Saturday, May 23, 2009

Saturday, May 23rd

Hello again - another update coming from Omaha, NE (from Uncle Jace & Aunt Dana). Chance & DeeDee could not get online @ the hospital, so they will give more in-depth info tomorrow.

Clay's first full day in his new room in the Acute Care Unit was a good one. He had a restful night but Chance is a little tired after his first night with Clay because he was up at every noise. Chance has called in help tonight with DeeDee so they both get to spend the night with Clay.

After 99 days, Clay enjoyed his first shower and is loving having his parents with him at all times. Chance seems to believe that Clay enjoys having Mom and Dad as constant servants. Today there was no vomiting....YEAH!! The IV became clogged and it was removed early this morning. Some of the medicines were not administered since no IV and Clay did fine.

OT and PT came by and worked with him today. He walked down the hallway and waved at Aunt Lorna and Randi Brooke. Thanks to all who have shown support and continue to pray. Hope everyone has a good night.


  1. We're so thankful for each bit of good news. Thank you for sharing it with us! Many thoughts continue with you. Love, Susie

  2. Oh, such wonderfully good news. We feel so happy for you ALL !!

  3. So glad to read of the progress. I have always felt that little folks do better with their parents near all the time. You know some of the vomiting could just be stress and anxiety. Keep up the good work. We think of you often. Love Us 2

  4. Well, I am truly happy about the turn of events. It always seemed to me that Chance and DeeDee should have been able to stay with him as long as they wanted even in the BICU -- he had to be upset about not being with them. I agree with "ogeorge" that maybe the stress and anxiety was what was causing so much problem.

    Again, Clay, you are our hero!!

    And thanks to all the family who has helped to keep in touch on the blog so we can keep up with what is going on with our little "fiter". That has been awesome!

    Love and mega hugs to everyone!


  5. Oh,I cannot tell you how many times I prayed for no vomit. When I clicked on here tonight, I looked at Clay's sweet face and said, "Please tell me you didn't vomit today!" So I am praisin' God tonight that Clay had a good day! I must say he was on my mind a lot. Tomorrow marks the one year anniversary of Annie's accident. However, it happened on a Saturday so I replayed everything all day today. I am so thankful that tomorrow we will be celebrating this day with a baptism. There have been some new believers that have come to know Jesus through a church that was started because of her accident. He really does turn bad things into good! I am praying HE will do wonderful things through Clay's experience as well. You guys hang in there, your day of celebration will come! I am praying and believing! Love you! Missy

  6. Oh HAPPY DAY--and NO vomiting!!!
    99th day and both Mom and Dad w/ you tonight--the BEST Medicine for you my Dear--LOTSA Hugs and Kisses. Marvin and Bonnie XOXOXOXOXO

  7. Missy mirrored my day as well. I thought of Clay so many times today and my focus prayer each time was "Lord, let him not vomit" Tonight I pray you all get to rest peacefully...the three of you. God bless you as you relax when Clay is sleeping all night long. That's the other focus for tonight.
    I'm so glad he had a good day today. The past few months, Megan and I have been counting the times that God has pulled us through tough times and how thinking about how those times becomes our "faith points", now that we are older and KNOW that God DOES pull us through. Like when David reviewed his times that God saw him through right before he went to face his "giant". It is good to remember those times we have "stood still and watched the salvation of God" because we learn to feel more confident and trusting in Him and learn to really believe. We SAY we believe till we have to walk the walk and then sometimes we begin to wonder and doubt in our young Christian days, but as we experience Him time after time as we grow in Him, then we begin to KNOW He is faithful and truly does hear our prayers. You all have become some of my faith points. I love you,Carolyn

  8. Good Evening, All:

    So happy to learn the stomach behaved well today, Yeah!! and thank you Lord!! It does sound like possible the IV meds could have been a part of the culprit....

    Glad that both mom and dad could stay tonight. Even though it is a joy to have made this much progress, it is still somewhat scary to get to that next level of care and the staff is different, etc.

    Praying that the doctors may piece together causes for Clay's vomiting and have that resolved

    The Snyder's

  9. I don't post every night, but I do read the update every night before I go to bed. I can't go to sleep unless I know how Clay did that day. Thanks for keeping us updated; I know it's an added responsibility, but you have no idea how much everyone appreciates it. We are continuing to pray for Clay's recovery and celebrating every success story. This is a major milestone -- moving to the Acute Care Unit from ICU AND having the first real shower in 99 days! Hooray!! Glad you can be with your little boy full time now -- that's important. Love you!

    Patti and Chance Hornsey

    P.S. I want to say I've also become a fan of Missy of Our Family Page -- what a wonderful woman and wonderful friend to have during this time! As someone who's "been there", she is a valuable resource for you as you continue your journey towards Clay's complete recovery! God bless you, Missy, and God bless the Fite family.

  10. We agree that the little ones do better with their parents near. Isn't that the way it is with us spiritually; we do better with our heavenly Father near. Maybe things are looking up with little meds and no vomiting! What progress that would be. We, too enjoy reading Missy's notes; they are an encouragement to us all, because she's been there, done that. May you all have a wonderful Sunday! Dawn & Pam

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