Thursday, April 16, 2009

Thursday, April 16

Hello to all! Clay had the dressing on his face changed this morning. After the assessment, the doctors have scheduled Clay for surgery tomorrow. This is sooner than we expected. Skin grafts will be placed over the Integra and surgery will be performed on his little left hand. We are not sure what will be done to the back of the head. Once they have Clay in the O.R., they will have a better idea as to what needs to be done. Chance will drive down in the morning so that he can see Clay before surgery. Clay will be third case tomorrow, which will probably be around 1:00. Clay walked a little ways today and slept this afternoon. Good night and rest well ~ thanks to all!


  1. Hey DeeDee...thanks for keeping us all posted. You are such a good mommy to your boys. I know Clay has security knowing you and Chance are there for him. You are still always in our thoughts and prayers. We will be thinking of yall tomorrow.

    With our love,
    Chris, Bambi, Mia, and Ryder Barrett

  2. Prayers headed your way for the best reports tomorrow! Prayers also for travel safely with the storms around us.

    "Jesus looked at them and said, 'With man this is impossible, but with God all things are possible."
    Matthew 19:26

    The Snyder's

  3. God love that sweet child and I pray his surgery goes well. I hope his little left hand will be alright. Be strong and think positive Mom and Dad. I can't imagine how difficult it must be to see your little guy having to go through this.
    He is real trooper, and so are you all!!
    We'll be praying feverishly for a succesful surgery and for clay's continued recovery.
    love and hugs, the southerlands

  4. From California: My thoughts will be with you constantly tonight and tomorrow. Hoping for a good outcome. Poor little guy. Keep "Fiting" the battle our little Fiter!!!
    Love and hugs and more hugs!

  5. I can't believe you had the time to post a comment on our blog when you have so much on your own plate! It really meant a lot to us! I told Alex that Clay's mommy was praying and he said, "Really?" Like a famous person was praying, so, we really appreciate your prayers for us when what we go through seems so trivial to your problems! Please know that you will all have our prayers tomorrow! I am praying for that little left hand! Love you all! Missy and family

  6. Thinking of you all today, and every day!
    Charlus & Teresa B

  7. Our prayers will be with you today as Clay goes in for this next surgery; for his little hand as well as the back of his head. Keep encouraged - God is there for you all. Love, Dawn & Pam

  8. I try to think of each day as if you all were on a very long journey to get back home to where you want to be. Some days the scenery will be pretty and some days it won't be as such, but the closer you get to home, the better things will look. Since you are so far away from home now, there are so many things that you haven't seen before. Everything is new and unfamiliar. Each time things are going really wrong, I try to think that it will still be okay because that is just what might happen if one were traveling on the rough road that you all are having to take. I know God is there for you if you ever have a flat or run out of gas. I know when it is all over, you will get home and be happy but tired, and will get to rest. The limited mobility in the neck will be very tiring for him, but with time will get better. It takes a lot of muscular strength just to support the head. Clay is going to sleep a lot. Just think of it like in Sleeping Beauty and all the stuff that happened while Briar Rose was asleep but when she woke up in the end it was all okay. I'm praying for the left hand today mostly but there isn't a day that we don't think about all of you. There also isn't a day that I don't know that you all will wind back up home. God bless.

  9. That was good Pomuffin. You know, Chance and DeeDee, I feel like I have stepped closer to God every day when I read theprayers and see your faith in this daily walk. We are all in one accord with you and we all lift each other up to Him. Missy, God bless your family too. It seems to be a meeting place where we lift each other....a point of faith for each of us. Clay, God bless you as you go into surgery today and give wisdom to your doctors. I continually pray for your healing from God's hand before the doctors even get to work.
    Love to all of you,

  10. It's Aunt Jenae...again! I love you and miss you very much. I want to be there to help you and I am sorry I can't. Tell Clay we love him and will be thinking of him on surgery day. I pray the doctors will do the right thing. Love you bunches....with an aching heart, Aunt Jenae

  11. We are wanting a successful day today, too...will be anxious to know how it goes. Our thoughts are never far from Clay, and you all,his family. As others have said, this is a source of strength and unity for so many of us, even though many of us have never met. You all are held in so many hearts and prayers across this nation, and beyond. Clay has to be the most loved little man there is right now!!! With care....

  12. Dear Fite Family,

    I stand in agreement today with all the prayer warriors lifting up little Clay, your family and the doctors and nurses. I am believing (and speaking) God for the complete healing of Clays body. As we all hold spiritual hands and lift them up to the Lord in intercession for Clay, God hears us and answers our prayers.

    Mark 11:22 Have faith in God, . . . 24. whatever you ask for in prayer, believe that you have received it, and it will be yours"

    Jesus is telling us, speak to your mountain - move - and believe in your heart - it will be yours. Amen.

    I am standing on the written word of God and believing that Clays surgeries will be successful and his body will heal.

    God Bless you all

  13. Sounds like another POSITIVE step is being made today to getting Clay back in the saddle again.
    We are all thinking of you as you take the next
    step toward coming home.
    Thanks so much for taking the time to keep all
    updated everyday.
    Love and hugs,

  14. Our thoughts and prayers are with you today and every day! God Speed to little Clay!

  15. I don't normally post 2 times in one day, but wanted you to know that we had a special family prayer time for Clay today when we knew he was in surgery. I am anxious to know how it all went. Just thought I would let you know that I am praying right now at 2:56pm! Love you! Missy

    Oh, I loved what Pomuffin had to say,it just makes all the sense in the world! I don't know how he will take this later on in life, but for now, we can think of him as our Sleeping Beauty!