Friday, April 24, 2009

Friday, April 24

Good evening to all! We are going to try to get this posted a little earlier tonight. Today marks Clay's 70th day in the burn ICU. He was awake all day, so we hope he sleeps well tonight. He is still coughing up quite a bit of secretions and has to be suctioned frequently. He is still dealing with the vomiting (emesis) and at times has the dry heaves. He rolled his orange, spiky ball between his feet frequently today. He has found a way to tickle his feet when we have to step out of his room. :-) When we arrived for the 11:00am visit, Clay and his nurse (Stephanie) were sitting at the end of the hall looking out of the window. This window faces the front of the hospital. There is also an airport close to the hospital, so Clay would point to every airplane he saw take off. Aunt Lorna (mom's sister) and I counted for him since he cannot talk right now. We counted 8 planes taking off in our direction within 30 minutes. Clay would follow them with his eyes until they disappeared. Then it was time to head back to his room to get hooked back up to his IVs, oxygen, etc. The physical therapist stood him on his feet during our 2:00 visit. This was uncomfortable for him and he immediately wanted back in his chair. The physical therapist brought a musical floor mat. He walked across it a few times with our help. Uncle Justin was in the room with me and was cheering him on. It has been 8 or 9 days since he last stood on his feet or walked. Mandy (P.T.) got her exercise, along with Clay, today. He will gradually get stronger each time he walks. Aunt Susan came to see him this evening and he was too tired to wave with his hand, so he waved with his toes. It was cute. His next surgery is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday. They will perform surgery on his little left hand. We hope you all have a restful night & weekend. Thanks to all!


  1. So glad to hear that Clay is doing a little better and has been up and around. We look forward to your updates each evening. We are planning to come up and visit you Sun afternoon and will bring supper for you . If there is anything you need please call us, we would be happy to get anything for you. ph: 972-317-0747
    Lots of love and prayers.

  2. Hello to the Clay Patrol as I will call it. We are reading the blog and sending prayers your way.

    The Moslah Shriners in Fort Worth are wishing you nothing but blessings.

    We are there when you need us.

    P Smith
    Fort Worth, TX

  3. I look forward to reading your posts every night and each night I hope and pray for a good report. I am happy to hear that today went a little better than yesterday, sorry that he is still having problems with the vomiting. YUK! I will keep praying for that and I will definitely be praying for next Wednesday! 70 days, WOW! I know that probably seems like and eternity. God is just making sure Clay is healed perfectly! Please know I am praying for those precious Drs. too! They really are amazing, aren't they? What a calling! Who knows, maybe one day it could be Dr.Clay Fite people are talking about! Love you so much! Sleep well! Missy

  4. Glad Clay and the rest of you are doing well. I enjoy reading your blog every evening a seeing how he is doing. I don't think I've ever met your family but our thoughts are with you here in NE Sorry he is still having trouble keeping things down I am 17 weeks pregnant with my first on and have the same problem but am thankful every day that I can still chew my food and enjoy the taste even if it doesn't always stay down. Hope all goes well at the next surgery. Jeanne & Floyd Ogden

  5. What a joy it is to read that Clay had a fairly good and successful day. Love and prayers headed your way for continued progress. I'll be glad when he gets his trach out and can talk to you and tell you about the planes as he counts them. This day will come before too long.
    I love you,

  6. Just wanted to let u know that we think of u and pray for u every day..I will give blood again as soon as I can have to wait the 56 days.

    Love the Weir4

    Doug, Beth, Brenden, and Bethany

  7. Thinking of you all and sending best wishes and warm sunny thoughts to cheer up your little hospital room there. Love Hugs and tickled feet!

  8. After such a busy day yesterday, we hope Clay did sleep well last night and has a great weekend. We think of you all as we prepare for tomorrow and pray God's presence with you all! Dawn & Pam

  9. Good Morning!

    Glad to read how much is being accomplished with Clay. It helps so much to have the support of family, friends, medical staff and others. Hope the young Fiter can eat and enjoy while keeping it down better this weekend. Praying for his healing, especially that left hand now.

    Jeanne' and Gary

  10. Good morning. I always read the updates on little Clay and I am joyful, hearing of his tenacity to tickle his toes. So cute. :)

    I want to encourage you this weekend, 70 days is beginning to be a long time. Some things though, time has no meaning, right. We will go the distance, no matter what.

    Hebrews 12:1 talks about perseverance in this, "let us run with perseverance the race marked out before us. Let us fix our eyes on Jesus the author and perfecter of our faith, who for the joy set before him endured the cross,..."
    Ephesians 3:16 "I pray that out of His glorious riches He may strengthen you with power through his Spirit in your inner being, ..."

    I continue to lift your family up in prayer. Praying for your inner strength found in the One and Only who for the joy set before Him showed more love than sin believed He would. He is near you, in you, with you, holding you and yours.