Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Wednesday, April 1

Hello to all! I hope you all played nice April Fool's jokes today. Clay was a tired little trooper today. He was asleep during most of our visits. He opened his eyes a few times and motioned for us to fan him because he was hot. At 9:30am, he had nurses, doctors, & an Integra rep. in his room. They took the thick dressing off his face to get a good look at the Integra. Dr. Arnoldo told us that he was pleased with the way it looked. They will change this dressing (on the face) every 48 hours. Dr. Purdue is back for the next 30 days. He will assess Clay and let us know when & what the next procedure will be.
Physical & Occupational therapy worked with Clay this morning. They exercised his fingers and stretched his legs. All of this took place before noon; therefore, Clay wanted to sleep all afternoon. I hope he sleeps as well tonight as he did this afternoon. We are going to say our prayers and head to bed. Good night & thanks so much.


  1. Good Job Little Clay----The Doctors and everyone are SOOO pleased with your progress!!!
    Keep up the good work!!! I'm on Nights again and wish you were in our ICU room so I could give you a good night kiss. LOL Marvin& Bonnie

  2. Still praying for great results for everything! Hope you are all sleeping well! We love you! Missy and family!

  3. Love and prayers are coming your way for peace, rest and continued and strengthened faith and hope. I love you,

  4. Great news! Chance, it was a pleasure to meet you today at the school, you were the only one I had not had the pleasure of talking to in the past. You all are such an inspiration to me as well as my family. Thank you again for continuing to share your journey as we continue to pray for you all.

    Leigh Pollock

  5. I hope you guys have another good day. Every day is one day closer to recovery. Thank you Kay for all you are doing as well. I love you guys and miss you bunches. Let me know when I can come help you Dee Dee.

  6. Chance, Dee Dee, and Boys,
    Your up-dates are SO touching!!!! Bob and I have never walked in these shoes, but we really do feel for ALL 5 of you, (in a differnt way for each one). The things that stand out to us are the encouraging words that you have shared with all of us from our Wed. night studies, Sunday Mtg. and Special Mtg., you getting to finally hold Clay again, and his Brothers reading to him.
    All of these have really touched me when I read about each one.
    Lots of Luv!!
    Bob and Tammy