Thursday, June 4, 2009

Thursday, June 4th

Hello to all. This is Chance posting from Olney. Clay had a busy day. He was fitted for his new pressure mask and received a new smaller trach tube. He was given some medication before being fitted for the mask. It hit him as he was riding his tricycle back to his room and he could not make his legs peddle any further. Deidra went to the tank with him for his bath and she was told it was time for her to learn how to give it. She did and I bet Clay enjoyed having Mom as his bath nurse. The doctors placed some numbing medicine on some granulation tissue around his trach. After it took effect, they coated the tissue with silver nitrate to remove the unwanted skin. The child life specialist visited with Clay for a long time today. She let him look in a mirror for the first time. She and Mom had explained the grafts and when Clay had the first look at his face he really started doing the stretching exercises. That is a pretty brave testimony. Clay went up to the 10th floor to see the helicopter landing pad. His Mom told him they would have to sneak him on the elevator so his nurses wouldn't know he had left the sixth floor. He thought this was a grand game and said, "Hurry Mom" and "Close doors close." He was excited by every meal today and embraced whatever was served. Clay's Aunt and cousin are staying with him tonight. Grandma and Cody are headed to South Texas tomorrow and we will spend the weekend anticipating Clay's discharge. We appreciate all of the kindness that has been shown the Fites and hope that Clay can continue to touch hearts everywhere.


  1. I have been away from my computer for a bit...and it is so wonderful to read of Clay's progress and the anticipation of going home! Awesome to read of his bravery, appetite, and playfulness increasing. You all continue to inspire us! The light at the end of the tunnel is now before you and shining bright! We are joyful with you!!
    Love to you all,
    The Vallery family

  2. We are so happy for you all and hope Clay continues to improve. It will be good to see Joy again. Maybe you can all come down before too long. Our Love Us 2

  3. I am so happy that the day you have waited for over 100 days is almost upon you. I know that Clay will enjoy sleeping in his own bed and that seeing familiar things around him will even relax and comfort him more...OR excite him more! What a joy it will be to him....and you all. People all around will pet and love him. And I hope that Carson and Cody get the petting along with Clay. They are a team....three sweet boys. I am happy for you all and my prayers will be for harmony as Clay experiences life at home again and visiting with familiar family and friends. My prayers won't stop just because you are going home. You will be surrounded by prayers from many and up lifted daily...and there will be those of us on the "night shift" too, right Missy? And we will all continue to agree in prayer for each of you five. Please keep up the blog and let us know how things are going so we will continue to know how to pray specifically. Love to you, Carolyn

  4. I'm so glad you're hearing the word "home" even though it means so many more adjustments and changes and new experiences to come. To be together again as a family will be so sweet. I hope we'll someday meet this little guy and his brothers and parents that have won our hearts by sharing the toughest experience of their lives with us. Keep healing and stretching, Clay.

  5. Carolyn said it, you don't have to worry about us stopping the prayers! I will definitely keep praying until you tell me to stop. I remember when Annie started getting a little better I was a little scared to tell people that because I thought people would stop praying. Well... you don't have to worry about that with me! I will keep on keepin'on! Some things may get easier and some may get harder, but God will be with you each step of the way! Promise! Love hearing about all these new firsts! Love to you all! Missy

  6. I agree with ourtinydot that the Fite Family Five have won all our hearts. DeeDee and Dana, you won mine when you were both in my 3rd grade class XXXXX years ago and now you all are keeping it fed with a new era...your parenting years. I want to keep that up. It has been so wonderful praying with all you good people out there in God's world, as well. I thank Him for bringing us all together to rally around Chance and DeeDee and we will keep it up. I'd love to meet all of you. May God bless you all as you have blessed Clay and Chance and DeeDee with your prayers and encouragement. If I ever need it, I want you all you guys with your prayers to surround me too. Our God is an awesome God and He reigns today as He did yesterday and will tomorrow. Aren't we all thankful for His love, His patience, diligence, healing....and His faithfulness to us. Thank you Chance and DeeDee for your undying love for Christ and your faithfulness to Him and your diligence to stand on His word. He goes home from the Hospital with you. Aren't we glad?

  7. Good evening Fite Family:

    How wonderful, yet how scary this healing stages can be. Thoughts and prayers continue to be uplifted for emotional and physical health on behalf of each of you. I think burns are difficult to "look past" because most of us have suffered a burn or two ourselves. We understand the associated physical pains of even a mild or small burn, so when I see a person with skin grafts it hurts me to immagine what the pain must have been for the person.

    As mentioned before, Olney is a very good town and I found the students to be very tolerant of differences in others when I worked for the schools there. I know that events like the One Arm Dove Hunt and the pancake supper that charges according to the number of fingers a person has are examples of how the town imbraces individual difference with acceptance and "no big deal" attitude.
    Clay will do better and better, is my prediction!

    Jeanne' and Gary

  8. We think Clay is such a strong boy!! He has a wonderful spirit and we just love your whole family to peices. You have really been strong and we know it has been your faith that has carried you this far. We are thankful for your faithful example through this storm. We will continue praying and thinking of you every day!

    Love in Christ,

    Wade Family

  9. How many tears and emotions must have filled you yesterday, DeeDee, from being scared to your heart just being full of love and pride for Clay when he looked in the mirror and started stretching his mouth. He will be your strength so often as he continues to heal and accept his challenges. Along with others, we feel your challenges in the days ahead, but are thankful that God has promised Strength, and as we have kept up with your story, it has been so evident that Strength has been there, along with Comfort and Love. May this continue to be your portion as these days unfold. Our hearts continue to be with you and your beautiful little family. Hugs.....

  10. So great to hear the wonderful news! Clay is such an inspiration to us all. We can't wait for you all to be home.
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  11. You have all been in my thoughts and prayers. Thank you for keeping us up to date with Clay's progress. I love following your blog.
    Love and Hugs From your friend Melissa Gardner in Alaska

  12. I was thinking about how the first hundred days of a president and what has been accomplished are always talked about so much ..... but Clay has accomplished sooo much more in his hundred days than any president even!

    There is nothing like a little child is there!!! Clay's reaction to seeing his face is so inspiring!! Jesus has asked us to be child-like and what an example of the spirit of a little child Clay has been through all of this but especially when he saw his face in the mirror!!! As I have gotten older I think I am far too often childish instead of child-like. This has given me some wonderful things to meditate on!

    I, too, am hoping you will be able to blog often to let us know how Clay and all of you are doing but I also know your life will be busier than ever with all the care Clay will require ....and going back and forth for the therapy is very exhausting all by itself! We will be very thankful for whatever time you may have, short as it may be, to let us know how things are going. Again I send my love and hugs and prayers!

    You will always be on my mind and hope to meet you some day down the road!