Sunday, April 19, 2009

Sunday, April 19

Good evening to all! Hope you all had a restful Sunday. It was a quiet day of rest for Clay. He was not taken off of the paralytic drip today. The doctors want to look at the grafts tomorrow and then make a decision. If the doctors are pleased with the grafts, then he will probably be taken off of the paralytic. He has the Pseudomonas bacteria growing in his lungs and this will be treated with an antibiotic tonight. We were told that this is a common problem in patients hospitalized with burns. It will also be helpful when he can help cough it up on his own. His eyes, feet, legs, etc. are swollen; although, this could be a result of the IV fluids that he is receiving. They had stopped his tube feedings on Friday, before surgery. They started the tube feedings back, in small amounts, after surgery. They were able to increase the volume of his tube feedings today, and this made us feel better. We are not sure if Clay will have another surgery this week or not. We are so thankful for all our ICU nurses, doctors, therapists, etc. We have grown to love them all, during our time here. We are especially thankful for our heavenly Father who guides and keeps us. Our hearts go out to the other patients in the burn unit along with their families. Chance and the boys headed home this evening. It's always sad when we part again.
We are thankful for all of you & hope you have a good night.


  1. We continue to pray for all of you. Please know that you are never far from our thoughts and prayers.

    Butch & Carol Willis Graham, TX

  2. Sweet clay is blessed to have such a wonderful family and so many people who love and care for him and each of you! We pray for clay's continued recovery and for your strength and faith to get you through this. we're always thinking of ya'll,
    love, the southerland family in austin

  3. Oh pooie. I really don't know what else to say. I want to say something really upbeat and encouraging, but I know that the only thing right now that would encourage you is if you heard that all of this is a bad dream and you can wake up now. I am really sorry. I want to hug you all and make Clay's hands better, his head healed, his face perfect, his lungs clear, and his body whole again. Of course I can't. BUT>>>> I know someone who can! SO there is good news in this post, I am NOT sad in the least bit sad, I am very happy to say that I know that God IS going to heal my little Clay! He just IS! So... tomorrow will be a great day when we hear that the grafts have taken and he can be taken off the drip and he can get back to his hitting the lizard above his bed! Please know I am praying. I mean, I am REALLY praying without ceasing that tomorrow will be a really good day for you all. I love you all as if you were family! Missy

  4. Mom's always tell their kids rest will recharge their batteries so they can go again, I believe
    that is what Clay is doing. You guys better have
    yours recharged because Clay is going to hit the
    floor running! Your positive thoughts are always
    Love and hugs,

  5. Dee Dee:

    Our thoughts and prayer for the Fite's tonight is the peace that passes all understanding. May the Lord grant this to each of you.

    The Snyder's

  6. Amen and amen! I was almost asleep and I realized I hadn't checked in on Clay tonight. You know what made me get up is I laid down and began to pray ... that's when I realized. Love and prayers are coming your way for Clay as always, but also for Carson and Cody. I know they will be so glad when they have their mom and brother back home with them. This is my prayer for them, that they have peace and patience and a "knowing" inside that soon their family will be reunited and it will be worth the wait to get to bring little Clay home. Waiting is hard on little ones...and moms and dads. This too shall pass.
    Love to you all,

  7. DeeDee & Family - Our hearts go out to you as you face today challenges. We pray the graft has gone well, so Clay can be taken off the paralytic. We know it's hard for you to sit back and watch him motionless, but we know you are comforted in the long term goal. We think of Chance and the boys having to leave and how hard it must be. May God give you all strength and comfort until you can be together again. Love you all, Dawn & Pam

  8. We love you all and are continually praying for each of you! Each day is a new day and a blessing~ DeeDee, I know how hard it is to be seperated from your other boys!!!

  9. When I get weepy and homesick down here in Argentina, I think of you and get more weepy! Lots of love and thoughts going your way. I will try to call when you are not so busy. Give Clay a kiss and squeeze for me and give mom and yourself and hug and kiss from me. :) love ya

  10. Chance and DeeDee - I want to thank you. Your example is wonderful! I can't imagine what you are going through, but through it all you've remained faithful and even sent gems to us! Continue to trust that something good will come out of this experience.
    Please know that everyone involved in this experience are in our thoughts & prayers. We pray for God's peace within regardless of the external chaos. Tell Clay that he has people rooting for him in Kansas!
    Hang in there,
    The Headrick's
    Phillip, Julie, Luvyna, Karina, Sam & Jessi

  11. Dear Family~

    Each time I read your blog, I wonder "HOW do they continue to do it?" I am so thankful for your continued strength and courage!! Like they say, hind sight is 20/20...everyday it is SO easy to take life for granted, but after and experience like this, we understand again, that life should NEVER be taken for granted and that we should appreciate EVERY precious moment of EVERY waking day! We should spend more time 'appreciating things' and less time 'fretting' about the little things that will NOT matter in the end. (I am not preaching to ya'll, I am 'talking' to myself) ;-) Enjoy 'every little ray of sunshine' that you have! Wishing I could give you a 'real' hug, but a 'sent one from the heart' will have to do for now! We love you!!