Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Surgery VII Tuesday, March 24th

Good evening to all. Clay had a good day with a very caring nurse. Thanks Stephanie. Thanks to all our wonderful nurses in the ICU. Clay was the second surgery this morning. He went in around 9:30 and came up a little before noon. When Dr. Arnoldo came up to see us after the surgery he said they laid Clay on his stomach and used his own skin to graft the back of his head. He was pleased with the procedure and tentatively placed him on the surgery schedule for next Tuesday. Clay came up from the O.R. with a cool new white sock cap. He was a little groggy but he seemed to recover and rested through a little excitement this afternoon. Deidra and I went to eat in the UT Southwestern cafeteria for lunch. On our way back up for the 2:00 visit the fire alarms started flashing. They told everyone in the med school that it was a drill. We quickly walked back to Parkland. When we entered the Parkland building they routed us straight out the front door where we were greeted with 5 Dallas fire trucks with lights flashing. I tried to go upstairs and a policeman quickly turned me around. Apparently there was an electrical fire on the 9th floor that was caused during some maintenance. They had it contained. Deidra and I were more than a little worried at this point. While we were waiting and wandering what was going on, Stephanie (Clay's day nurse) called to say he was fine and everything was under control in the burn ICU. We were grateful for this information and tried to wait patiently until they let us go back up the stairs about an hour later. There was a pretty strong "burned wire" smell, but other than that we could see no damage. Clay was sleeping soundly when we finally arrived and Stephanie said he had been asleep through all of the beeping alarms and excitement. Clay was still sleeping during the evening visits. He woke up a few times and would exercise his little fingers & mouth for us. We know that each surgery is a step of progress. Thank you for all your thoughts & prayers. Have a good night.


  1. We are glad to hear of Clay's progress. May you each get a good night of peaceful rest. We continue to keep you close in our hearts and prayers.

    Shawn, Sheila and family

  2. I am so glad that all went well. Clay has been in our thoughts all day long. The Mings will continue to pray and keep each one of the Fites in our prayers for strength, understanding and healing. It is a long process. But with your strong faith and God's great love nothing is impossible. Love from down the road. The Mings

  3. So glad it went well. I spoke with Jeana this morning about their visit. Please know that we are still praying in Happy for all of you.

  4. So glad to hear things went well for Clay this surgery. It appears things are moving in the right direction. God is still holding him for you and getting him through these hard times. Please be patient and try not to be scared. The mucus coming through the trach I'm sure sounds scary and looks frightening, but I know first hand dealing with trachs on a daily basis that that's normal to some extent. Just like when we cough the mucus goes somewhere...with Clay having a trach it comes out the hole. It is a blessing that he can cough a lot of that up and it will make a person gag very easily. Just know that all this will eventually go away as he gets stronger. We think about you all everyday and hope and pray that all continues to go well. Take care and tell Clay that Emma says Hi!!!

  5. So glad to hear that the surgery went well...we have been thinking about you and Clay all day. How interesting that he was able to sleep through all the alarms! Marcus Smith family

  6. Glad to hear you had a good day! You deserved a good day! I was feeling kinda sick today about the same time those alarms were going off. Whenever I am feeling sick or one of my kids is feeling sick, I pray for Clay while I am praying for them. So, I guess me feeling sick was God's 911 call to pray for all of you! So, that is what I did! Glad it all turned out okay! Hope that today's restful day will bring a really wonderful day for all tomorrow! Annie says she thinks Clay will look cute in his sock cap! She saw many of those.Loving you through Him! The Wood family

  7. We admire both of you and your love for your children.

    With our love and prayers,
    Chris, Bambi, Mia and Ryder Barrett

  8. We have thought of Clay and your family all day. Glad to hear the good news. Wish we could do more to help.

    Stay strong,
    Brad, Lesha, Trace, and Trevin Coker

  9. From California: Your whole family has never left my mind and heart today. I am sooo glad the comment above explained about the trach and the mucus because I have been sooo worried about that and now I understand better and feel better and I am sure you do too.

    Our love and prayers continue!

  10. We are pleased with the report, as we know you are; and we are glad Clay was resting. Rest is a necessary element of the healing process. We'll keep you in our prayers for another good day and more progress. Love to you all, Dawn & Pam

  11. We, too, are glad for progress again! Our thoughts and hearts went your way as we knew Clay faced this surgery. So glad that it went well! We will be thinking of you today...

  12. God love his little heart. He is such a trooper going through all of these surgeries. My heart really goes out to each of you and our familiy keeps your family in our prayers, especially Clay.
    We eagerly await your blog entry each day to see how Clay is doing...
    Stay Strong. The Southerland Family, Austin, Tx.

  13. I am just a friend of a friend... I am so grateful that you take the time to update this journal daily. I read it and pray for your family and the doctors. You have an amazing family. God Bless You. God Bless Clay, HE has wonderful plans for Clay.

  14. Dear Fite Family,
    I have been following your family's blog since we learned of the accident. You have been in our prayers and thoughts daily. I am married to Floyd Easter's son, Garland. I am an RN at the Jacksboro Hospital and I also coordinate the blood drives. We have a Carter Blood Drive scheduled for tomorrow, Mar. 26th, and I've arranged that all units donated will be credits for Clay. I hope that it is Ok to do this without first speaking with you. It is a small drive, but we hope that it will be of some help. We will continue to pray for your entire family. I hope today is a good day for you all.

    Vicky Easter

  15. Dear Family,
    I have thought of Clay and, indeed, each one of you SO often. I'm hoping this day is a good one and am confident that you will receive the needed strength and grace for each step, each day. It would be so hard to see your little one going through all of this. Appreciate the updates! Love in His care, Rudonna and Mel Pipgras

  16. You are on my mind a lot today. Just thought I would let you know! Hope the day is going well. Missy

  17. I'm glad that everything went well in surgery. Rusty prays for Clay all the time. He wanted to write him a letter but since he can't write, I just let him sign the one we are sending you. I hope you have a great day with only good things and absolutely no fire trucks. God Bless.


    When I think that I might be having a bad day, my thoughts often turn to you.
    I think of where you are, how you spend your day, and what you are going through.
    I know that you are having a hard time, and there is so much that you don't understand.
    I just want you to know that though you are still small, you are quite the little man.
    Yes, you probably don't realize how strong you really are.
    You have done things that some grown men can't do, and you have come so very far.
    I know it isn't fun, but I know you will make it and go farther than our wildest dreams
    ‘cause you've got the fight, the spunk and the will and, with the help of your parents, the means.
    Just hang in there little guy, even when it gets rough; you have a lot of folks pulling for you.
    Should the time come to show what I'm made of, I just hope that I can be tough as you.