Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday, March 2

Hello wonderful friends & family! I hope you all know that this has been good therapy for us to talk about Clay's progress each day. Today was a busy day for little Clay. According to our night nurse, Clay had a good night last night. Then, it was time to get to work today. Clay was breathing on his own, without the help of the respirator, for about 9 hours today. The occupational therapist and the physical therapist are encouraging & helping Clay exercise his muscles. During one visiting hour, the occupational therapist was exercising his arms and fingers. During the next visiting hour, the physical therapist was exercising his legs and feet. The therapists were so pleased because Clay was so cooperative (this makes their job much easier). He got an ice chip as a reward and it looked like they had given him a big scoop of ice cream! They encouraged us to exercise him during our visits. During our evening visit, Mom decided to exercise his fingers once more. Clay shook his head "No", as if to say "I've had enough exercise for one day." Mom was going to rub some lotion on his legs and once again he shook his head. We let him rest! He did like having his little nose scratched though. He was wiggling it like a bunny rabbit. Mom welcomes any excuse to touch him! One last thing; Clay even tried to get out of bed today. The nurses convinced him to stay put for the time being.
To future visitors: We have found a nice, quiet waiting room on the 5th floor. If you do not find us in the 6th floor waiting room, we will be one floor down. Keep us in your prayers & thanks again for your support!


  1. DeeDee & Chance,
    Praise the Lord that Clay is progressing so well. I'm glad to hear he wants to get out of that bed that he has been lying in forever. He's a fighter, which is good because it makes his recovery smoother and faster..which seems that is what he is wanting. God is truly an awesome God. Stay strong because God is by yourside and Clays.
    Love and Prayers,
    The Kirby Family

  2. So glad things went better today. Sounds like he is really doing good. We are always anxious to hear any progress. Our thoughts and prayers continue with you all. We love you much, Arlin and Karen

  3. Great to be off of the vent for so long! I used to cry as a nurse when working with burned children pts. I know that this is a nightmare for you parents/family. Sounds like Clay is fighting to get well.

  4. DeeDee, Chance~ Thinking of you every day, following Clay's the bright little guy in that smile & those eyes though we don't know him, confident that that strong spirit will pull him through. Praying too, love from Colorado, Wes and Rachelle (Rice) Atkinson

  5. Chance & DeeDee,
    It was soooo good to see you 2 yesterday and now to read of the super progress that Clay is making! Y'all are amazing and our hearts are "in it" with you. Our thoughts are with you continually - we'll see you soon!
    Russ and Judy Rosehill

  6. Clay what a great job you did today! I can't wait to come see you this weekend. This morning I got up at 5:45 to bake pies for your bake sale at the bank. I took them out of the oven went to work out. Well when I got home I called the bank to make sure it was starting at 10:00 and guess what I was confused and the bake sale isn't till Friday. That was okay because I sold one pie at workout and Sherry Perry had already sold the other two. I love to bake so Friday I will have another batch ready. Tell your Mom,Dad, and brothers we love them!!Still Praying
    The Darrow's

  7. Chance & DeeDee,
    It is so good to hear the awesome progress that little Clay is making. We think about you guys each and every day. I can only imagine how you guys are feeling today and everyday that Clay makes even a little progress.WOW God is Great! We continue to pray for all of you guys everyday. Hope you have a good day with little Clay tomorrow.

    Goodnight and God bless,
    The Todd Estridge Family

  8. God is an awesome God who loves you very much little Clay, DeeDee, Chance, Carson, and Cody. So glad to hear you had a better day today. Each day will get better and better. You are an amazing little trooper Clay Fite. Nothing will stand in your way. Peyton and Porter pray for you and Peyton can't wait to run and play with you - it will be here before you know it with your strength and determination.
    We love you all,
    Jay, Brandie, Porter, and Peyton

  9. We are so excited to hear about the day you had. Each day we pray you will get better and better and each day we hear that God is answering our prayers! YAY!! We are making you a CD to send to you and we really love making it for you. We hope you will like it! Annie said to tell you that God kissed your booboos a lot today. She says everytime someone prays He kisses your booboos. So, you will definitely get better soon! We love you! We love you!! The Wood family, in Mexico

