Friday, May 22, 2009

Friday May 22nd

Hello all. Chance is at the hospital tonight without his laptop, while DeeDee is putting the other two boys to bed at the RMH. So this is Jace and Dana posting on their behalf from Omaha NE.

After 98 days Clay was finally moved out of BICU to a new room. He moved over around noon today. The last three months, Chance and DeeDee's lives have revolved around visiting hours and now they have the opportunity to spend their nights in Clay's room. This will take some adjusting but they are excited to have 24/7 access to Clay. It is a big step in the healing process but Chance and DeeDee are already missing the great care Clay received in the BICU.

The change has been hard on everyone. Clay was looking forward to moving because he would have access to the playroom, video games and more time to play. It has been frustrating for them because they are still unable to control the nausea and vomiting. The doctors have him on three medications to try to help, but it appears they have not been very effective which is disappointing. The doctors, at this time, will keep the current regime for several more days in hopes they can control his nausea in the future. The meds cause Clay to be sick at times and make him very sleepy. Unfortunately, Clay has had little desire to go play in his new environment and spent most of the day sick or sleeping.

Chance and the boys arrived this evening. Chance will be spending the night with Clay. DeeDee, Grandma, Carson and Cody are at the RMH tonight. Thanks again for all of your continued support and prayers.


  1. Thanks for keeping us posted all the way from NE! I will continue to pray for his nausea. I know this is so frustrating for everyone. It seems like it would be such an easy fix and yet it is so hard. I am so sorry for all of you. I am glad he has his family to surround him now. I know his spirits will lift having you all around and not having to say good-bye! I hope Cody's ear is better and I am sure Cody and Carson are both happy that they can be around their brother more often as well. Before you know it they will all be arguing again! (or do they not argue?) ;o) I will have you on the top of my prayer list until I hear he is vomit-free! Love you all! Hang in there!! It will get better, it just has to!! Love, Missy

  2. I am on Night shift and would LOVE to come be your Special Nurse!!!! We are SOOO excited for you to be able to have your family w/ you all the time now!!! I hope your vomiting ends soon and then you can go home like your little friend. All the BEST. LOL M&B

  3. Wow what great news!! Finally you will be with Clay whenever you want. I'm sure you have been praying for this day for a long time. Now the stomach problem needs to be solved so Clay can continue to heal. What a great God we have. Still praying and always thinking of you all!!
    Love, Linc, Kristine, Kade and Grace

  4. Prayers are still going up for the vomiting. I am so glad the move has been made. It is a mile marker, because they wouldn't have moved him out of ICU. So that was a big step.
    Thank you, Dana, for doing the posting last night. I forward Clay's site to myself every night so it wil be easy to spot among the daily emails. I don't like to miss a daily report. Love to you all, Carolyn

  5. Each small step brings Clay closer to his ultimate goal. The vomiting and nausea is one of those steps and once it's over, it too will seem like it was a small step. 80 days ago, moving out of the BICU seemed like a big step and so far away, but now he has made it. Thanks be to God for each step He has carried you and your beloved family. Dawn & Pam

  6. Just a warning as soon as he quits vomiting, the food starts tasting good, the bed gets more comfortable, and things get not so bad, they usually walk in with the discharge papers and kick you out. The good news is that you will be ready even if you don't feel like it. Cody and Carson also deserve a huge pat on the back for making it through this. You have taught your children very well. Don't take it personal, they kick everyone out when things finally get good. They are going to make you go home and go fishing. You all will be just fine. You have made it through the hardest part and did beyond exceptionally well. God Bless.

  7. What a BIG step for all of you! We are so happy with you!! I know you have been dreaming of this day for a long time. So glad that day has come. Hope they can settle his tummy soon, we all know how awful that makes us feel. We are still praying for precious Clay and that the day you can take him HOME comes soon!!
    Our love and care,
    The Vallerys
    Jay, Shauna, Lane, and Bryce

  8. This is such wonderful news! Thank you for taking the time to post updates, I read them often. Still praying for you all everyday and you are on a prayer chain down here. Miss and love you!


  9. Shriners of Fort Worth Texas send a big hug and prayers to Clay and his family.

    We are proud of Clay!

    Much to be blessed on this Memorial Day weekend.

    PA Smith