Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday, March 30th

Clay had a busy day. He was awake at 6:00 and we visited a little. At the 8:00 visit he tried a little juice to start his day. I tried to stretch his right hand and he was not really willing. The grafted skin is tight over his knuckles and it is pulling the fingers up. We know that this will be true of all the grafted areas and we are trying to prepare for constant stretching battles. Everyone has told us that a burn patent will always seek the position of comfort even though it will make functioning harder. Sounds like the majority of us. Anyway I visited with Clay's occupational therapist about the hand and she came in to have a look. She had been at a conference last week and could quickly see what I was concerned about. She said they might have to cast the hand, but she had another idea that she wanted to try first. Kristen spent several hours working with the hand and made him a new blue splint, (Clay picked the color) and she put small rings around each finger with bands to pull them down and stretch the skin over the top of the hand. It is a pretty neat invention and appears to be doing the job. Thanks. At the 2:00 visit Aunt Kay had arrived from Corpus. She is filling in for Grandma Joy this week. This was her first time to see Clay and I told her the visits were one hour in length and she did not have to stay for the whole thing if she did not want to. We walked out after 2 hours and 20 minutes. We helped Clay walk down to the window. He then made it back to his room where I promptly volunteered to hold him in my lap for a while. I rocked him in the chair for over an hour and Aunt Kay helped with all the little odd jobs that are associated with his care. We knew he was tired from all the activities of the morning but when I placed him back in his bed he asked for a drink and a cartoon. He received a breathing treatment at 5:00 and a new bandage all around his head to prepare his face for surgery. At 7:30 tonight he was sound asleep and had finally run down from a very full day. He is the second procedure on the schedule tomorrow and we will all be here waiting anxiously on the outcome of surgery VIII. I hope everyone had a good Monday. We are thankful for all of the gracious people who have helped us, we are trying to thank everyone personally but if we have missed you, thank you, thank you, thank you. Sincerely, The Fite Family


  1. It must be the best feeling in the world to be able to hold him again. We're glad today was a good day and we, along with countless others, will be thinking of you tomorrow as Clay has another surgery. Hope you are all holding up ok - love, Morgan and Michelle

  2. I was so glad to finally get in to see y'all today. SO GOOD to see Clay walking! Will be thinking of your family tomorrow w/ another surgery to face. Love, Susie

  3. It has been a joy to read all the positive blogs of late. Things are really beginning to progress. Good Luck tomorrow and in the days ahead.


  4. Good Luck tomorrow Little Clay w/ Surgery V111.
    You are doing SOOO Great--Keep it up!!!
    Marvin & Bonnie

  5. Clay we're prying for you tomorrow as you have another surgery. Grace played her first softball game tonight and it was against the Olney Fite squad. All the little girls had your shirts on it was really neat. Prayers should be lifting you up tomorrow and more good things will come.
    We Love you!!
    The Darrow's

  6. As always, I am praying! So glad you are getting some time to hold that sweet boy! love, Missy and family

  7. Fite Family,

    I know you don't know me, but my brother, Brian Hampton, has always been fond of Chance. My parents and my brother have filled us in on Clay, as have others in Olney. I've been keeping up with Clay's progress through his blog. We understand the struggles from day to day, and the meaning of taking it one step at a time, one surgery at a time! Our daughter, Kynlee, was born at 26 weeks gestation. We spent the first three and a half months of her life at Cook Childrens in Ft. Worth. We, too, got to experience the amazing people at the Ronald McDonald House during our stay, and the parents of the other children at Cooks. So many times people would tell us, "God won't give you anything you can't handle", but there were days, many, that we felt so beaten down! God is SO good, and he will see y'all through this! He gave us these precious Miracles for a reason, and one day they will have an amazing testimony! We are praying for Clay and your family!

    Kynlee wears her Fite Squad shirt proudly, even though it's a little big! :)

    God Bless!

    Cynthia (Hampton) Newton

  8. From California: My mother's heart will be there with you tomorrow. Glad to hear all the good news tonight. Holding him has to be the best therapy of all!

    Love and prayers!

  9. God bless all of you as tomorrow's surgery takes place. I know God has His soft and gentle touch all ready and healing on its way for Clay. I agree with Kynlee's parent that Kynlee and Clay and Kermit as well will have a precious testimony that will give many others hope when their's is drained. I'm glad Kay is there. She will be a boost and a breath of fresh air for Joy and you all. Thank you for mentioning her so I know she got there ok. Knowing that she would...God would see to that as well. He knows your needs before you ask.
    Love and prayers,

  10. Our thoughts and prayers will be with you today as Clay goes in for Surgery VIII. He has come so far and we all have to understand the will of this little guy and the strength God provides for him to fight. We look forward to reports of the surgery. Dawn & Pam

  11. So glad to hear alot of positive news lately with Clay's progress!! All of the prayers are working! We'll be thinking of you all as Clay enters into surgery again today. Not a day goes by that we don't think of your family and pray for Clay to be the fighter that he is. Love from WI,
    Jeff & Aleigh Whitehead

  12. Fite Family,

    It is Tuesday morning and we are thinking about Clay (and all of you) today. We will be lifting you up in prayers and anxious to know how surgery goes. Izzy had her first softball game last night and there were a dozen little girls with Fite Squad t-shirts on. It was awesome! You are truly loved and cared about by so many.
    Praying for blessings of healing
    God will lift you up!
    The Maberry Family