Saturday, April 25, 2009

Saturday, April 25th

Hello to everyone. Clay had a busy day. He was resting during the 6:00 and 8:00 visits. He was awake and ready to go after his dressing change. When we came in at 11:00 he was sitting up in his chair with his legs wrapped. This is done for circulation and support when he is sitting up or exercising. We visited with him for just a moment and then the physical therapist arrived and asked him if he was ready to take a walk. He was not ready but Mom and I convinced him that it was in his best interest. He walked to the end of the ICU and then set between Deidra and I on the bench for few moments. There was a recliner type chair and when Clay stood up and started the return trip he planted his feet and forced air over his trach and said a forceful, "chair." This does not happen very often and Mom and I were both surprised to hear it. When we arrived back at his room there was the rocking chair sitting outside and Clay stopped again and pointed at it. We understood this and moved it in and let him spend the rest of the visit in Dad's lap while Mom fanned and read a story. He spent the majority of the afternoon sitting upright in his chair. At the 5:00 visit Robert, his nurse today, said he was not wanting to go back to bed. We offered to hold him again in transit from chair to bed. This seemed to work and we helped lay him back in bed about 5:45 knowing he would quickly go to sleep. Wrong. At the last visit of the day Clay was really wound up. He was in good spirits and very active. Deidra held his orange ball over his feet and he would kick with alternating legs until he ran out of breath. He would catch his breath and start over. He swatted it with his hands and seemed as alert and active as he has been in a while. We are not sure what to attribute this to, but it did our hearts good to catch a glimpse of the old Clay spirit. If you guys have not noticed, this is Dad typing tonight. I received another treat today. I have not seen Clay's facial features in 4 weeks due to the bandages and my work/boys school schedule. It was good to see Clay's face today. All in all it was an encouraging day. Thank you to everyone for your prayers and wisdom. I hope everyone has a good Sunday. Good Night.


  1. Thank you for being so faithful in updating us from afar that don't hardly know you but feel we do and feel a special love for your family. We are so glad for the progress Clay has made. He's a brave little boy and you have been so inspiring by your spirit through this incredible journey. Hugs from WI.

  2. I just wanted to let everyone know that we are having a 5K benefiting Clay-->

    'Adventure Boot Camp 5K Fun Run'
    May 30, 8AM
    Lewisville Amphitheater
    3049 Lake Vista Dr.
    Lewisville TX 75067

    Go to if you would like to register to walk/run, donate, volunteer, or be a sponsor. All proceeds are going to Clay!

  3. Glad to read your post tonight and all the encouraging news of the day! We continue to think about you all every day. Thank you for your updates on your blog - each night I check to see how things are going. You are very near our hearts and prayers. Thinking of you from Wyoming, Monique

  4. So thankful for such a good report today! Our thoughts are there w/ you often. Thank you for taking the time to let us know how things are going. Love, Susie

  5. I am a smilin' Mama tonight! I am so happy that Clay is doing better. I was making cookies tonight and praying for Clay. I told the Lord how mad I was at myself because I hadn't prayed as much for Clay today. ( maybe 5 times max) I was mad because my life seems normal and it isn't fair that yours isn't. I am so sad for you all. My heart really hurts for all 5 of you! So, I am rejoicing with you that you got to see a little bit of the old Clay and of course his precious face. I know this was a true gift from God!! I will be praying often for his surgery this week as I know it is heavy on your hearts. Please tell him to keep up the good work! Love, Missy

  6. Wonderful! So glad to hear he's had a good day. Hang in there and we'll be praying for many more better days! Love ya'll!

  7. Clay should be motivation to those participating in the Fun Run next month. WoW! It sounds like a really good report this evening. He and his family continue to amaze us with your efforts and attitudes!

    You are in God's Care and in Our Prayers
    Lamentations 3:22-23 (New American Standard Bible)

    22The LORD'S loving kindnesses indeed never cease,For His compassions never fail.
    23They are new every morning; Great is Your faithfulness.

  8. So good to hear Little Clay had some energy and desire to stay up for awhile yesterday. No doubt he is tired of the bed, but glad for it when he needs it. Have a good Sunday, we'll be thinking of you all. B&E

  9. What an uplifting blog! We are so pleased Clay had a good day yesterday. We hope today (Sunday) is restful and pleasant for him and the family. Much love to all, Dawn & Pam

  10. We are so glad you all got a glimpse of the real Clay yesterday! It was very encouraging to read the blog. Mason and McCray are at our house today and just assured me that they are praying for their cousin Clay. We love all of you, Aunt Teena

  11. Clay this is your cousin Mason. Dear Clay, we have been praying for you day and night. I hope you are not in pain every single day and night. I hope our prayers are working and you feel better soon.

    your cousin

  12. We only repeat what has been said and felt already...thanx for the happiness and joy for you for your day yesterday! We can say "Amen" to the first comment; we don't know you, but feel a special love and connection for you and your family, and we are grateful to be able to read about Clay's progress, and even to know when his day is not so good so that we can send special heartfelt thoughts your way. We are hoping for more days like Saturday!!!!! Go, can do it!!!