Saturday, June 13, 2009

Saturday, June 13th

Good evening to all. This is Chance in Dallas. Clay is hooked up, feed tube, IV, humidified room air. All of the above does not make for a very restful nights sleep. Hard to go back to all of this stuff when we felt we had left it behind. They are taking blood twice a day to make sure his numbers are coming back up. They are still giving some potassium. He had a pretty good day today. He went to the playroom a couple of times, once on his bike and twice on foot. I had the opportunity to pull the trach today. I was amazed at the size of the hole in his throat. It is tiny. If things continue as they are we are looking at discharge Monday and outpatient therapy the rest of the week. We are excited about the prospect and hope he continues to improve. We had several visitors today and this past week and all were appreciated. Clay seems to have wrapped several of the therapist and nurses around his finger and they all stop in to visit from time to time. Tomorrow marks the 4 month anniversary of the accident and Clay has come along way. We are thankful for the doctors, nurses, friends, and family that have helped Clay make it back to here.


  1. I hope the vomiting is subsiding?? Still praying for God to give you the strength for whatever comes your way. Have a restful night

  2. Back home from Abilene and praying for a very peaceful night for Clay. What a champion that little fellow is! Love, Carolyn

  3. I am praying that Monday will be THE day! I know you are all so ready for a change of scenery and a good nights rest! I am praying. I am still on night duty. He must be needin' it, because I have been up quite a bit at night lately. So, trust me when I say, I AM praying!! ;o) Love to you all !! Missy

  4. A third of this year spent in Parkland.... and yet the gift of Clay is worth each moment spent! Hope things continue to improve now that the doctors seem to understand better what the cause is, they should be able to eventually get the upper hand. Thinking and praying for Clay and Family!

    Gary and Jeanne' Snyder

  5. Well, I just first want to remind you of who I am... I am Amy me and my mom Regina met you guys at the hospital when our cousin Lacretia was burned back at the beginning of March... I just want you guys to know that we have not forgotten your family and that precious little boy of yours.. remember my mom said that she kept remembering his name by being Clay that Jesus being the potter and forming his little body back again... the more I think of that I really think it is so awesome that God knows us so well that he knows the turmoil and heartache that we will experience and I believe he had so much to do with the name you chose to give your precious boy the day he was born and how it could relate to his life now. Just know that we think about you all so much and continue to pray for you as parents and that precious child as he contines to heal so miraculously... Good luck to you all and if you ever need anything you can reach us at or if for some reason you stop the blogging maybe you can give us a periodic update on him.. In him, Amy Airhart

  6. Dear Fite family,

    So glad to hear that the cause of vomiting has been resolved. We think of all of you so often and you are in our prayers. We love to read the posts. We hope that your family is soon united at home and that you can find your new "normal".

    With much love and care,

    Nancy, Carlos, Christopher and Ryan Solisz
    Glen Rose, TX