Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Tuesday, April 28th

Hello to all. This is Chance. Here tonight for tomorrow's surgery. Clay had a pretty busy day. I think he had an opportunity to see every type therapist they have at Parkland. He seems to be stable and appears stronger each day. Dr. Purdue prepared us for the worst tomorrow. He seems to think they will have to remove a large portion of all fingers. We appreciate all of the prayers for Clay's hand. We will pray tonight and know that his hand will be in God's during surgery in the morning. Clay is scheduled for the first case in the O.R. tomorrow. We would like to wish everyone a good night and hope everyone has a good day. Thanks to everyone for the kindness shown our family.


  1. Many thoughts & prayers are w/ y'all. With love, Susie

  2. Hang in there and sleep peacefully. We will pray for strength for all of you. Chance and DeeDee, Clay is a fighter, I have never even met him, but to read his updates every single day...I can just tell that sweet child is a fighter. Give him BIG HUGS from all of us who are praying for him in Nebraska and all over the world. I hope that someday we can actually meet him in person because I feel that I am gaining a new little friend in Texas. Our very best wishes for all of you and for strength for tomorrow. I feel a kinship with you because my little guy is 6 and I have watched him struggle with medical issues and there is nothing more heart-wrenching as a parent. Just know that we are praying for strength and peace and rest for the two of you and Carson and Cody too....and all of your wonderful support.

  3. Thinking of you all. Love, the Sansom's

  4. Hope you get a 'little rest' tonight. Know your mind will be 'full of thoughts' and just hope and pray that you will be able to allow more of 'God's thoughts' than your own at this time. Tomorrow will be an 'anxious day' and we will all be awaiting to hear the results. We love you all VERY much!!

  5. Our thoughts will be with you tonight and in the morning during surgery. With much love, Brad, Lesha, Trace, and Trevin Coker

  6. We have and will be praying for the miracle to continue in all of your lives. God Loves You and so do we. Love and prayers. Ben, Carolyn, Jerry Cristina, Kalysta, Kaleb and Baby Joseph Kee

  7. Our hearts will be with you tomorrow and hope all goes well! What a precious little guy! Hang in there and know you are surrounded with love & care as you face each day. Glad our hope & confidence are deeply rooted in the Lord and that we're safe in His care! Love, Kent & Sharon Chappell in New Hampshire

  8. We send our hugs and love to the whole family tonight. We will be with you in heart and mind tomorrow. We are so thankful that we can leave all in Gods hands. "There is no place where earths sorrow, is more felt than up in heaven." Love you all

  9. Clay has had so many great miracles and they will continue tomorrow. Your strength and love
    overspills to Clay and all.
    Love and Hugs,

  10. Just know that we agree with you in prayer for sweet little Clay! May you be strengthened and encouraged knowing that God has prepared the way and gone before you!! What a great hope we have!! God's strength to you all.... we admire you so for your continual positive attitude and perseverance!!! Love the Cochrans from Anson

  11. My thoughts and prayers are with all of you. God will be with Clay and the doctors tomorrow. He will give Clay the strength for surgery and the doctors the knowledge to make all the right decisions. Clay has to be a strong lil boy with two strong parents like the two of you. I am amazed at your faith in God and your strenth and courage. Keep on keeping on and God Bless You All.

  12. A greeting card I once saw, sums up thought as you prepare for this next surgery:

    Whenever you’re worried, God understands.
    But Gods wants you to know... He’s holding you with both hands.

    God loves you so much and will always take care of you!

    Isaiah 41 “Don’t be afraid, because I am your God.”
    Praying for the surgeons and medical staff to have our Lord be the Guide.

    Thinking and praying for each of you!

    Gary and Jeanne Snyder

  13. we're praying for the BEST outcome possible for this precious childs hand. Stay strong and know that so many are praying for sweet clay and your family. We think of you all everyday and send our love from austin.
    the southerlands

  14. I had some minor surgery on my right hand today. It was a HUGE reminder of Clay's hand surgery tomorrow. (not that I needed one) So, I have been praying for those 5 digits all day long. I know God will be holding those tiny little fingers in his hands and guiding the Drs.' every move! Trusting Him, and loving you!Missy

  15. No matter what you lose tomorrow, remember that you don't have to be perfect to be happy. Most folks only use 10 fingers to do their daily things because they have 10 fingers. Think of everyone you know around the country up here who have complete lives, yet they don't have completely whole bodies. I'm praying that Clay comes out of surgery so much better than you are even prepared to handle. I pray that God gives you a day that is so unexpectantly good that you cry more than you have as of yet, but the tears are only tears of joy, not sadness. I hope for a good day tomorrow, and I also hope that tomorrow is the turning point to where the bad stuff ends and everything starts getting a lot better. God Bless you and keep you.

