Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Surgery IV March 4th

Hope everyone is having a good night. Clay had his fourth surgery today. He was the second procedure and did not go into the O.R. until about 11:45. He was in surgery about 2 1/2 hours. They worked on a burn on his upper left leg. They took skin from the right to repair the left. We were so encouraged this morning at the 6:00 visit because he looked so good. When he came out of surgery we barely recognized him. They had removed all bandages and performed a debridement (took off the burned portion of skin on his face). Clay has been such a "trooper" through all of his surgeries. He has remained strong. We visited with Dr. Arnoldo after the surgery. There are still areas of concern and more surgeries to come, but we go forth on faith. We are comforted that we can leave it in God's hands.
We'll mention one last thing before we close. The nurse let us come in and be with Clay while they prepared him for his trip to the O.R. He was sleeping peacefully when we entered the room. Dad thought the light was too bright above his head, so the nurse turned the lights down. Clay began to cry, so Mom turned the bright lights back on. Clay fell into a peaceful sleep again. :-) We are heading to bed & hope for peaceful sleep. Our heartfelt thanks to you.


  1. God Bless. Remember that each step you take is a step toward recovery on your long road. Good luck in the days to come.

  2. much love to your entire family!! Thankful for good news!

    praying always :)

  3. So thankful Clay is being such a trooper!! Glad for all the progress but know the road is long ahead. Keep encouraged and know you all remain in our thoughts and prayers.Much Love to you all, Arlin and Karen

  4. Glad the surgery went well today. Slow but steady Clay is coming back to you all. All the prayers are lifting him up. I try to end my night with reading Clay's update and thankyou for keeping us posted. Still Praying!!
    The Darrow's
    Linc,Kristine,Kade and Grace

  5. We can not Thank You enough for sharing your story everyday, I know you are very tired at night. We heard Sunday about how your own
    courage and strength have been a encouragement to all who are around you. So good to hear Clay
    is having good days.
    Love and Hugs,
    Dan, Twyla, Clem & Cordelle

  6. Clay, Hang in there my friend glad to see the progress. Your bravery is making your family stronger every day. I will keep you in my thought and prayers.

    Mike Fraley

  7. Clay certainly is a trooper & a huge fighter!! We'll keep praying & continue to have faith in God. It's so amazing to have One to depend on and who can help us go through storms in life.

  8. When the doctors are encouraged, it is so easy for those of us looking on to be encouraged. I love the picture of Clay wanting the light. It probably made him feel less fearful and less alone! Isn't that true for most of us. We are glad for the positive report of Surgery IV. With such positive results, it encourages the family for what is to come. Our continued love & support, Dawn & Pam

  9. Thanks so much for keeping us posted. Not an hour goes by that we don't think about you guys.

  10. Love and prayers to you all. I am going to be out of town through the weekend, but you will not be out of my heart nor out of my mind and prayers. God bless you, Carolyn

  11. Love you guys!
    Chuck, Lor, Dalin and Mason

  12. It is totally amazing how far Clay has come. We think of all of you constantly. Thanks so much for doing the blog. It brings a little miracle into so many folks lives everyday. A lot of other stuff going on in the world seems to pale in comparison to having the health of our kids. Also thanks for posting the family picture and the Curious George picture. The were adorable and I'm sure pretty much everyone was a little on edge waiting on the surgery results. It let some stress off. For me personally, it also helped because I've been trying to convince my husband that men who love their kids dress up in costumes for them and like it. My husband will be getting a Santa suit and an Easter Bunny suit in the future. I expect him to look as happy wearing them as Chance does in his yellow man suit. Also your whole family has exhibited enormous grace under pressure. We are constantly praying for you guys. God Bless

  13. We are praying for all of you. Thanks for all the updates. Give each other a hug for me. God bless you every second of the day.
    Sherry Livingston

  14. We are sooo happy to hear all of the GOOD news and blessings! We are still praying and know that GOD has his hands on you (Chance and Dee Dee) and on precious little Clay.

    Love you all
    Swen and Jess

  15. The first thing we do every morning is check the blog for a update. Thank you so much! The encouraging news uplifts us all. We wear our bracelets daily and think of you all constantly all day. A little girl in my class came to school this morning with her Fight Squad shirt on and has kept you guys on my mind all morning. We pray for all of you and remember that He has a plan for you all, just hang in there. God Bless,
    The Ricketts

  16. You have the full support from the Shriners Hospital ...we have Cincinnati, St Louis, Fort Worth and list will be growing following the progress.

    PA Smith
    Ft Worth, TX

  17. We are praying everyday for you and will continue. I visited with several friends yesterday and you are on the prayer list for 8 churches here in Plainview and three in Lubbock. We will pray without ceasing!

  18. You are in our thoughts and prayers every minute
    of the day. Just know that God will renew your's
    and Clay's strength like that of an eagle. Although Clay can't drink very much water, just
    know that Jesus is quenching his thirst with the
    living water. Know that we are here for you.
    God bless you.
    Jim and Jan Taylor