Sunday, April 26, 2009

Sunday, April 26

Hello to all! Hope you all had a restful Sunday. Chance and the boys headed back home this evening. Chance will come back for Clay's surgery on Wednesday. Carson has two TAKS tests this week, so it will be a big week for him. Dad & Cody will need to make sure that Carson (big brother) gets the rest he needs before the tests. :-)
The physical and occupational therapists do not come to the burn ICU on Sundays; so, Clay did his own therapy. He exercised his legs by kicking his orange ball again. He exercised his arms and his right hand by squeezing a ball, rubbing his monkey pillow, and picking up different items. He sat by the window this afternoon and watched for airplanes. We also rolled his chair to the ICU doors and he was able to wave to some family and friends when the doors opened. Stephanie (his nurse) also wanted to show us what Clay did between visiting hours. After wound care, she had placed him in his chair. She was cleaning up, when she noticed that Clay had picked up his suction tube and was suctioning the saliva in his mouth. The fact that Clay took the initiative to suction himself was a huge step, and brought tears to her eyes. She told some of the other nurses and they all clapped for Clay. We are grateful for God's healing and Clay's progress. Thanks to all & have a good night!


  1. Greetings from NH! We follow your updates on precious little Clay every day. Your family has touched our hearts, and you are in our thoughts and prayers daily. Glad for Clay's progress! We heard at our special mtg. that we shouldn't try to think of months or years ahead of us, but just take one day at a time. His provision is always enough for TODAY! Hang in there and give a special hug to Clay. With love & care, Kent & Sharon Chappell

  2. Glad to hear today was a good day! Keep it up little Clay! Ya know, I have a nephew named Clay and we always call him Clayball, I guess with his new fascination with his orange ball, I will have to start calling him Clayball as well! Hope you all have a good night sleep and I will be praying for Carson's tests this week and of course for Wednesday! Love to all! Missy

  3. So glad to hear all the positive news. I think Clay has reached the point that he knows he is going to win this battle. That has to be great for him and the entire family. Hope you have a restful and progressive next week. Thank you so much for all the information it keeps everyone informed and on the same page. Prayers continue for your family.

  4. DeDe and Chance it was so good to see you today and get to meet Cody, Carson and Joy. We are so happy to hear of Clay's progress the last few days!! Hope it continues! DeDe, Al thought he saw Carson put the monkey bookmark in his pocket when he took it off of one of the books, so you may find it in the wash!!! Take care of your- selves and please let us know any way we can help.
    Lots of love,
    The Russells

  5. Good for you Clay! We are clapping for you too and send you a great big high 5!!! Just this morning we heard how it is more important where we are heading than where we are standing. So, it sounds like Clay is heading in the right direction. :) We are feeling your TAKS pain here too - Tanner has one on Tues. Good night!

  6. Clay, I am so proud of you for taking care of yourself and doing your own therepy. You are a very special person and you have really inspired me. I admire you so much for the wonderful young man you are. God bless you and I love you,

  7. I know Carson will work hard on his math tests this week, but prayers go out to all who are going through this stress in their lives!
    Great report Clay! Mom, Dad, Carson and Cody and others:
    You all help inspire Clay to achieve also. He works hard for the encouragement you give. Praying for a great week ahead!

    Matthew 18:20 reminds us 20"For where two or three have gathered together in My name, (A)I am there in their midst."

    No force on earth is more powerful or effective than prayer....

    Praying for all of you!

    Gary & Jeanne'

  8. DeeDee, Chance & Boys - so many prayers will go your way this week; for Clay's progress in recognizing his need to suction (what a huge step); for Carson taking his TAKS test - Cheyenne has been studying and working for hers, too, so we understand his challenge; also for Cody because he can help keep big brother focused. We know how hard it is for Chance to be away from Clay and we pray for his comfort. Much love, Dawn & Pam

  9. Way to go Clay! We are so excited to hear of all the progress, big and small! You all are still on our hearts daily.

    May God continue to bless you all!
    Leigh & Tony Pollock & Kids

  10. So excited to hear of Clay's little boy nature showing out!! I know for all of you, it is renewed hope of what is still to come. We pray for more days like the past two! We hope that Clay and the boys enjoy the books and movies we sent with my parents(Al and Jill Russell), maybe they will help pass the time. You are a true inspiration to my husband and I in this hard time. We heard at our spec. mtg. yesterday that God doesn't just allow His people to "just make it", during hard/trying times, but it is then that He can make us flourish!! What a testimony you both are to that! Good Luck to Carson as he tests this week.
    Love your LA friends,
    Jay, Shauna, Lane, and Bryce Vallery