Thursday, March 12, 2009

Thursday March 12th

Good evening to all. Clay had a day of rest after surgery. He was even allowed to skip physical therapy because of the new grafts on his arm and below his belt. He seemed to be in pretty good spirits although he is still quite thirsty. He has a feeding tube that is bridled into his nose, this tube appears to be very uncomfortable and he is always wrinkling his nose up and down trying to scratch where it itches. Mom and I both try to help him but we are never sure we are scratching the right place. He was placed in the wagon after his 11:00 dressing change. When we came back at 2:00 for the visit the door to his room was opened and several of the nurses were gathered around. Our alarm quickly faded when we got down to his room and realized what was going on. There is one other child in the Burn ICU he was brought in the same night as Clay and they are both the same age. His name is Kermit Maxwell. We are pretty sure Kermit and Clay will be big buddies before this experience ends. Anyway, Kermit and Clay were both in their respective wagons and the music therapist had his guitar and was playing and singing for both boys. The occupational therapist was taking the opportunity to have them both move their hands and work on motor skill exercises while the music was played and all the nurses were their audience. We enjoyed seeing both boys, and are sure they were happy to see another child in an adult world. The remainder of the day was spent in rest. Clay was placed back in bed and promptly went to sleep. Mom went to Olney this afternoon to sleep in her own bed and straighten out the house. Thanks to everyone. Please keep Clay in your thoughts and especially your prayers. Good Night


  1. The music therapy sounded awesome!!
    Now Marvin will play you:" Good night Clay" on the guitar--you are SOO Sleepy now!!! XOXO M&B

  2. Every day God speaks to my heart about something different in your lives. Some days it is about Clay's pain and itching, some days it is about his thirst, some days it is for Carson and Cody and many days it is for mom and dad and how hard this is on both of you. However, most days it is for his left hand. I don't know why, but today it was all of the above! I hope you all have a very restful night, and that you will be blessed once again to see Clay and Kermit playing together very soon. I will now add Kermit to my prayers! Love from Mexico! The Wood family

  3. We are so glad to hear about Clay's progress. Every night Victoria asks, " how is Clay today?" or "what did Clay do today?". Thank you for sharing your daily progress and continued prayer concerns. We think about all of you daily and will continue to lift you all up in prayer.
    The Parkey Family

  4. How great for both of those boys to find a friend right now! I hope they are both in better spirits and now we will all be thinking of Kermit too...

  5. Still Praying for more good things!!
    The Darrow's
    Linc,Kristine,Kade and Grace

  6. God always knows when to lighten up Clay's spirit by bringing another little boy around. I bet the music therapist was awesome with playing his guitar. I bet Clay loved every minute of that. Continually praying...
    Love and Prayers,
    Chris, Stephanie, Kirstyn, and Emma Kirby

  7. Great news. It is amazing what things we sometimes take for granted become such an important and uplifting thing. Progess seems to be coming. Just know that everything will be right in your lives soon. Everyone is praying for all of you. Best Wishes!

  8. It is always great to have a buddy! I believe Clay has found his. Everyday has a bright spot.
    Keeping you in our thoughts.
    Love and hugs,
    Dan, Twyla, Clem & Cordelle

  9. Hoping the weekend may be one for all of the family to get some rest! Thanks for your deligence in keeping the posts coming. You inspire so many and we are greatful.
    The Snyder's

  10. From California: That makes me think of the time my husband went up for a check-up (He had to travel for two hours to the burn center and usually went on the train in the last weeks when he was in the last stages of that part of the medical follow-up). While in the waiting room he observed a little boy, maybe 4 or so, who had the compression garments on his arms and he saw an adult patient in the waiting room who had compression garments on his face. He noticed these two because the little boy went over to the adult and patted him on the arm and was saying, "It'll be okay. I'll be okay." That gave us more big squeezes to our hearts and tears in our eyes. The little boy and the adult may have had an age span between them but they were both on the same page and understood each other. I am soooo thrilled to hear about Kermit! They will understand each other and can help each other! Isn't that awesome!!!
    Our love and prayers, The Costons

  11. What a great day for Clay - rest, a new friend, music. It also gives us one more little guy to add to our prayers. I think you are right, Clay and Kermit will become great friends. Going through some of the same tests and trials, they could comfort and encourage each other. It could also form a bond and friendship for the parents. Glad DeeDee got to sleep in her own bed, we know Cody and Carson were glad to have her for a little while. Keep encouraged! Love you, Dawn & Pam

  12. It is wonderful to read of continued progress!!...and now a friend for Clay to share his experience with! :) You all would feel so stretched as parents; thankful for Strength that comes when needed. We've sent many "thought hugs" from our corner...; you all are never far away in that regard. We continue to cheer progress from here.

  13. The Texas Shriners are there for You!

    Does Clay have a favorite Baseball Player or that is on the Texas Rangers?


    PA Smith
    Fort Worth, TX

  14. Hello, I am the paramedic that brought Kermit and his two brothers from their housefire to Dell Children's Hospital on Valentine's Day. Kermit was flown to Parkland that same afternoon. I found your blog while searching for updates on Kermit. Thanks for including the info on Kermit. I'm glad to hear he is starting to get better and has another child to be with him.

    Best wishes for the continued recovery of your child.