Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Tuesday, April 7th

Hello to all. This is Dad I made an unexpected trip back to Dallas today. Thank goodness Grandma was here to make the exchange. I received a call from the Burn ICU at 3:30 this morning. Clay's heart and respiratory rate were elevated and they could not stop the vomiting. They had to place him back on the paralytic to stabilize him. Talk about knowing how to panic a father. I hesitated to call Deidra and Joy hoping they could rest until the 6:00 visit. I called DD at 5:30 and they already knew because they had called the ICU. We made plans for me to get the boys off to school and then head east. I explained the situation to the owner of my company and he was very understanding. They have been great through this entire ordeal. Deidra and I wanted to visit with Dr. Purdue and see if he had any solutions for Clay's recent problems (heart, vomiting, respiratory). We did not know that Purdue was in surgery most of the day, and we never had the opportunity to talk with him. Stephanie was his nurse today and she worked overtime trying to figure out what was causing Clay's problems. We are also thankful for the doctors, therapists, & dietitian who were trying to figure it out too. The dietitian told us that his calcium, sodium, electrolytes, etc. were balanced. When we came in for the 2:00 visit Clay had a new feeding tube and had been placed back on his original pain medication. These were adjustments that we were hoping might ease some of the problems. At 5:00 tonight Clay was alert and wanted several stories read. This was a good sign and we were more than happy to comply. He was given a new monkey pillow today and we showed it to him during this visit. It had a soft plush on one side and Clay indicated that he wanted the pillow in his bed. We gave it to him and he squeezed it in both arms, as well as he can, and started rubbing the plush side with his wrapped right hand. I asked if I could unwrap his hand and was told it would be fine. I did and he rubbed that pillow for the rest of the visit and he still had it in his arms at 7:30. He wanted more books read at the last visit and we were glad to help out again. We are so encouraged by the afternoon and felt much relief as we left the hospital. We called the Burn unit around 10:15 and our nurse told us Clay was doing well and was preparing to go to sleep. Thank you to everyone, our prayers and yours were answered. We are thankful everyday that God is in control. Sweet dreams to all.


  1. Chance and Dee Dee what wonderful news that God had touched Clay today. God really does work in mysterious ways. We told Kirstyn about the monkey pillow and she said the monkey will help him feel better and make Mrs Dee Dee laugh. She is too funny. Continually praying...
    Love and Prayers,
    Chris, Stephanie, Kirstyn, and Emma Kirby

  2. Good evening all:

    Have been away from the computer for a while, but have had Clay and his family on our mind, hearts and in frequent prayers. Catching up with the recent posts now realize why it has been on the forefront! Thankful for answered prayers and the ability to petition in prayer even when we ourselves do not know the need, the Lord does and is there. Hope all get a well desevered rest tonight.

    Gary and Jeanne' Snyder

  3. YAY!!! We are so encouraged to hear that Clay is wanting those stories. Our little guy Evan, who is 6, has been in and out of the ER since he was 8-months-old and nothing ever calms him the way his mom and dad and a good story could. We hope you are all able to rest well tonight and that the docs can have some answers tomorrow. Our prayers continue..............

  4. Well PRAISE GOD! I am so happy! I can't tell you what this news does for me! I have been praying non-stop. I will continue and hopefully with the change in meds and new feeding tube Clay will have a really good night and a great day tomorrow! I have been hoping that he could at least have an egg hunt with his eyes in his room or something. I know that probably sounds stupid, but I was just hoping he could have some kind of Easter fun! I am so glad you mentioned about your job, I have often wondered about that. I will be thanking the Lord for your boss, he needs to be blessed! Please know I will stay on night duty for the next few nights until we know everything is back to "normal." Love you! Missy and family

  5. I've been waiting and watching the blog for this wonderful news tonight. I add my prayers for your peace and rest and that "knowing" it will all be fine. Every day is a new knot in Gods robe belt. (Gunslingers have notches in their pistol handles....Christians have knots in God's belt.)
    Love and prayers,

  6. Thankfulness goes up for peaceful rest and prayers for continued healing. Prayers for you parents, too, and for those who are so understanding and helpful in your "real world", at work and in your community.

    Thinking of you all through the ups and the downs

  7. Thinking of you and happy for the good news. I love the monkey pillow that brought some sensory pleasure!

  8. So glad to hear the GOOD NEWS!!! God is Good...but having the patience is hard. You all are on our hearts and in our prayers through out every day! The boys always ask to 'get on Clay's page' when I get home. May you all continue to stay strong...your faith is encouraging to us all.

    Leigh, Tony, Derrik, Desiree, Caleb and Isaac Pollock

  9. I hope you both got some much needed rest last night. Thank you to Stephanie....so thankful for a good nurse who will step back and evaluate every little thing and make the necessary changes. Hoping for an excellent day today!

  10. Thinking of you all!! We are keeping Momma Martha up-dated every morning with reports from the blog! :) She is doing well, surgery went well, she had her first therapy this morning & the PT will come back this afternoon for more therapy. :)
    Hugs to all of you, from all of us! :)
    Bishop Families

  11. Chance, I have sent this to you twice, I do not if the first message got to you since it was attached to a Feb page on the blog. Will you call me at your leisure? NO RUSH! 817-692-8741 or via email jamiefwtx@hotmail.com
    Thank you brother.
    your friend,
    P.S. A pastor friend of mine writes a coloumn for many newspapers in Texas and a few other states. He has asked permission to put Clays blog address in his next weeks article so more people can lift Clay in prayer. I hope that is ok? Also, I am so happy Clay liked his pillow!
    Myself and many of my friends continue to pray for you all!

  12. Praying from Graham! Love, The Wolfe Family