Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday, May 2nd

Hello to all. Sorry for the late post tonight. Clay had a pretty good day. He played several games with his occupational therapist. He has a new set of magnets that he really enjoys. He and I had a couple of serious fights with his toy dinosaurs. His always seemed to win. Mandy his physical therapist rotated out of the burn unit today. She had helped Clay through several steps and will be missed. She walked him to the window and back for the last time. Clay was told if he walked to the window he could come back to his room and sit down. He went straight to the window and skipped his usual rest and turned and raced back to his room as fast as his weak little legs would carry him. He knows the faster he gets it over with the less pain he has to endure. Deidra visited with the O.T. who told us that they had taken more of the fingers than we had thought. This was disappointing, but he will overcome the loss. Today was the 100 year centennial celebration for our home town of Olney. A coworker of mine had a muzzle loading rifle that was made several years ago by the Olney gun works. She donated the gun to a raffle for Clay. I purchased several tickets and put them in Carson, Cody, and Clay's name. I took a phone call as we were going in to see Clay at 5:00. The ladies that worked on the drawing wanted to let me know that Clay was the winner. When we went in and explained it to him he attempted to grin from ear to ear. His mouth is very tight and his smile are precious. Thank you to everyone in Olney and elsewhere that have helped the Fites and Clay. Please know we will be eternally grateful. I would like to wish everyone a pleasant and relaxing Sunday. Good night.


  1. Glad to hear that Clay had a good day. I bet he was excited to hear that he won that nice gun(congrats Clay) We will continue to pray for the entire Fite Family God Bless You All. Good night

  2. What better place than Olney to be missing fingers and have a gun? Clay will fit right in at the annual one arm dove hunt!
    You can count on us to continue to uplift each of you through these difficult times and
    You can count on Jesus to continue to

    "Every time I say your name in prayer…I thank God for you….” II Timothy 1:3

    Gary and Jeanne Snyder

  3. Awesome, Clay!!! That is so cool!!!

    Love and hugs,

  4. So glad I stayed up! I have been checking and re-checking! I was worried! Happy that it was for nothing!! Well, I am sorry that he had to lose more fingers than we had hoped. Where we live it is extremely common to have lost at least one, two or even three fingers. Many men have just a few fingers on their hands. I have thought about taking pictures of them to send to you. They all have regular jobs, regular lives and have absolutely no problems without their fingers. I hope this is some comfort to you. Here in Mexico they don't try to re-attach the fingers they just sew up what is left and that it that. I am pretty sure it is done this way because it is cheaper. Our village is filled with saw mills so you can imagine that there are many accidents and because of that, they lose their fingers. All of that to say, I wish Clay didn't have to lose any of his fingers, but, I know with the determination that he has, he will be just fine and will have a completely normal life just like all of the men in my village. Hope this doesn't sound dopey or heartless. I love you guys so much and really wish I could do something to make all of your days a little brighter. Just know I pray for you all the time. Tell Clay I expect some sharp shooting lessons from him someday! He is my hero!! Love to you all! Missy

  5. What a treasure...a muzzle loader! That would definitely have made my little boys grin! I am glad it went to Clay. When I was driving to Abilene I saw a car with a sport sticker for soccer with the names Clayton and Carsen on it. Naturally it reminded me of the Fite boys and to pray. Isn't it special how God touches us and opens our eyes to things that get our attention for Him? Well that sign didn't fall on blind eyes or a cold heart. Clay has wiggled his way into so many hearts. I want to hold him and rock him and tell him gun stories of my childhood and Bible stories myself! God bless all of you Fiters with rest and a beautiful Sunday. You all have helped raise the standard of trusting and believing God. Thank you. In today's world we all need that. Love, Carolyn

  6. I use to work with a kid, actually a young man, who was born with only one finger on each hand. He really didn't even have hands that looked anything like a hand would usually look. He graduated from TCU and probably could have done anything in the world that he wanted to, but chose to work answering 911 calls for the city because his dad was on the police force there. He was one of the fastest typist that I have ever seen. He did everything. I don't have any clue how he did it, but he did it, and he usually did everything a lot better and faster than me and most anyone else down there. I could get my money out of my pocket faster at the vending machine than he could sometimes but mostly only because his jeans were tighter than mine. If he would have wore bigger pants and the pockets were less tight, I wouldn't have had a chance even there. The only difference between him and everyone else down there was that apparently God had given that kid so much ability that he needed to be handicapped so that he rest of us could keep up with him. We still couldn't keep up with him, but at least we were not as far behind him as we would have been if he had been given 10 fingers. He was really fast. Sometimes it is harder to get bad news after you thought it was going to be a little better news. However I imagine that Clay will be one of those kids that the rest of us have to work really hard at being half as good as. God Bless

  7. I (Pam) have been out of town for several days, with no access to a computer. I read several of the blogs from this past week to catch up. We know that each little step is still on the way to the big goal. Sometimes the goal seem so far away, but when you take several tiny steps and look up, you'll see the goal is a little closer - look back and you'll see how far you have come. This is my picture of Clay. Look forward to hearing more. Love, Dawn & Pam