  16. We are and will be praying for you all. I thought of our hymn, "In Jesus Hands"."I will leave it all to Jesus, for I know he understands: Things in life I cannot alter, I will leave in Jesus hands." So glad we have a comforter and can leave it all in his hands.
    Loving thoughts for you and your precious little Clay. The Russells

  17. I'm an acquaintance of Georganne Higgins. She told me last month about your child in the form of a prayer request. I have been following his progress on your blog ever since and praying for him and you! I will be praying for his little fingers tonight! My husband and I plan to run in the 5k for him next month. God bless.

  18. Our thoughts are with you.

    Chris, Bambi, Mia, and Ryder Barrett

  19. Love and prayers will be lifted up to God for Clay's surgery in the morning. Prayers for the doctors that will perform the surgery and for Clay's body to take hold and show so many signs of healing that they will be amazed.
    Love to all of you,

  20. #47 "Is there anyone can help us, one who understands our hearts -- When the thorns of life have pierced them till they bleed? One who sympathizes with us, who in wondrous love imparts -- just the very, very blessing that we need. Yes, there's one -- Only one -- the blessed blessed Jesus, He's the One. When afflictions press the soul -- when waves of trouble roll -- and you need a friend to help you -- He's the One." How I LOVE our hymns and this one seems very special right now! We love you and Clay and Carson and Cody and will pray. We will think of you constantly tomorrow! Love and hugs and hugs and hugs!!!!

    P.S. I so love what "pomuffin" shared above about not having to be perfect to be happy and also that the only reason we use 10 fingers is because we have 10 fingers to use.

  21. Our prayers will go up for you and Clay today. Like you, we believe Clay's tiny hand will be in God's and God will guide the surgeon's hands, as well. We know you are anxious about the surgery and eager for the results. We look forwarding to hearing! Love, Dawn & Pam

  22. What a long wait it will be for you today, waiting to see exactly how the surgery goes. We are thinking of you every hour through the day. Clay certainly does seem stronger each day just by reading the updates. That is wonderful. Lots of thoughts and care from our family to yours. Love, Morgan and Michelle

  23. Our thoughts are with you more than ever today! We will be waiting to hear about precious little Clay tonight.
    Our love and care,
    The Vallerys

  24. Our hearts & thoughts will be with you, today!!

  25. ...in our prayers.
    The Pittmans

  26. God has asked us to remove the things of this world from our lives so that we can be made whole in Him. Worst case scenario, if Clay has to lose a small part of his body to make the rest whole, it's a price I think he'd be willing to pay.
    Fingers are not required to give or receive hugs, and there are few things more precious in life than giving your child a hug or receiving one.
    The smile that brightens your day will still be there. Even the orneriness will return.
    I always do better if I focus on all the things I have, instead of what I'm loosing or missing.
    So hang in there, we're praying and keeping all of you in our hearts.

  27. You are constantly in our thoughts today. We know that Clay and the whole family is in the hand of the all powerful. B&E

  28. Clay has so much going for him. He has God which is a biggy. He also has more love than some folks have in their lifetime. Because he is so young, he hasn't really been doing things the same old way for years. Some folks have life changes and never adjust because they can't get past the loss. Those folks don't have God or people surrounding them who love them greatly and see with their hearts and not their eyes. Clay is a blessed child and there is no doubt that God will leave him with whatever he needs to lead a good life. Chance and Dee Dee, I figure that today will be probably one of the most emotionally trying days that you will ever have on this earth. I know you will get through it amazingly as always. I pray today turns out so well, but if not, I know that you all will reach inside and find the rainbow. I wrote this poem for kids as an attempt to talk about being different and to explain what true love is. It is about finding the bright spot in the midst of the darkness. I know that God gave you both flashlight batteries that will never dim. You will find your way out of the darkness.

    Face Value

    What if I had a big wart on my nose and an extra ear;
    would you cuddle me, kiss me and pull me close, or would you run in fear?
    What if my skin turned green and I lost all of my hair;
    would you long to be near me always , or would I cause you quite a scare?
    What if I was really tall and reached all the way up to the sky;
    would I still be your best bud or would I make you cry?
    I want to know for sure that you love what makes me-- ME--
    and not just love what is on the outside that you obviously see.
    Please answer my questions truthfully, my heart is hanging on the line.
    Will you be here forever and always and we be truly fine?

    Well here are my answers to hopefully put your heart at ease.
    I trust that time will show your heart that I only aim to please.
    If you had a big wart on your nose, I could find you easily in a crowd.
    With that extra ear, I wouldn't have to shout “I love you “so loud.
    Green skin would come in handy on Halloween.
    Not having any hair just makes you easier to clean.
    If you were tall as a giant and your head hit the top of a cloud,
    to be your best bud and loved by you, would still make me extremely proud.

  29. We too are hoping for the best today! Enjoyed the thoughts and encouragement from others. Love from the Marcus Smith family