Saturday, April 11, 2009

Saturday, April 11th

Salutations. I hope that everyone enjoyed a good day. Mr. Fite was pretty busy today. He was resting peacefully at 6:00 this morning but that was in preparation for the rest of day. At 8:00 the physical therapist came in and stretched him to get him ready for a morning stroll. He walked down to the window where he was allowed to sit in Mom's lap for a bit. On the return walk to his room he stopped and started waving behind him. It took several guesses to figure out what he was trying to convey. It was finally determined that he wanted to back up and sit in his mother's lap for a longer period of time. He had to continue his walk with the promise of more lap time the next visit. As promised, at 11:00 I (Dad) was able to lift him out of bed and sit with him. This was a joint effort with all involved. Our nurse was busy hooking Clay back up to his oxygen, feed tube, and medication. Dad had the good job of hugging Clay. Mom was showing him his new seek and find books and reading a story. Grandma was on hand with a large book to fan Clay and keep him comfortable. Then it was time to put him back in his bed and reconnect all the tubes again. Anytime Clay walks or sits in our lap, it is a big process but so worth it. As soon as this visit was over the nurses had a scheduled dressing change on his face. These dressings are changed every other day. We had a nice lunch with some old and new friends and a surprise visit from some folks from Olney. Clay was pretty worn out for the last couple of visits tonight and appeared to be sleeping soundly. We want to thank all of the burn ICU nurses for their care and patience. Wishing everyone a good Sunday. Enjoy your friends and family. Thanks to all.


  1. "Mary Magdalene went to the disciples with the news:'I have seen the Lord!' And she told them that he had said these things to her." John 20:18

    Easter blessing be with you! So happy to read the post. Wow! Clay is so blessed to have such a caring community of friends and family to surround him. Glad he had a good day and you were able to be a part of the joy.

    The Snyder's

    Happy Easter! He has Risen!!!

  2. Tell Clay I'm going to Wal-Mart to get rain boots for the Easter Bunny! I'm not sure how to tell you who we are...If you know the Boxes, Van Houtens, or the Shelbys...they're all my cousins. My Mom is a sister to Leonard, Grace & Stella, also Jessie Durkee who lives in Sanger. Thanks for doing this took about 2 seconds to get real attached to "Mr. Fite" :) Our Special meeting is tomorrow (Rogers, AR) We have Mona Jo Hahn & Arlene L. with us tonite. Can't hardly wait to get to read about this little guy every nite. Hope we get to meet you @ Bradley Conv.sometime. We have LOTS of kids in our area & sure enjoy them. We can tell Clay as wonderful parents & grandparents. Know that there are lots of prayers & thoughts coming your way. It's so good to hear of his progress. Thanks again! Emma & Lanita Phelan

  3. Hope you all have a wonderful Easter! I will continue to pray for all of you! Glad to hear all is well! Please tell Clay we pray for him alllllll the time! Love, The Wood family

  4. God bless you as you are sleeping. Prayers are coming your way. I'm reminded of Saul when God told him to lift his arms during the battle and they would win. Then when his arms got weary, his people would help hold them up till the battle was won. You have so many people "lifting your arms up" through this battle. So rest tonight. God is winning this battle and so is Clay. God bless you and all your three little "C's" this Easter Morning. He has risen indeed. He lives, and so does Clay. Give Joy my love.
    Love to you all,

  5. Thinking of you on this Holiday! So good to hear that Clay was able to look for Easter Eggs! Hope you all have a wonderful day and hope Clay is able to enjoy it! Praying and thinking of you.
    The Starks

  6. We are still praying for this precious boy that you have and for your whole family. God Bless and Happy Easter.
    The Slater Family

  7. It's Aunt Jenae here! Just wanted to say I love you and am glad that I can call and talk to you on the phone. I hope today (Sunday) was a great day for our little man. (and his mom and dad) :) I can hardly wait to get back to the states so I can help you. I miss y'all and love you very much. Give Clay a kiss on his beautiful arm or leg from me. Uncle Grady is on his way to Indiana for a week and Whitney and Westin head back to school from a long and boring spring break. Wish we were there!