Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tuesday, March 17

Hello dear family & friends! Did you wear your green today......or did you get pinched? :-) We did not even think about it until we arrived at the hospital & most of the nurses and therapists were wearing green and tried to pinch us.
Today seemed to be a tiresome day for Clay. He has not been able to keep any foods down. He does have a feed tube; although, the "new" foods introduced through his mouth have come back up. I would estimate that he has had less than a tablespoon of liquids (juice & milk) on his stomach today and it still does not set well with him. He seems to have a lot of phlegm in his throat; in turn, this seems to trigger his gag reflex. This is just what I think. :-) When we tell him what is on his food tray, he just mouths "water, water." It breaks my heart when I have to tell him that they will not let him have water. He does get a few ice chips each day. We were told that we could bring some baby foods to see how he likes them. We are going to try to find some organic baby foods tomorrow.
Carson and Cody were allowed to go into Clay's room today. Cody has been wanting to read Clay a book, and finally got his chance. His brothers read him several books during the 2:00 visit. Clay was sad during this visiting hour. He would have loved to be able to go with his brothers. The occupational therapist and physical therapist said that he did a wonderful job today working with them. He walked again and helped put a small puzzle together. We did not get to see this today, but were told about it. The doctors told us that Clay is the first case for surgery in the morning. They are going to do work on his face. Dad will be here early in the morning. We will be able to see Clay before surgery. We are going to head to bed and say our prayers. Good night and thanks so much again!

With all our heart,
Chance, Deidra, & boys


  1. Carson and Cody- So glad you got to see Clay. Yall are awesome big brothers!! Lots of love and prayers to you all and for surgery tomorrow!!

  2. We will be thinking of you tomorrow and anxiously waiting the news after surgery! So glad the boys were able to see Clay today! We received the boy's Fite Squad t-shirts yesterday and they proudly wore them today, knowing they are supporting little Clay! ;-)
    Hoping and praying with you all,
    The Vallerys (Louisiana)

  3. Prayers, prayers and prayers tonight and tomorrow for all of you Fites! The Mings down the road

  4. I will be praying that he has a better day tomorrow! I know this has to be frustrating for all of you. At last he gets to eat only to not be able to hold it down. :o( Pooey!Well,I just know how better to pray! I will be praying for his surgery and for a really good day! Please tell Cody and Carson that we continue to pray for them too! They haven't been forgotten!! Love to you all! The Wood family

  5. God is still in the miracle business. Have faith and see the glory of the Lord. God really does have great plans for all of you. We are all continually praying and God hasn't gone deaf or has his hand become short that He can't touch and bring what all of you have need of. Love and prayers The Kee family

  6. Thinking about you all everyday. I'm praying for a good surgery in the morning and that my little friend will be able to hold down some real food. We love you all!!
    The Darrow's
    Linc,Kristine,Kade and Grace

  7. It so good to know Carson and Cody both got to be with Clay. Yes, prayers go up for those 2 little guys, too. We pray Clay's surgery on Wednesday goes well and look forward to hearing. We hope the baby food does better for him, as well. Love and prayers go your way, Dawn & Pam

  8. I keep promising myself I will someday read your update without tears. It hasn't worked yet. Your little guys have my heart... all of them... for what they are going through right now. You are in my prayers.

  9. So happy Clay is leaping ahead!! Our hearts and prayers are with you from Canada. Some day, we will meet face to face.

    Marvin and Bonnie

  10. My prayers are with ya'll today!! May this surgery be good!!

    The Woods' Family
    Quanah, TX

  11. Dear Carson and Coby, You are so sweet to read books to your little brother. Remember we all love you very much. Our hearts once again go out to you all there in Dallas. We are thinking of you so often today. You are just so special to include all of us in your updates. Our love to all five, Stan and Helen Chipperfield.

  12. Your posts touch my heart more than you will ever know. Many prayers go up each day for all of you. Your courage in this experience is abundant. Our hearts go out to you and many prayers arise for you.
    Patty Rosehill
    Houston, TX

  13. Thankful prayers tonight...
    So glad the brothers got to be together today!
    Many more prayers of healing and comfort.
    Love you all,
    Brooke and family