Saturday, March 28, 2009

Saturday, March 28th

Good day for Clay with a few ups and downs. Thanks to Liezy for all of the caring attention. Clay was sleeping soundly at 6:00 a.m. this morning when we arrived for the first visit. He was receiving a breathing treatment through his tracha tube. As soon as it finished the respiratory therapist wanted to clean out his airway, this triggered his gag reflex and he was quickly sick at his stomach. What a rough way to start the day. We helped get him cleaned up and he promptly went back to sleep to get a little more rest before his big day really started. At the 8:00 visit the Occupational therapist came in and exercised both of his hands and arms. She then had him do his mouth exercises and finished up by moving his head and neck. He had a good workout and was now ready for his wound care and dressing change. When Deidra and I arrived at 11:00 he was in fresh bandages and the physical therapist were ready to have him take a walk. We helped get him ready and he set on the edge of the bed, and then with Mom's help he walked from his bed down to the end of the Burn ICU. This was the opposite direction from Kermit's room and he was able to look out the 6th floor window and see a sunny blustery day. He did not appear to be very interested in his view of Dallas. We helped him turn and walk back to his room. Upon arrival Dad was treated to a very special moment. The nurse had placed a rocking chair in his room and she said that I could hold Clay in my lap if I wanted. What kind of question was that? I have been wanting to hold him everyday since the evening of February 14th. We hooked him back up to all his monitors and tubes and he sat in my lap for forty or fifty minutes. He had his feet propped up in Mom's lap and she was feeding him a steady dose of ice chips, apple juice, and almond milk. Liezy let us stay an extra hour and hold and interact with him for the entire time. If she had told us we could hold him until midnight we probably would have stayed. We don't know if Clay enjoyed his sitting but we know it did worlds of good for a Mom and Dad that have been needing to hold their little boy for a long time. The rest of his day was pretty uneventful. He was worn out from all of his morning activities and slept through most of the afternoon visits. His Uncle Grady and Aunt Jenae stopped through Dallas on their way south to their new home in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They went into a couple of visits with Clay. The grafts on the back of Clay's head were not completely successful. They do not know what percentage actually adhered but there may have to be some more grafts done in this area. Clay had a busy day and it was quite a milestone for his parents. We are grateful for all of the progress he has made. Carson and Cody spent their day here at the Ronald McDonald House with family. We hope everyone has a good Sunday. Thanks to all.


  1. Wow!!! What great firsts! You will remember that holding maybe even more so than your very first time! How special. Sorry to hear of the neck graft, hopefully some have taken better. That would be a tough area to graph, I would think.
    Hope your family has a good night and a peaceful Sunday.

    The Snyder's

  2. We are so glad you got to hold Clay in your lap, what wonderful news. That would be good medicine for all 3 of you. We are sorry the grafts were not completely successful, but maybe the next one will be. There is a lot of ups and downs isn't there? Sounds like they keep the little fella busy. Much love B&E

  3. This is indeed a big milestone for all three of you. It makes a positive outcome so much more believable for you, Chance and Deidra. Be strong and hang on to the good times. We love you and think of you guys throughout the day. The Mings down the road

  4. I'm so happy for you that you got to hold Clay today! :-) Your sister, Susie

  5. I was so thankful for your news today....I would not have wanted to stop holding him either! :) I worked in an ICU myself today and thoughts kept going your direction. So many little things would remind me of what you all are facing daily. I bet he really sleeps well at night after long days of therapy. I hope you two are sleeping as well. I love and miss you.

  6. I am crying for joy for all of you! What a difference a day can make, huh? You tell Liezy that I will be praying for her too! She sounds like an angel to me! Well,I must say I was counting on better results for his grafts, but, I am still praying that the % is high! Please know we continue to pray for you multiple times a day! I have a feeling that you will all sleep better tonight than you have in a long time!Love you! Missy and family

  7. Our hearts are overflowing with joy! That holding is good for all of you. Our prayers are with you all. Love The Waters Family

  8. Here I am another stranger who was shown your website and asked to pray when the accident first happened...i read the report nightly and usually weep...and then pray...i have four daughters...but tonight i wept and wept tears of joy...i am so happy you got to hold clay...i worked in Haiti at an orphanage with lots of sick children and i was convinced holding kids and just loving them had a great healing affect...the Bible says a good report makes the bones bones are fat tonight!

    we stand with you...

    Ron Fisher
    Mustang, OK

  9. Chance and Dee Dee,
    So glad a emotional milestone was reached today, we are sharing your joy and rejoicing with you tonight!
    We are continuing to pray for Clay's healing and all areas.
    Love you all,
    Cody, Brooke, and Boys

  10. From California: I have been feeling so sad in my mother's heart that you haven't been able to hold Clay. I was soooo happy to hear you got to hold him today. I hope you will be able to hold him often now in these days to come!!
    Love and prayers, Rena Coston

  11. So glad you got to hold Clay. :)

    Love in Christ and praying always.

  12. What a momentous occasion for you all - for Clay to sit in your lap and interact with you - and for an extended period of time, too. Makes tears come to my eyes just thinking of what it must have been like for you all. I think that's how our Heavenly Father would feel when we are able to sit in His presence and be held on His "lap". Love to you all on this Sunday - and hope you have a restful and pleasant day! Dawn & Pam

  13. Chance and Dede what great news. Tears were rolling down my face when I read your update. Finally getting to hold that sweet boy. I'm thanking God for anwsered prayers and letting him know we all have more to come. I hope to come see you next week. Love to all.
    The Darrow's
    Linc,Kristine,Kade and Grace

  14. We were so happy to share in your special moment of holding your little Clay. What a milestone. I can just picture you both there. How wonderful it must of felt to have him there so close. Then you were able to go back to the Ronald McDonald to your other two special little boys. Love you so much.

  15. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! I continue to pray that the God of All Comfort be with you all. Wilma Hogan, Munday

  16. Sounds like some of the bumps in Clay's road are
    starting to smooth out! Just being able to put
    your arms around him. Send love and hugs to all the boys.

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  18. Your message today brought tears to my eyes once again. IF ONLY 'holding and cuddling' our children could make their 'hurt' go away, life would be a miracle in itself~ I can 'picture' the little scene of Clay sitting on Daddy's lap, and his feet in Mom's lap..with her feeding him, and it is so sweet and yet heart wrenching. Just remember, your love reaches out and enfolds Clay (and your other boys) in your arms, even when you are physically unable to do so. <3 We love you!!

  19. Chance and DeeDee,
    I have too anxiously waiting till the day yall got to sit and hold your precious joy. Once I read that I instantly started balling like a baby. I was so overjoyed that yall got to hold him. I too would have held him all night if I could. God is such an AWESOME God! Continually praying...
    Love and prayers,
    Chris, Stephanie, Kirstyn, and Emma Kirby

  20. A short note from across the world in N.Z. Isn't it wonderful how God's people can meet across the miles?

    We are thinking of you all very much. We can do the "night shift" since we are awake when you are asleep.

    We haven't seen an update since April 2nd -- hope all is going well.

    Take care, Bird family