Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Tuesday, June 16th

Clay had a busy first day of freedom. He had two separate therapy sessions and a picnic lunch in between. During his first appointment with occupational therapy they did very little except measure the different range of motions he had in his arms, hands, neck, face, etc. He had quite an audience for his first trip back to the hospital. His mother parked in the covered parking and they walked across the sky walk to the hospital. Mom told Clay that this is where we had been parking for 4 months. It was a long walk for Clay and he wore down quickly. He slept pretty good last night but he is still a little restless and it is hard for him to get comfortable. After his first appointment his cousins, brother, aunt, and grandma were all waiting for him and they went back to the Ronald McDonald house and met some of our ministers for a picnic lunch in the shade. Once again Clay enjoyed the Cheetos. The appointment after lunch was supposed to be with physical therapy but they had him set up for wound care instead. This was unnecessary but they scrubbed Clay's head until he started to cry to earn their money. He has very little wound care and it is something that we can easily take care of so they said we did not need anymore appointments with them. He came back to the RMDH and played a bit but then he realized how tired he was and when I visited with Deidra at 7:30 he was sleeping soundly. We are so very thankful that Clay is out and we continue to pray for his healing. We are happy and nervous at the same time but we are looking and hoping for continued good days for Clay. Thanks to all and good night.


  1. We are so glad to see your post tonight. We were a little worried you would stop once he was "free." The fresh air must be fabulous for Clay and for all of you too. We continue to pray for all of you and our thoughts go your way very frequently.

    From Omaha...The Schmer's

  2. Still have internet! Just wanted you to know I am thrilled you had a great first day of freedom! Still praying! Love, MIssy

  3. Thank you so much for the post. I loved hearing about Clay's first day of freedom. He must have loved the picnic and probably noticed a lot of things he hadn't seen for four months. I am so happy for all of you. I do understand your mixed emotions of being happy but nervous at the same time. I have been in that spot also. I had a broken arm from our incident so I really felt helpless when we came home. We have great sons and daughters-in-law who were a great help! Constantly thinking of you!

    Love, megahugs and prayers!


  4. Yipee! I'm so happy and excited for you all! Keep up the good work Clay!

  5. We are so pleased with Clay's first "free" day. Hopefully, the restlessness will subside soon. We can hardly wait to see this little guy out and about. Many more good days lie ahead for Clay and family - more picnics and more play-time, which can be theraputic in more ways than physical. Love you all, Dawn & Pam

  6. I told Hunter he was out. She was so excited. She can't wait until he comes home to Olney. I pray that everything still goes well for him. Love ya!

  7. Hip Hip Horay! So glad to hear that Clay is out and doing so good! Keep up the good work, Clay!
    Thinking of you and praying.
    The Stark Family

  8. We are so excited that Clay is "out and about", so to speak. God is sooo good -- we are rejoicing in Him and for your family. We hope you have many more good days and will ALL be home soon.

    Patti and Chance Hornsey

  9. We are SO happy for all of you! We think of ya'll everyday and pray for peace and healing.

    With our continued love,
    Chris, Bambi, Mia and Ryder Barrett