Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thursday, April 2

Hello to all! Clay had a pretty good day today in the ICU. Carson and Cody had a good day at school. I (mom) had a sweet moment today when I got to hold Clay in my lap. We have been missing all of Clay's "bear" hugs, and I was so happy to finally be able to give Clay a soft hug and hold him for about 45min. He propped his feet in Aunt Kay's lap and wanted us to read him some books. Aunt Kay held the books in front of us and turned the pages for us. :) Our physical therapist stretched Clay's legs and just had him stand up for a few minutes. He did not walk because he was too dizzy. Our occupational therapist made a new splint for Clay's right hand. It was so nice to have Clay interacting with us today. During one visit, he wanted to look at a seek-and-find book. He seemed to enjoy finding the objects in the picture. He found the object on each page before Kay & I could. With all the thick dressing on his face, he is not able to have his nose scratched when it itches. Although, he now wants us to fan him. I'm sure it gets hot underneath the thick dressing around his head. We can see that he is feeling better (no fever, lungs clearing up, wounds healing, etc). Dr. Purdue spoke with us today to tell us the plan. Clay is tentatively scheduled for surgery next Friday (April 10) or the following Monday (April 13). He will work on Clay's left hand. We will let you know more about this when we know more. We just take it a day at a time. Hope you all have/had a restful night. We want to express our thanks to all of you again.
~The chorus of one of our hymns was on my mind when I woke up this morning. These words were an encouragement for me today: "Our hope and confidence today are deeply rooted in the Lord. He'll guide us safely all the way and bless according to His word."


  1. Clay's our Hero!

    You are in our Prayers.

    Shriners of Texas!

  2. Love that hymn and love y'all! Glad you are getting to hold Clay.

    Praying Always!!

  3. I do not know Clay personally but I have been praying for Clay to have a speedy recovery and be back home with his family very soon.My son was burned in 2003 and we spent a long month in the burn center and I know exactly what all of you are going thru.My son did lose his left arm due to the burn on his left hand but we were truly blessed that he is still with us.I will continually pray for Clay as well as Mom and Dad and brothers.I will continue to keep all of you in my prayers.God Bless each and everyone is my prayer. Lola Wooldridge Graham,Texas.P.S. My son was 36 years old when he was accidently electrocuted.He is now 41 years old

  4. Great news! I know holding your son had to be the best feeling ever. Glad Dr. Purdue is back on board. Good luck in the days to come. Continuing to pray for good things and blessings for all.


  5. Mom, I bet you were on cloud 9 finally getting to hold your little boy!! I'm glad Clay had a good day with therapy and no stomach sickness. There is not a moment goes by that me or Kirstyn doens't think of yall. I pray every moment in the day that God holds the Fite family with a healing hand. Clay is a true Fiter! Continually praying...
    Love and Prayers,
    Chris, Stephanie,Kirstyn, and Emma Kirby

  6. DeeDee, I just wish I could wrap you all up in a warm fuzzy blanket and rock you to sleep till all this passes over. I admire you so very much for the Fiters you all are and I thank God that you have a strong faith to carry you through this time...and you WILL look back on this time and be thankful you all made it through safe and sound. I love you dearly, Carolyn

  7. Dear Fite family,
    We continue to pray for you all and you are probably getting tired of us telling you that. I just don't ever want a day to go by when you think, "Oh no,people are stopping with their prayers." I promise I won't stop! In our village we have a loud speaker that goes off at 5:30am each morning. It plays very loud music for 30 minutes to wake people up so they will go to mass each morning. I can usually tune it out and go back to sleep but this morning I sat up, wide awake and prayed for about 30 minutes for your family. I do hope that you are feeling those prayers! I will gladly get up each morning to make all of your days more tolerable! Love, Missy and family

  8. We love the words of that hymn too and it is often a comfort. You know,DeeDee when you put down all of the landmarks in Clay's recovery, even up to today, it just reminds us again the power of God and the power of prayer. You are such an inspiration to us all. Give your little guy logs of hugs - and include one from us! Dawn & Pam

  9. Hello Fite's:

    Just want you to know we are thinking of each of you and were happy to read of all the positives. We pray for you in the yesterdays, todays and in the days to come for His healing and peace.

    The Snyder's

  10. Dear Fite Family,

    Through the Waco Association of Realtors I was made aware of what had happened to Clay and the boys and immediately gathered as much information as I could to learn about his progress and in the process I came across this blog. We did have a blood drive at the Waco Carter Blood care center for Clay but I felt that we could do more. Last summer we held the first Summer Meltdown Car show at Hooters in Waco which turned out to be one of the biggest car shows that year, we sold out of spots and had over 150 entries. This year we would like to hold the show in honor of Clay and the Fite family with all proceeds dontated to the family. We have on our board an employee from the Waco Carter Blood Care Center who should be getting in contact with you soon to discuss. The event is in July and we are really looking forward to it. I am new to blogging so this is the only way I know how to reach out to you. I can be reached by email at

  11. People never stop amazing me. The comment above is just another example of the goodness in people out there. I am so thankful you are all surrounded with people who are good and people who care. Still praying.
    Love you guys.

  12. AMEN!! I am so glad you got to hold little Clay!! We continue to uplift your family!!

    The Woods Family

  13. This is encouraging news and I love that he had a better day, AND that you got to hold him in your lap. I know how comforting it is for you and little clay!
    As always, thanks for your daily update. We keep your family in our prayers, and especially precious clay!!

    Hang in there Fite Family, you all have lots of love and prayers being sent your way!

    The Southerland Family, Austin Texas

  14. Good afteroon Chance & DD, also hi to little Clay. We are glad he had a good day yesterday, and hope for the same today. We are so glad you two are getting to hold him and giving him soft hugs. That will help his healing process as well. We are thankfull that you have had good Dr.'s, nurses, and all the rest who care for him. I suppose in that area they are all specialists. Hope you have a nice week end. B&E

  15. We're still thinking about all of you and praying so much!
    We love you all!
    Kelly, Reno, Alyssa and Morgan