.

  23. I can just say, "Ditto, ditto, ditto, ditto....." to all the other comments....but I do want to thank "pomuffin" for the beautiful touching poem about Discharge Day!!! Wow!! I love it. I think of you constantly DeeDee, Chance, Carson, Cody and Clay. So happy to hear the day has come for the big return home!
    Love, hugs, and prayers!!

  24. We love y'all and have thought of you so much throughout this experience. I know you're not at the 'end of the road' yet, but so thankful this milestone has been reached. Many thoughts & prayers continue to be w/ you all. Love, Susie

  25. We have just come home from convention here in Ontari. So happy to hear that Clay is going home. You are surely so very pleased with that news. We're hoping and praying that the nausea and vomiting has improved for your brave little man. Sure hope that you continue the updates from home too. Your courage inspires us all.