  10. Dear Chance Dee Dee and three sweet boys Carson, Cody and Clay, I think of you daily and pray for you and I know that with so many people meeting through prayers God is working diligently like Little Annie from Mexico kiss all your booboos. When God Kisses booboos they get well...with or without a doctor. You obviously have the best doctors God could summons for your care. I'm so glad they answered His call...a long time ago.
    Tonia Burden and I talk about you every day and just know that prayers continually go up for you from South Texas area.
    God bless you and hold you softly in His wonderful healing hands,
    Carolyn Nelson

  11. I just thought of something else I want to say. You know, we hear how Clay has progressed so rapidly, and a lot of us are praying. Do you realize that with every graft Clay's little body accepts and starts more healing in more places, we all get some corrective surgery as is called a "faith lift". Clays healing increases our faith to a higher level. We actually see the Hand of God at work, and even though we all "believe" it is so encouraging to "You need not fight in this battle, station yourselves, stand still and see the salvation of God on your behalf...Do not fear or be dismayed, tomorrow go out to face them for the Lord is with you." This scripture was hanging over my head and I just felt like it should be shared with you." Stand on His Word. He is trust worthy and love you more than we can fathom.

  12. Chance & DeeDee - it is so wonderful to see glimpses of Clay's determination. From trying to open his eyes and now trying to get out of bed. What a wonderful example to those of us watching his progress from afar. I love the comment about the "Faith Lift" - something for which we could all pray. Love to you again, Dawn & Pam

  13. Good morning,
    We are watching and thinking about you from our home here in Canada. Our good friends, Stan and Helen Chipperfield wrote about your accident, we have been following and seem to know you. It is heart-wrenching to think of you and Clay going through this ordeal. We surely do think of you and pray for you. From experience, we know that you will all make it throught.

    Marvin & Bonnie Broughton

  14. SO HAPPY to know that Clay is 'ready to get out of bed!' Know it will be a LONG road for him, but admire the 'ambition' he has!! (And, also admire the STRENGTH all of you have shown through this horrific experience!)So many things we don't understand...but we do know that through each tragic, heartbreaking experience, God helps us understand again that we are mortals and that life may have many sorrows and much pain, which just causes us to 'cleave the more' to that which will bring JOY for ALL OF ETERNITY!! 'Keep on keeping on!!' WE LOVE YOU!

  15. So glad to here of so much progress. Keep up the faith and all the hard work. Your update made my day!!! We all think of you everyday. Miss ya!Love, Becky

  16. Hello-

    I was introduced to your blog by a friend of mine. I'm a member of the Shriners Hospital for Children.

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    I will send you my phone number and we can discuss. I'll be putting the word out on the blog to the Shrine organization to support you
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    Prayers to that little boy. He's a Hero.

    PA Smith
    Ft Worth, TX

  17. Still thinking of you all! Nice to talk with my parents, Al and Jill Russell, about their nice visit with you and DD on Sunday. Wish we could have been there, too! Clay is a "Fiter"!;-) We are thinking of you often and are so encouraged by his progress and desire to "get up".
    Love from your friends from Louisiana,
    Jay, Shauna, Lane, and Bryce Vallery

  18. Chance and DeeDee,
    It was so wonderful to visit with you Sun. It helped us to enter into your difficult situation and picture where you are. You are continually in our thougts and prayers. So glad Clay is healing so well. When we stopped at the Ronald MacDonald House they gave us a tour, What a wonderful place!! So glad it is available for you. We'll see you again soon.
    Al and Jill Russell

  19. So glad to hear that Clay is anxious and ready to take the next step toward getting better. As someone who deals with trachs everyday, I know that that's what it takes to get strong...DETERMINATION!!!! As long as he is willing to move and make the effort he will be one of the ones who heal quickly. He's the type of patient we like to have. Ones who are willing to try anything to get better. It won't be long before he's up and moving. Tell him to keep his strength and his courage for he will need them both. Tell him T-Ball will be starting soon and we will miss him on the ball field. Looking forward to seeing him in Kindergarten in the fall. Emma received her Fite Squad Tshirt today and has already put it on as well as the blue wristband. I have my wristband on my name badge that I wear to work. Already have some sold at work. We were wanting to send a care package to you guys, is there anything special you need or want? Take care and scratch Clay's little nose for us (Emma). Our prayers and thoughts are with you daily.
    Steve, Paige and Emma Scott