Monday, March 9, 2009

March 9, 2009 Monday

Good evening everyone...Jenae again (typing as DeeDee dictates the day to me)! Today was a busy day for Clay! The first two visits this morning Clay was sleeping very soundly. On the third visit of the day, we walked in and Clay was sitting up in a special chair (reclines and is like a "bed chair", if you will). That was neat to see. After lunch we were getting our gowns, masks, and hair covers on and the doors to the ICU opened. There was Clay being rolled out of his room in a wagon! He didn't look too comfortable, but it was great to see him out of the bed. Grandma and I got to pull him around the Burn ICU. He was looking around at all of his surroundings. It's quite a thing that he's at this point. Once back in his room, the physical therapist worked on stretching his little legs. As painful as it was, they stood him up on his feet for a brief moment. His special "boots" (or foot braces) were placed on his feet to keep the muscles in his calves stretched properly. Mom and Grandma are allowed to feed him ice during the day. He really loves it! Grandma told him to look at the cup when he wanted a piece of ice. DeeDee was reading him a book this afternoon and he kept glancing at the ice cup, saying with his eyes, "Give me another piece, please!" That was cute! Later in the day he was sleeping off and on. He is just worn out! He does cry a lot because of the pain. DeeDee can't wait for the day when he can talk to them and tell them where he hurts. It's hard for a mom to see her child hurting and not be able to help. Chance and DeeDee are extremely grateful for all the support, prayers, blood donations, monetary donations, food, etc. Thank you!

P.S. There have been several people, who in years past have been in the Burn ICU. They take time out of their busy schedules to come to the hospital and tell their stories and visit the families of the patients in the burn ICU. This is very interesting and very inspirational for all of us to meet them, hear them, see them now and know what they have overcome. Thank you! DeeDee and Chance express their deepest thanks again.


  1. It is amazing to me that although I have never met you, you are all on my mind all throughout the day. God places you on my heart at least 20-30 times a day. Each time no matter where I am or what I am doing, I stop and pray for Clay.

    Tonight we had our Monday night church with our Indian group, here in Mexico. The speak an Indian language. Well, tonight Clay was lifted up to our Heavenly Father in a language you and I don't understand. They prayed that sweet little Clay would heal well and that his hand would be a miracle hand! They understand burns very well, many were there when our Annie fell into boiling salsa. So, Clay is now the one they will be praying for! Just thought I would share with you all that many people love you and are praying! Love from Mexico, The Wood family

  2. What a special little boy!! I'm sure the PT and OT have fallen in love with him (and his parents/family)!

    With all of our love and prayers,

    Chris, Bambi, Mia and Ryder Barrett

  3. Thoughts going your way again. Below is another message from my mom (who did a 'stint' in a burn unit while in nursing school). Love, Susie

    Dear Ones, I have again asked Susie to post for me as I cannot seem to get the hang of writing on the 'blog'. I read the latest daily and get a bit of a picture of it all. I feel your pain and suffering, your tears, worries and joys over each little step of progress. It is a long long road. Be kind to yourselves. Get YOUR rest and eat right. Clay needs you to stay well and strong. But don't be afraid to cry. And remember there is ONE walking beside you, sharing the burden. We know that Jesus loves little children and their parents. I know Clay's little brothers 'hurt' too. Any little thing they can do for Clay will help them to feel they are having a part in helping his recovery. We love you and care oh so much, though we have never met you. Raymond and Linda Block (Susie's Mom and Dad)

  4. Chance, Dee Dee, Carson, Cody and Clay, what a very special family you are. I am proud of each one of you and wish I could just hold you all and wrap you in a warm fuzzy blanket and just rock you and love all of this away. I read the other messages and I realize how many MANY people have turned to God in prayer because of you and I know this will be one of the rewards for what you all have gone through. Someday that will have a more favorable impact, but for now all focus is on three precious boys and their mom and dad. I agree, that tears have to come....mine come as I read each day's progress of Clay's. It is a sad thing and we all feel the pain to some degree. What a little champion Clay is and what a treasure. I'm so sorry you all have had to go through this but I thank you for keeping God at the top of the list and for turning this into a situation that points back to Him with blind trust, faith in Him and Love for God. You are a true example for all of us to follow. I love you dearly and I am so glad to have been a part of your life, Dee Dee when you and Dana were in my classroom and as we were all close to each other. This has really brought you back into my heart and my life for I think of you all many times during the day. I haven't done that to this degree since you were in third grade. But there, again, God is close and pulling us all together to pray for you, so we have all become family through prayer.
    Give my love to Joy and Buster and let them know I think of them as well. You are all so precious to my heart. I love reading about God's handiwork each day as he intervenes.
    God bless you hourly and keep His hand upon all of you.
    Love you more than ever,

  5. Good Morning Everyone!! Before I go to work in Nipigon Hospital I want to say: "Keep up the GREAT Work you little Fiter" Love to all. Bonnie & Marvin

  6. Love to hear good news about Clay!! Your Family is so special to us and we think of each of you daily!! We love yall !!

    Praying always

  7. Each day when I read the blog and see the progress this little guy has made, it brings tears to my eyes. His strength and the determination of the Burn ICU staff and the support and care of his parents is such a beautiful picture. Being out of his room, even for just a few minutes had to be one of the most rewarding times for his family. I know they are looking forward to the day when he is running around - and the day seems so much closer. Love you all, Dawn & Pam

  8. How wonderful it must have been for you both to see Clay riding in a wagon!! You are all in our thoughts and prayers all day...
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan

  9. I loved to hear that Clay could look at the glass and let you know when he needed more! Such great progress- ya'll our in our continued prayers!

    The Woods Family
    Quanah, TX

  10. Just know that we continue to lift you all up in prayer!! When you can't pray, know we will be praying for you!

    Let us hold fast the confession of our hope without wavering, for He who promised IS faithful. Hebrews 10:23
    love the Cochran family

  11. "Thinking of you again, with love~" It is just amazing how many lives little Clay has touched and what an inspiration ALL of you have been!! I often think of Cody and Carson and how they have seemed to remain 'strong' in spite of everything. I understand how important it is to be a 'family' together and separation is NEVER an easy thing, much less under this condition! So happy to hear that, however slow, progress is being made! We talk of you often!!
    Our love~ Marilyn and the rest of the tribe~ <3

  12. We are so proud of you Clay! I loved the part where he looks at the cup for more ice chips. That is too precious. I hope what I type make sense because I cry when I type from reading everyones comments plus the progress your little fiter is making. Keep up the good work Clay! Stay strong mom and dad that is what Clay feeds off of! Continually praying..
    Love and Prayers,
    Chris, Stephanie, Kirstyn and Emma Kirby

  13. From California: I feel so fortunate to be able to follow Clay's progress on your blog. I am thrilled to hear of the progress he is making. Oh, how I understand what your days are like and I think of each of you all the time. This will be all for tonight. Love to you all.