Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Wednesday, June 24th

Good Morning. I have had several request for an update. Clay and Deidra are back in Dallas all week for outpatient therapy. DeeDee's aunt Lorna Powell is staying with them. It is a big help to have someone to drop them off and help watch Clay because we are not comfortable with him out of our sight. He is doing a combination of physical and occupational therapy. It is all hard work but I hope he realizes it is for his benefit in the long run. They are doing a series of cast on his right hand. The grafts on this hand are contracting and this is pulling the fingers up. The cast are working the skin down so he can eventually make a fist with his right hand. With the right hand in a cast and not much use of his left he is hard pressed to do much without help. One thing he has been doing a lot of lately is eating. Apparently he is trying to make up for four months worth of missed meals. He eats about every thirty minutes and seems like he needs snacks in between. We are happy to see this appetite and try to accommodate all request. We have contacted the North Texas Rehab Hospital in Wichita Falls. We would like to get a portion of his therapy done in Wichita because he could stay at home and make the short trip back and forth easily. We will still go into Parkland for burn clinic and consultations on his therapy. Cody is in South Texas at his grandparents and is scheduled to return at the end of the week. Carson spent the first two days of the week with Clay in Dallas but is back in Olney to prepare for the Little League All Star Tournament. Having Clay at home all weekend spoiled us all. He and Mom were not ready to go back to Dallas and I was not ready for them to leave. Hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer. Take Care.


  1. so glad to hear from you all! I know your household is busy and thanks for taking the time to let us know how Clay is progressing. We're thrilled his appetite is back....yea!!
    Good Luck to Carson and his All Star team, and
    we will be praying for Clay's continuing recovery. He is such an inspiration.

    hugs and love from Austin to the Fite family :))

  2. Thanks so much for the update. So glad Clay is doing as well as he is. Do hope you can get the therapy in Wichita Falls, there is nothing like home.Good luck to Carson and his team in All Stars. Dalin has an All Star tournament this weekend also.You remain in our thoughts and prayers and know we love you all. Arlin and Karen

  3. Fite Family, I have been keeping up with Clay since short after you started this page. I have been praying for him and your family. It is wonderful he is able to eat and keep it down. I know it has been up and down for him and your family but with faith it will all work out. Our prayers are still with Clay and your family.
    Tonya and Jeff Dobrinski (Oklahoma)

  4. Thanks Chance, I am glad the chocolate cake did the trick in getting you to post us something. (Even though all I had to do was walk across the building to hear good news.) As i said this morning, I was having withdrawl of not having my daily blog update. Wonderful, wonderful for you all. Hope God's plan continues to work for you all. Love Carlita P.

  5. So glad someone,(or chocolate cake) got you to post! I, too was having withdrawls! I am still praying and hoping that Clay is enjoying some type of "normal" life! I will continue to pray that his therapy goes well and now I will pray that his therapy can be done closer to home. Love you all! Missy

  6. Glad for the update, and we hope his hand will be in working condition before long. Thankful, as along with others that he is eating, you may not be able to fill him up now.

    A lot of miles could be saved if you are able to get his therapy in Wichita Falls, it would be so much closer.

    Good days to your family. B&E

  7. Chance, thank you sooo much for this post! I check often but I totally understand how busy you all are. Thankfully, home is the best therapy of all for all of you! I love to hear about Clay's BIG appetite. My mom started me out in life on two-hour feedings and I don't think I ever stopped that routine!! Now I am paying for it and need to really, really cut back so I'm jealous that he gets to eat so often! LOL I understand about therapy and not only Clay will be worn out but so will mom and whoever is helping -- it is such an exhausting thing to just keep up with the schedule. I'll stop here before this becomes a full-fledged epistle! I am just so happy to hear about how everyone's days are going.

    Love, megahugs and prayers!
    Rena (California)

  8. We have been missing the updates this week but are glad for the update today. Clay has become a daily household thought and love. Keep on keeping on, all of you!!

  9. Wow... how amazing and a true miracle little Clay is... I remember meeting you guys in the icu waiting room back at the beginning of March when my cousin LaCretia was a patient there as well... We watched the Fites with admiration for the strength that they showed and the image of God they possessed as they ministered to so many families there as you did to mine.... I am so happy for all of you guys and know that God will continue to bless your family with Clay continuing to heal and many many wondrful years with your precious boys... we will continue to pray for you daily and look forward to all of your updates on that little angel of yours as God continues to heal him so miraculously... as God said, I know he is looking down on the 2 of you and saying well down my good and faithful servant... You guys are awesome and your boys are very lucky to have you guys as there parents. Amy Airhart @

  10. Withdrawals here, too!!, but so glad that you can return to at least some resemblance of normalcy again. We know that no news is good news, and that is a great thing!!!! Thank you for this update...we hope for good therapy closer to you, too! In the meantime, we are thankful that healing and progress continue. Thinking of all of you lots!!

  11. What good reports! Hopefully Clay and Dee Dee will be back in Olney and resting in their own beds....Isn't that alway a great feeling?
    Would Home Health be an option for some of his therapies? Just a thought as I am sure driving is tiring for everyone.

    Keep up the good work Clay and family!

    Jeanne and Gary Snyder

  12. So glad to hear the last update and to hear that Clay is doing so well. A good appetite will help in the healing process so that is great to hear. We would like to hear occasional updates to know that the process is continuing as it should. Thanks again.

    Don & Loretta Carlson
    Winnipeg MB Canada

  13. I hope you all are having a great weekend. God bless your wonderful famiy.
    I know the posting is a time away from your kids, but we love hearing reports ...good or we can pray specifically for needs.
    Love to you all, Carolyn

  14. A friend told me about a speaker that came to his church recently that had been a burn victim of the 9-11-01 Pentagon terrorist attack. He said that his message was awesome and sent me to his website. As soon as I read what this man's ministry is all about, I knew I had to forward the link to your family. Maybe they can help in some way. The link is I hope this helps and am so glad that Clay is out of the hospital and doing much better. He has been on our prayer list since the accident. God bless!